Apocalypse Cockroach Chapter 130

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Chapter 130: Despair

The atmosphere was extremely tense. Everyone was holding their breaths, waiting for the blade to fall. Like how it was described in Lu Xun's book, the behavior of people can be strange, and not one of the gazes of the people present is unwilling. Even the woman who was being protected by him did not even glance at him. She just paid attention to her new master Brother Long, her face fawning as she swayed her waist seductively at him. Brother Long obviously could not care about her, he just looked at the man facing his impending death with a cold glare. To him, this man was a chicken, he had to spill his blood to warn the others the consequences of going against him, Brother Long.

The man looked all around in despair, but he saw excitement, gloating expressions, as well as cold from some of the people around. The woman who had said would live with him for life, and bear his children, had not even glanced at him once since they were captured, and was trying to get in favor with her new master. He was humiliated and infuriated. Before he could be executed, he struggled with all his strength and the 2 men who were holding him down had difficulty. They were flung off, and he followed up with a headbutt towards the guy grabbing his hair. He then pushed himself off the ground and ran towards the gate.

The person holding the blade saw that he was running, and could not wait for Brother Long's orders. He just chased after him, pulling out his blade, and the man's head was separated from his neck. The headless corpse continued to stumble forwards a few steps as the blood sprayed from the wound, dying the ground red, before stumbling in front of a survivor.

The subordinates of Brother Long and the survivors sought to dodge the rain of blood. The women did not move, allowing the blood to wash over them, their faces wearing a hint of satisfaction. The youngest woman looked at the pathetic corpse before she finally broke down and wailed, venting her feelings. As she cried, the rest also huddled and sobbed.

When the man's head soared through the air, Zhang Xiao Qiang turned away involuntarily. Such a scene still caused him to be nauseous. He had killed before and fed 2 to zombies. He had never gotten used to it. Killing zombies was a different matter, but when he witnessed a fellow human being killed, he would still feel like throwing up.

"Do I have a phobia of blood?" Such a thought had crossed his mind before. But he had not felt like this when seeing chickens or pigs being slaughtered. Then why was it like this when it was other humans, maybe his guts were just weak?

Seeing the blood spray from the headless corpse, he suddenly felt extremely vexed, like his emotions were in turmoil. He looked around and wanted to find the reason for it. The agitation was very sudden, and not like his sixth sense, in fact, it felt more like his own blood was surging.

Brother Long got Three to lead the women in one of the Land Rovers back to the chicken farm. He brought enchanting woman towards Zhang Xiao Qiang in an extremely fake manner and said: "Lil' Bro, what do you think about this chick? Take her if you like!"

The woman had wiped her face clean, and her looks were decent, slightly better than Su Qian, but not above Yuan Yi. Zhang Xiao Qiang was feeling antsy, he just swept her a glance, as she tried to smile charmingly. Her man had just died and she was here trying to seek favor with other men. This led Zhang Xiao Qiang to be disdainful, and naturally, he would not like her.

He turned to face Brother Long: "Brother Long, get your men to load up quick. I feel that something's wrong, we had better leave this place, the faster the better."

Brother Long did not think much of it, in fact, he had decided to get everything to be transported here. They would hoard the rations and slowly expand. He felt Zhang Xiao Qiang's worry to be suspicious and continued to make small talk, but he did not mention about leaving.

"Hubby! Time to eat!! Waiting for you!!" Yang Ke'er called out at this time, and when she saw the headless corpse, her face also turned pale. She adamantly fixed her gaze on Zhang Xiao Qiang, not looking elsewhere.

Zhang Xiao Qiang decided not to waste his breath with Brother Long. he turned to walk towards Yang Ke'er. He intended to finish the meal and make his preparations to leave tomorrow. Just as he reached her side, and the both of them prepared to walk out…

"Dong…" A loud, dull sound traveled over. Zhang Xiao Qiang could feel the earth shaking. Everyone stopped in their tracks and looked around. Zhang Xiao Qiang quickly grabbed his Beast Horn Spear and Yang Ke'er's hand, as they noiselessly made their way out. To him, the earth was huge, his life was small. If things were to go wrong now, he had better extract himself out quickly. Be it a D2 or Mutant Beast, how could he take them on for this motley bunch? He wanted to get the hell out of there.

"Dong…" This time, the sound became louder, some of the people began to get frightened and shouted. Some even abandoned the things in their hands and made to run. Brother Long and Chen Yi had expressions of fear as well. They were still trying to gather their men to become orderly. Brother Long turned to look towards Zhang Xiao Qiang, only to discover he was pulling Yang Ke'er away as quickly as possible.

"Lil' Bro…" Brother Long shouted towards Zhang Xiao Qiang, seeking his opinion.

Hearing Brother Long call for him, Zhang Xiao Qiang turned and shouted two words: "RUN FOOL!" He then pulled Yang Ke'er and they sprinted.

When the people around Brother Long heard him, they looked towards Brother Long waiting for his orders. He Wen Bin and the 2 Common-faces did not hesitate, choosing to run after Zhang Xiao Qiang. When the survivors saw the commotion, they began to cry and scream as they tried to run.

Brother Long looked at his subordinates and was about to say something when "BANG!!!!" A huge wall of the granary came crumbling down, as 2 huge arms pushed through to widen the hole in the wall. The wall was 2 meters thick, but it crumbled in an instant. A 3 metre-tall shadow stepped out from the rubble and dust.

Its body was massive, without a single strand of hair on its head. It was shiny like a watermelon, and the entire body was covered in rippling muscles. Some thick tendons were even thicker than steel beams. Its entire body was naked, without anything cloth to cover any part. Its 'little bird' was hanging out for all to see, and although this monster was huge, its little bird would cause any man to feel proud of themselves. It was simply too small, to the point that there was a need for a magnifying glass to look at it. Of course, there was no point to it anyway.

2 large thick thighs stepped through, each thicker than the waist of a grown man. They were like 2 pillars, and with each step, the ground shook. It could be the problem of the dust that blocked its sense of smell, and it faced the sky and howled in rage: "AO~~~~~~~~~~~"

When everyone saw such a monstrous freak stepping in, they were all frozen in shock. Its roar then scared them into dropping their weapons. There were some who went weak at the knees and fell to the ground. Some stood their ground, but their bodies trembled nonstop, a puddle of urine pooling at their feet. Of the 2 Common-faces, one had been frightened upon hearing that roar and lost his footing. He slipped, before tumbling and hit one of the Land Rovers, knocking himself unconscious.

"What the fuck, why is it everywhere?!"

Seeing such a monster that was larger and sturdier than the D2 he had come across, Zhang Xiao Qiang's mouth went dry. He knew the toughness of a D2, it was a perverted defense rivaling the thickness of an armored vehicle. What else could pierce it other than the Beast Horn Spear in his hands? Furthermore, this D2 seemed even larger than the past 2 he had seen, could it already have evolved into a D3? He just wanted to escape, the further the better. It would be best if he didn't see it ever again. Compared to it, the S2 was like an adorable lamb.

What else could be more terrifying than a D2? There is, that would be 2 of them.

Then, what could possibly cause more despair than 2 D2s? It would be a D2 behind, and an S2 in front. There was no way to fight nor run.

When Zhang Xiao Qiang saw the small shadow appearing at the gate, he instinctively felt that today might be the day they all die here. He stopped and faced the zombie in front of him. The cry of despair behind him caused his chest to tighten with anxiety. When he stopped, one survivor passed him and tried to run out. Maybe the survivor thought that the smaller zombie was easier to deal with than the D2 behind.

When he suddenly increased his speed, intending to rush past the S2, the S2 flashed from its position, and the man screamed out in terror. He looked at his chest in disbelief and horror, stepping back a few steps before falling to the ground. The deep claw marks pierced through all the way to his bones below his waist. He felt the twist of his inner organs, and a part of his intestines had been ripped out. Even his heart had been sliced, and fresh blood sprayed out from his front like champagne from a bottle.

After killing the survivor, the S2 immediately started to devour him. Another survivor thought he got an opportunity and tried to run while the S2 was engaged in its meal. Who knew, that just as the survivor got to the gate, the S2 tensed its legs, and its entire frame soon pounced on the other survivor. He fell down as he screamed, with the S2 effortlessly taking his life, before dragging the corpse over to its other meal. It then continued to devour the earlier corpse.

Apocalypse Cockroach Chapter 130

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