A Dragon in Slime's Clothing ~ I Want to Live Peacefully by Pretending to Be the Weakest Volume 2 Chapter 7

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Village Raid

“Kah, damn, so bored”

Crystal Tower First Floor. Having purposely come down from the top floor, and while gazing at the tower’s outside and cursing was Shesta.
The tower that stood in the center of the lake, accordingly commanded a good view, that humans----that heroes didn’t come to attack was obvious.

And now there was truly no sign of heroes coming. With this it is the third continuous day.

“Geez! Why do none come at all? Hurry and come heroes! This great me will utterly completely finish you"

As always he has staggering confidence huh, Shesta does.

For Shesta who has too much free time it’s bad, but lets let him bellow like this.

“That heroes don’t come here is because this place is nameless”
“What did you say! What, it’s Yui-chan isn’t it”

Having it pointed it out and suddenly becoming angry was Shesta, but turning around and seeing Yui coming down the stairs ahead, he cooled down slightly.

Mother Dragon’s daughter, The Legendary Golden Dragon.
Shesta as well acknowledges her as superiority, bragging like he does to other monsters is something it seems he won’t go forward with.

Or rather, wait Yui, what are you planing on saying.

“Nameless is what kind of thing”
“As the word implies. This Crystal Tower has just been built, no one knows that land’s strongest monster is here,that’s why subjugation doesn’t come”

While Yui said that she glanced at me.
Ku, I missed my chance to stop her.

“No matter how strong a monster is here, if no one knows then it’s obvious that heroes won’t normally come here right”

“That’s why humans are attacked”

“That’s right. A village, town, or either a city is fine, at any rate attack and when they understand that it was a monster’s deed, then on the human’s side as well suitable heroes will embark on a subjugation”
“I see, al~right”

With Yui’s instigation, Shesta abruptly became motivated.

“After this we’re attacking a nearby village! The lot of you follow me!”

Due to Shesta’s command, numerous monsters followed him and dashed outside.
From the top floors as well monsters descended in succession, it became quite a large crowd.

I while being held by Yurie like usual, approached Yui.

“What are you planning Yui”

“You didn’t but……”
Then it’s fine isn’t it? ……even though Onii-chan’s here, I won’t allow allow something like a slump”

After inclining the corners of her mouth with a grin Yui seemed to mutter, but her voice was small and I couldn’t understand.

“A~a~, you completely said it”

“No way, it’s a pain. You yourself, it’s fine if you go right”


What do you mean? Like that, I look up at Yui.
Yui, with a mischievious smile, stared back at me.

“If I went, a hero adequate for a dragon will come to attack?”

I went out of Crystal Tower after a long time and joined the end of the ranks of monsters.
The ranks are right now heading to the nearest village. A small village of approximately 500.

It’s a pain, but I judged that this way was a good plan and joined.

[Slime-sama, why did you follow along? Also the conversation with Imouto-sama just now, what did it mean?]


[Become frightened, and present a sacrifice]

Since she herself was like that, as if to say that she quickly immediately responded.

[Right, if it’s a village. However that powerful monster called Mother Dragon would be exposed as well. When that happens the village would be completely under submission, but above that; a town, city, if unlucky the kingdom’s capital. From those places reckless or capable people would come in swarms]

[That’s correct. You’re clever huh]

Being vaguely praised, Yurie laughs seemingly embarrassed.

Exactly, if it’s overdone it’ll become like that.
If Yui went out then something of a village’s level will surely be turned into a vacant lot. However that also means heroes of the class to subjugate Yui----to subjugate the Golden Dragon will come.

That’s no good, overdoing it is inviting strong enemies.

A bit longer, I want to pass time slowly.

For that sake, I came along.

Nii Village, the advancing monsters began raiding and pillaging.
It was surely a peaceful village, immediately after Shesta stood as the vanguard and broke in, the villagers began to run, there was no resistance like opposition at all.

At the same time as they attacked the humans, they set fire to houses and fields, and plundered livestock and women.
The monsters of Crystal Tower went around laying waste to the village.

If you were to speak of me, then while pretending to attack I was stealthily spreading a restoration magic circle on the entire village.

I’m not particularly the human’s ally, I’m not sympathizing with them either.
After the goblins broke into the village’s sole church a woman’s scream went up, or when the ogres when around destroying buildings and fields, I completely ignored it.

Only human injuries, I healed indirectly so they would not become fatal wounds.

Leaving minor wounds and serious wounds alone, I only healed those that looked like they would become fatal wounds.

Control of fear and anger.

In order for that not to happen, I controlled it in way that no dead people came out.

[Slime-sama, are you perhaps healing humans right now?]

[Is it perhaps……the entire village?]
[That’s right. The fruits of training have began to appear haven’t they]

I became a bit happy towards Yurie who sensed that.
Like I thought this child is talented. Forging humans who possess talent is, now and before, is considerably pleasant.

[Magic power to the degree that it covers the entire village……how amazing……]

You as well, I’ll eventually make you capable to do that.
Being held by Yurie I would occasionally make villagers who were slow to escape faint with a tackle, while doing that I watched over the raid’s progression.

“Stop it!”

An angry voice resounded, a single man appeared.

Having gone out somewhere to get firewood and returned, he had that kind of appearance.

“Damn monsters, I won’t allow any more selfish behavior than this.
“A-hahahahaha, a lively one remained huh. Pretty splendid”

While having a great laugh, Shesta stood before the man.

“Let me see、this great me will crush you”
“Don’t mess around monster!”

The man who jumped out, Shesta who while posing intercepted.
Victory was reached in an instant.

In an instant, Shesta was done in by the man.

“……where is this?”
“Oi everyone, Shesta-sama regained consciousness”

When the lizardman attached to Shesta raised a loud voice, the surrounding monsters that were dispersed gathered in succession.

Inside a forest in place a little distance away from the village, Shesta who had until then had been put to sleep raised his body.

“What the heck happened?”

“That was……”

The monsters seemingly awkward one by one averted their eyes.
Almost like they had seen something that they shouldn’t have seen.

That’s also as expected, the leader monster they look up to was done in by a simple woodcutter in a single blow, making this kind of response if not something unreasonable.

……that being the case however, that’s inconvenient, that’s extremely inconvenient for me.
I made a follow up.

“As expected of Shesta-san”

Not only Shesta, the other monsters as well simultaneously looked at me.

“Attacking the village and losing at the end, the humans are surely [If it’s these monsters then we can fight and win] thinking that. They’ll undoubtedly come to attack, the villagers will in great numbers. As expected of Shesta-san, For the sake of the objective, it’s the willing to play the clown of your own will leader’s pattern”

When I said as such, after staring blankly for an instant Shesta immediately returned to his usual manner again.

“Fu, there’s no helping it if it’s been found out”

Like that, he struck a signature smug pose.
Looking at that pose, once again a single breath’s degree break opened up, the monsters as if recalling simultaneously got excited.

“So it was like that!”

“Ahh, there’s no reason Shesta-sama would lose like that”

No, but he did lose.
Rather Shesta…….

“A-hahahaha. Well it’s something to that level”

You, just how much are you only talk.

“Alright, lets return to the tower now. 。In this great one’s opinion the humans will come attack immediately. Lets return and lie in wait”

With Shesta’s order the monsters triumphantly returned to Crystal Tower.
This day, just as planned humans came to invade the tower.

The raid I controlled, and due to Shesta’s loss, the counterattack was only villagers. The tower broke out of its free time, and moderate dungeon experience was able to be earned.

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A Dragon in Slime's Clothing ~ I Want to Live Peacefully by Pretending to Be the Weakest Volume 2 Chapter 7

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