Ankoku Kishi Monogatari ~Yuusha Wo Taosu Tameni Maou Ni Shoukansaremashita~ Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 [Queen of Darkness Speculation]

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : akshaythedon

◆Queen of Darkness, Mona

「Woah, how brave of Mona-sama to come into a place like this」

When I entered one of the rooms in the demon king castle of Nargol, the elderly person who’s the owner of the room came to greet me.

That old one then bows respectfully toward me. This person's appearance is similar to a normal human but with a pair of horns growing on this person's head just like Runfeld.

His name is Rugaas. He was once one of the gods who governed over knowledge in Elios, just like my beloved Modes. When my husband was exiled from Elios, Rugaas followed along with him, since he’s my husband's subordinate.

And now this person is the prime minister of Nargol.

Rugaas's strong point isn’t his power, thus he couldn’t participate in the fight against the hero.

「Raise your head, Rugaas」

When I say so, Rugaas raised his head and then he guided me to the chair at the center of the room.

「May I ask what kind of business you have today, Mona-sama?」

Rugaas’s asking me.

「Rugaas. Kuro-…………. No, what do you think about lord Diehart? 」

「Lord Diehart?」

The duel that happened the other day. Everyone in the castle witnessed that duel. Naturally, Rugaas had also witnessed it.

「I think he’s an extremely powerful person since he managed to defeated that hero. It’s reassuring that such a person is our ally」

Lord Diehart is strong, no doubt about it. He defeated that terrifying hero by himself.

But, that is also the reason why I must consider that factor.

「Only that?」

Rugaas is tilting his head in confusion.

「Anymore to say about him?」

「The old and wise Rugaas. The hero is a man who came from the spirit world due to the prediction of that goddess called Casa. And then, lord Diehart also came from the spirit world」

Rugaas exhibited a surprised expression.

「Don’t tell me… Mona-sama is」

「Yes, it seems there’s a possibility that Diehart-sama is a hero. We must dispose him if he's a danger threatening Modes-sama」

Lord Diehart has no loyalty. There’s a possibility that he’ll betray Modes.

「But, Mona-sama. Because of the invasion of the hero, the demon king army is in a devastated state. Going against lord Diehart in this situation is too unreasonable」

Rugaas's argument is based on the fact that it was easy to rebuild the goblin race's troops and undead races which are easy to reproduce, but it’ll take a bit longer for the other races to rebuild their troops.

Especially the demon race and troll race, these two strongest races are in devastating situation.

In fact, the troll race received almost no damage in the fight against the hero. The king of trolls quickly surrendered after seeing the fact that he was no match for the hero.

In addition, this king of troll went as far as betraying the Nargol and even guided the hero. But then, it seems something happened on the way, making him unable to guide the hero till the end and leaving them alone.

In fear of being purged by lord Diehart who defeated the hero, the king of troll escaped from Nargol.

On losing their king, the various tribes of the troll race started to fight amongst each other which chipped away their unity. They won’t become war potential for now.

But on the other hand, with regards to the demon race, the demon race is the strongest race of Nargol, no, they might be the strongest race in this world right below the divine beings.

The appearance of the demon race is similar to human race which became the basic feature of every race, but their distinct feature is the horn that's growing from both sides of their head.

Though the demon race is far more stronger than the troll race, they’re also the most proficient one in magic in the entire race in Nargol and even overwhelming the entire race in this world in term of magic. The angel race may be the only race who could possibly contend against them.

Few days ago, the chivalric order of the dark knights, the best of this race, was almost annihilated by the hero.

The demon race is a race with long lifespan; thus, it was difficult to increase their number, because of this reason, it’ll take a long time for their war potential to recover to their original state.

Lord Runfeld, the bravest of the demon race, seems to be troubled over something too.

For this reason, rebuilding the demon race which is the core power of demon king army won’t be that easy.

「In addition, Mona-sama. Even if for example we can restore our troops, it’s still impossible to beat lord Diehart」

The hero destroyed the demon king army. Rugaas is explaining that “doing something like defeating lord Diehart who defeated that hero is impossible even if the demon king army is completely restored.”

Instead, one can say that lord Diehart is the best war potential that the demon king army possesses now.

「And lord Diehart has already become the brave of the demon race. If possible, I don’t want to think him as our enemy」

Rugaas says that with a troubled face.

He doesn’t want to do something that will make the morale of the demon race, the core race of Nargol, to go down. It seems that was Rugaas's opinion.

「I don’t want to make an enemy of lord Diehart too. But, we need to think about such scenarios too」

「Uhm Mona-sama, is your majesty…」

「No, Modes-sama doesn’t even consider the dangerous factor in lord Diehart like me. In addition, it seems the Modes-sama is also favoring lord Diehart. He says, “He possesses an extremely similar smell as me.”」

Modes, my beloved husband is welcoming lord Diehart without even a speck of consideration for his betrayal.

「In addition, Modes-sama is someone who can’t tell lies. That’s his attitude when I convey my worries to him」

Thus, this matter couldn’t be said to others.

「Therefore, this talk is a secret between us, Rugaas. You have to think "what if” the matter happens, for you are the wisest man in Nargol. Because no matter how strong someone is, he ought to have some weak point. There’s no loss in gathering information about him, right?」

Rugaas is nodding.

「Because that information is definitely important…. I’ll send my subordinate to lord Diehart. For this one will be the one who investigates lord Diehart」

「I wish for your help then, old Rugaas」

I leave the room after saying such brief sentence.

It looks like Rugaas had not even considered the potential danger in lord Diehart.

No, maybe he just doesn’t want to consider about such a possibility.

Lord Diehart had already become an indispensable existence for the demon king army.

No one would ever want to consider that such person could become their enemy.

But, someone has to take some action.

「Ah~, my dear Modes-sama. This Mona will definitely protect you」


Ankoku Kishi Monogatari ~Yuusha Wo Taosu Tameni Maou Ni Shoukansaremashita~ Chapter 6

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