100% Sweet Love: The Delinquent XXX Wife Is a Bit Sweet Chapter 131

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Hearing Ye Wanwan's protective tone, there was a warmth in Jiang Yan Ran's heart and she smiled, "This is the first time I realised that you're so cunning!" 

Shen Meng Qi doesn't even know that she's been ridiculed and she actually thought that Ye Wanwan's dumb!

"Thanks for the praise~ Hey! Look! Chu Feng!" Ye Wanwan's sharp eyes caught the handsome boy walking out from the rest area. 

All she saw was a boy in a blue and white basketball jersey with naturally wavy, short, dark brown hair and a headband around his forehead; his exposed muscles were defined and not exaggerated, and his excellent looks were unusually conspicuous amongst the group of boys.

"Ah ah ah! Chu Feng! That's senior Chu Feng!"

"Senior Chu Feng's so handsome!"

The juniors from the lower levels couldn't restrain themselves and were already screaming; even some girls from Qing He were screaming. 

On Jin Xiu's basketball team, Chu Feng wasn't famed for his basketball skills--he was a total amateur at basketball but he was the most good-looking!

However, compared to his normal carefree attitude, Chu Feng's condition today was completely different.

The boy's gaze was sharp and he walked to his team with a serious expression. Since his earnest look was different from usual, it made all the girls scream.

Ye Wanwan was about to praise him as well, but then... the boy seemed to be fine but a split second later, he suddenly staggered and almost fell...


Ye Wanwan was sure that the moment Chu Feng fell, he took a glance in Jiang Yan Ran's direction.

"Your concentration's too weak, boy!" Ye Wanwan groaned, "You almost fell with just one look--how're you going to play in the match later?"

The spectators gave a good-natured laugh and cheered "Do your best, Chu Feng." The hunk stumbling was quite cute.

Jiang Yan Ran looked at the boy scratching his head awkwardly on the court, his expression somewhat shocked.

Although she had already decided to give him a try, with her current state, she really couldn't get into another relationship so quickly. However, when she saw the boy's awkward and embarrassed expression, he didn't seem as repulsive as she thought.

Jiang Yan Ran was looking in the direction of Chu Feng and strangely felt a hot glare upon her as she met Song Zi Hang's gaze. 

Song Zi Hang... Was actually looking at me?

It must be my imagination. He was probably looking at Shen Meng Qi just now?

Ye Wanwan noticed that Jiang Yan Ran was looking at Song Zi Hang and immediately reminded her, "Where are you looking babe? From now on, your line of vision can only be on Chu Feng; you're not allowed to look at Song Zi Hang at all, remember this!"

Jiang Yan Ran regained her senses and nodded, "Yup!"

From where they were sitting, Ye Wanwan could see Song Zi Hang's teammates were crowding around him and grinning like they were teasing him. The group of guys turned to look at Shen Meng Qi and Jiang Yan Ran from time to time.

"Boss! You've got a lot of luck with love! You have two beauties rushing over to cheer you on and even fighting over you!"

"We're so jealous! You'll have enough even if you give one to me!"

"Seriously speaking, this is the first time I realised that Ms Jiang was so pretty; her figure's great too! I think she's on par with Shen Meng Qi! Boss, you really don't want to reconsider?"

"Heh heh, keep them both, boss!"

Which man doesn't like the attention of beautiful women? His teammates' comments completely stroked his ego and even made him find Jiang Yan Ran more pleasing to the eye. Anyway, Jiang Yan Ran looked stunning today. 

Song Zi Hang had a look of content, "Alright, let's not joke around anymore, the match is about to start! We have to win this time! Got it?"

"Got it!!!"

Song Zi Hang, who was busy stirring up his teammates, didn't notice a blazing glare upon him coming from the opposite Jin Xiu team...

100% Sweet Love: The Delinquent XXX Wife Is a Bit Sweet Chapter 131

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