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      The person that tackled Wang Da Fa was none other than Se Cai. With the man struggling under his grip, he ordered Lee Wei to run.

      “Leave…? I also want to but you’re lying on me!”

      Turned out Wang Da Fa in his blunder pulled Lee Wei down with him when he was tackled.

      Se Cai was surprised to realize even though he hands were firmly on Wang Da Fa’s, most of his body landed on top of Lee Wei, no wonder he didn’t feel much impact when he hit the ground.

      It only got more awkward when he found out the length of his body was nestled between Lee Wei’s midriffs. He blushed in spite of himself.

      Now it looked like he was aiming for Lee Wei instead of Wang Da Fa.

      If not for the unique circumstances, the police would have taken him in for sexual assault.

      Thankfully, the awkwardness wasn’t given the chance to fester. The moment the 2 officers realized the bomb was an empty threat, they quickly moved into action.

      “We need some help here!”

      Deputy Director Wong ordered as he picked himself up from the floor.

      With experienced moves, he pounced at Wang Da Fa and helped Se Cai detained the man.

      “Call the province city’s bomb expert immediately and evacuate the surrounding area!”

      He fired off the orders after he cuffed Wang Da Fa.

      His eyes then landed squarely on the detonator. He saw Wang Da Fa pressed it but why didn’t the bomb explode?

      The answer he felt had to be on this newcomer so he asked cautiously, “Young man, who are you and why are you here?”

      “Deputy Director Wong, you’ve forgotten about me? I’m Se Cai, the reporter from our county’s ! I just did a profile interview with you last month!”

      Se Cai explained as he combed his clothes for his media badge.

      He knew he wasn’t at his most presentable after climbing up 33 floors and crawling through an old air duct. Dust kept falling from his body as he continued the search for his badge.

      However, despite his ungainly appearance, no one ridiculed him, instead they stared at him like he was some kind of monster.

      They knew this young man had to be the reason why Wang Da Fa’s bomb didn’t explode… So how did he do it?

      Even with deputy director Wong’s 10 years’ experience in law enforcement, he couldn’t figure out an answer.

      “I’m here because I was told to report on this news but your colleague down at the entrance wouldn’t let me up. So I had no choice but to use the fire escape to get up here. To my utter disbelief, I found Wang Da Fa’s bomb underneath the air duct that I crawled through so I figured I should dismantle it for everyone’s safety…”

      “You dismantled it?”

      Deputy Director Wong was obviously unconvinced.

      He was still trying to figure out how to take care of the bomb because the county was too peaceful and small to have a resident bomb expert. The police was restricted by protocol from engaging the bomb because they didn’t have sufficient training in this expertise and they didn’t have any anti-blast equipment. There was already precedence of his men dying on case because they refused to abide by the protocol.

      Deputy Director Wong didn’t want to put his men through such risks again, and was combing his brain for an idea when to his awe and suspicions, an untrained reporter had dismantled the bomb for him!

      “The bomb he used was a traditional model that thankfully I’ve seen at the province museum before. My memory told me the bomb would be nullified after I detach the battery. So I did exactly that.”

      Se Cai explained, pointing at a paper bag by the air duct.

      The paper bag was dirty and wrinkled. It melted perfectly into the decrepit conditions of the rooftop. If not for Se Cai’s mind-reading skill, he would have missed it as well.

      After hearing Se Cai’s explanation, Deputy Director Wong finally relaxed his questioning gaze. Se Cai’s story was unlikely but not impossible. There were after all weirder coincidences.

      He scolded Se Cai sternly, “It’s still too dangerous, what if your memory serves you wrongly? Plus, you’re trespassing into a crime scene…”

      Se Cai lowered his head to feign contrition.

      The whole story about the museum was of course a big fat lie. Se Cai had not seen a bomb before in his life.

      It was thanks to his mind-reading skill that he managed to pull out information on the bomb’s location and dismantling methods from Wang Da Fa’s mind.

      Thankfully for that too because Se Cai was closest to the bomb!

      “Nicely done, I would have done the same in such a situation.”

      Commissioner Xie sauntered over with a big smile on his face and patted Se Cai encouragingly on his shoulders.

      The dust on Se Cai’s clothes transferred to the commissioner’s white apparel but he didn’t seem to mind. He laughed, “Deputy Wong, this young man here has done extremely well. He has a good head on his shoulder and works well under pressure. We should be honoring himself as a stand-up citizen, so why are you scolding him?”

      Xie Wu was gushing appreciatively at Se Cai. The young reporter had not only saved his life but also his career. The irony that he just told Se Cai he was unneeded hours ago didn’t even cross his mind.

      “You’re thinking too highly of me, Commissioner Xie. It’s because of Commissioner Xie’s brilliant commanding of the situation that everyone is safe. I was just lucky…”

      After some more small talks with the commissioner, Se Cai excused himself to retrieve his camera. He sighed in relief when he found out the camera he propped up against the air duct wall was still rolling. It had recorded everything!

      Luckily Se Cai had the presence of mind to set the camera to film before he barged out into the open.

      With his assignment complete, Se Cai turned to leave but Deputy Director Wong stopped him. He wanted Se Cai to remain to complete some necessary testimonial. Se Cai had no choice but to stay.

      An office in the building had been sequestered as a temporary command central and Se Cai walked in to come across the reporter pair from Province X Tv Station.

      “Superintendent Lee… Sister Wei, please forgive me. My hands are tied in that situation, the two of you were so far away from the rest of us…”

      The cameraman hugged his camera as a form of protection and pleaded helplessly.

      “Jiang Shao, the fact is you’re not there when I needed your help the most. If not for a kind stranger, you would be taking my dead body back to the station… Make sure you cut my part out of the final news!”

      Lee Wei sat on a couch, her white suit all smothered with dust.

      Her gaze at the cameraman though was as sharp as knives. She looked ready to tear him alive.

      The muscular teen stood obediently like a child, afraid to move even a muscle.

      “You left your microphone up there. Here, I took it down for you.”

      Se Cai set down the microphone and coughed.

      Lee Wei left the scene in a distraught state so she must have forgotten to retrieve her microphone. Se Cai noticed it and thought to bring it back to her.

      “Wait… You’re the policeman that saved me, isn’t it? Thank you so much…”

      Lee Wei took in Se Cai and quickly stood up to offer her gratitude.

       “Oh, you’re mistaken, I’m not a police. I’m also a reporter, from County S Tv Station. Nice to meet you.”

      Se Cai patted the camera on his back and smiled.

An Eye for News Chapter 13

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