An Eye for News Chapter 19

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Se Cai shrugged Xu Ran’s hostility off. “Director Bai, I know you have complete faith on Zhang Xin Yu’s capability and she has a shining track record, so you really don’t need me there,” he pleaded.

“Listen to me, Se Cai. The time is ticking and I won’t allow any mistake to happen. If let’s say today Xin Yu slips up, we’ll be wasting another 20 minutes, do you have any idea how serious that will be?”

Director Bai warned in an uncharacteristically stern voice. Se Cai lowered his head in defeat. With script in hand, he knocked on the dubbing studio’s door.

“Come in.”

Xin Yu said as she put down the heavy she was reading.

Xin Yu stumbled across an unfamiliar word in one of her scripts and she was researching its pronunciation in the dictionary.

The anchors we see on tv exudes confidence and fluency in their language but that comes from intensive behind-the-scene research.

Se Cai realized this had become such a force of habit among the anchors that they would flip out their phone to check an unfamiliar word in everyday life.

“It’s you?”

Xin Yu fixed a level gaze at Se Cai as he walked in. She added coldly, “You left your hard-disc in here, take it with you when you leave.”

She surreptitiously kicked a bag deeper into the shadows under her table.

Se Cai enhanced eye sight saw that it was the bag he sat on that morning.

“It was really an accident what happened this morning…”

Se Cai found himself explaining again.

“Save your explanations. Give me the script, I’ll call you when I’m done.”

The rebuff annoyed Se Cai.

He had tried multiple times to offer explanation but she refused to listen, plus at the end of the day, he did save her once, couldn’t they just call it even?

He was indignant but replied as calmly as he could, “Do you think I wanted this? Not everyone is like Xu Ran, ready at your beck and call. I’m here because Director Bai wants me to supervise you, to make sure that you don’t do any mistakes.”

“You? Supervise me?”

Xin Yu spat contemptuously, “Your Standard Chinese is barely presentable, I doubt you can pass the exam with B1 grade and he has you supervise me? You must be kidding.”

Xin Yu wasn’t just picking fights for no reason, her expertise was acknowledged by the whole station.

Previous anchors tend to slur, stutter or slip during tapings and they would have to conduct repeat takes to compile a presentable reel. Xin Yu though was a consummate professional. Even Manager Wei joked she could be doing it live.

“Even a broken clock gets the time correct twice a day. Who can really say I will not be of any use. Plus this news is going to the central station so can you hurry it up?”

Se Cai dropped his civility and threw the script on her table. He pulled a chair and crossed his legs, making a show of his impatience.


Xin Yu’s temper flared in response.

However, her professionalism quickly took over. She took a deep breath to calm herself. Scanning the script, she stood before the microphone ready to start.

“Be careful don’t get the names wrong. Especially the commissioner’s. God knows he’s not someone our station can slight.”

Se Cai added.

“The new commissioner? Do you think I would perform rookie mistake like pronouncing his surname as Jie? Please.”

Xin Yu snorted in derision.

To her surprise, Se Cai tutted and shook his head, “It’s not pronounced Jie or Xie, but Sai.”

“Sai? I remember that’s a surname for a minority race northern-west side of the country, are you sure?”

Xin Yu frowned and she asked, “The commissioner has been here for more than half a month, everyone, including the current news crew calls him Commissioner Xie. What makes you say it’s called Sai?”

“The fact that it’s common doesn’t mean that it’s correct. It’s in fact because people kept calling him Xie that he had no choice but to accept it.”

Se Cai sighed, “I got all these from his driver. That’s all I’m going to say, it’s up to you whether you want to believe me or not.”

After that, Se Cai stood up and left the room.

Se Cai was filled to the brim with anger. It was out of the kindness of his heart that he gave Xin Yu the pointer. She not only didn’t thank him but suspect him? Se Cai tried to push it out of his mind because at the end of the day, it would not be him that will be questioned on the pronunciation.

However, when the voiceover was completed and Se Cai heard it, he found out she eventually took his advice by calling him Commissioner Sai.

Se Cai threw himself into the rest of his work and the little incident was quickly forgotten.

“Se Cai, the liaison department is rushing us, quickly send them the news!”

After some time, Se Cai picked up his phone and heard Director Bai yelled at him.

His heart skipped a beat. The fact that the liaison department was rushing them meant that the news was definitely going through to the province tv station.

Since Xu Ran gave up on joining the script, this meant that Se Cai had full ownership of the writer’s remuneration.

If it was any other day, Se Cai would be beside himself with joy since this was the first news of his career to get broadcasted on province news station.

However, their aim for this particular piece of news was the central news station. As long as the central news people didn’t arrive with a message, Se Cai knew it was still too early to celebrate.

“I got it, Director Bai. It’s almost ready, rendering the film as we speak!”

Se Cai yelled while sitting at his desk. He was doing finishing touches on the newsreel’s editing.

 With a background in computer science, Se Cai had no issue handling the different editing software.

The news producing process starts with the reporters heading out to gather information, then script-writing, and amending. After that, it’s dubbing by the anchor followed by compilation of the newsreel by pairing cut footage with the dubs. The product is the rendered film.

Of course, the rendered film still had to go through the attending press supervisor before it could be used in broadcast. Se Cai was on the last few legs of this process.

In bigger stations, there would be clear segmentation of roles. The reporters handled the material collecting, while compilation was left in the hands of the editors.

However, since County S Tv Station was so understaffed, they only had 2 editors. The reporters had to do the additional work of rendering their films before the editors would start with post-production like adding subtitles.

“The film’s finished rendering!”

Se Cai let loose a long sigh. After copying the film into his hard drive, he ran as fast as possible to hand it over to the editor.

An Eye for News Chapter 19

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