Apocalypse Cockroach Chapter 131

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Chapter 131: A drop of kindness repaid with a spring*(Idiom)

"Tatata…" The sounds of rapid gunfire sounded from behind. Zhang Xiao Qiang turned to look behind and noticed that Brother Long and Chen Yi were firing at the D2 as it was gorging on its meal. The bullets rained on the body of the D2, and it was being forced back slightly. As it moved, the bullets hit its body before falling on the ground.

It was to be expected, but Zhang Xiao Qiang could not help but feel his heart race. He Wen Bin stood behind him, looking behind from time to time, and eyeing the S2 which was devouring the survivors. He was waiting for Zhang Xiao Qiang to make a move. He knew that if Zhang Xiao Qiang could not even handle the situation, there was nothing he could do as well.

The D2 was forced to retreat, while Brother Long continued to fire while roaring, mustering the courage for himself. Chen Yi followed behind, his eyes bloodshot. His breathing was ragged as he advanced continually, the rifle in his hands firing without stopping. The D2 roared out in pain as it was hit by the bullets. It could not stand steadily due to the force of the bullets until it reached one of the Land Rovers.

That Land Rover had been abandoned the first time Brother Long and his men came here, and one of the survivors was hiding below the car. The bullets and approaching D2 had already caused him to be fearful of his life. He hugged his head as his body trembled uncontrollably. He did not even notice the D2 reaching his position. The D2 caught the scent of the living person below the vehicle, and smashed the Land Rover, before pulling out the survivor to fling it towards the source of the bullets.

The survivor soared through the air, and both men dodged to the sides. The survivor slammed into the cement ground, his head smashing apart, as his brain and blood splattered all over.

With the temporary stop in the bullets, the D2 grabbed the edge of the Land Rover and exerted strength to twist its body slightly. The Land Rover skidded on the floor with an ear-piercing screech, sliding towards the position of the 2 gun-totting men.

The direction that the Land Rover was sliding towards was where Brother Long was at, and he was frightened. He threw his rifle one side and lowered to jump out of the way. Unfortunately, while he was still halfway in the air, his leg was caught by the tail end of the Land Rover. "Kacha…" the sounds of bones snapping rang out, and he landed on the ground, hugging his leg while screaming in agony.

"Shit shit shit…" Seeing that Brother Long was injured, and he was all that was left, Chen Yi became even more agitated. He swapped out his magazine and continued to fire at the D2, his mouth still shouting some gibberish. Their subordinates were standing behind wielding melee weapons trembling while shouting nonsense as well!

The Land Rover had been tossed by the D2 and its sliding speed was fast, crushing 2 survivors in the way as it slammed into another vehicle. Glass shattered and all sorts of items were sent flying everywhere. The impact caused some sparks to ignite as they fell on the leaking fuel trail, lighting it up, traveling to the engine.

"Hong!!" The 2 vehicles exploded, shocking the S2 in the midst of its meal. It stood up menacingly and rushed over to face Zhang Xiao Qiang with a threatening posture. Zhang Xiao Qiang was now focused on the S2, not daring to blink, while his Beast Horn Spear was gripped tightly, ready to thrust out anytime.

"WATCH OUT!!" From behind, He Wen Bin's startled cry resounded, before a force slammed into Zhang Xiao Qiang's back, and he staggered forwards.

Before he came to a stop, "Peng!!", then " AHHHH!!!!" He Wen Bin's cry of anguish sounded out.

Zhang Xiao Qiang turned around and saw He Wen Bin on the ground, a broken car door stuck to the ground at his earlier location. He Wen Bin's status was bad, his entire right arm had been sliced cleanly, landing somewhere else. Fresh blood continued to flow from his shoulder, and seeing this, how could Zhang Xiao Qiang not know that He Wen Bin had just saved his life?

When the Land Rover had exploded, one of the doors had been sent flying from the blast, flying towards Zhang Xiao Qiang's position. He Wen Bin had been focused behind, and when he saw something wrong, he had shouted a warning to Zhang Xiao Qiang, before using his strength to knock him away. Unfortunately, he had no time to evade himself, and his limb was separated from his body.

When Zhang Xiao Qiang saw this, he felt his blood rush to his head, he could not care about the S2, and threw his spear to Yang Ke'er, as he ran towards He Wen Bin, and pulled out a cloth to wrap around his wound. Zhang Xiao Qiang had always treated others like how fresh water should never mix with seawater. As long as he was not affected, he would not cause trouble. However, he had his sense of bonds as well, for his own good friends and close brothers, he would not hesitate to walk through hell with them. Initially, He Wen Bin and he could be considered as just acquaintances. The relationship wasn't bad nor was it extremely close. He appreciated He Wen Bin for his gratitude.

Now, He Wen Bin had actually used his own right hand to shield him, he had to repay the favor. It was unconditional. "A drop of kindness repaid with a spring!" This was one of the mottos Zhang Xiao Qiang lived by. Those who were worthy of him to act for numbered little. Yang Ke'er had lowered her weapon for his sake, and he had doted on her since then. Even when she took his dagger, and almost caused him to be in danger, he did not ask for it back.

Now that He Wen Bin had saved his life without a care for his own. Zhang Xiao Qiang loved his own life, and to him, there was nothing more precious than his own life. Now there was Yang Ke'er. Although he would never say it, he had already a place for Yang Ke'er in his heart. Otherwise, when she had charged at the D2, he wouldn't have suppressed the fear in his heart to go pierce its asshole. Who would do so in their right mind?!

Since He Wen Bin had saved him, Zhang Xiao Qiang had totally ignored the S2 and chose to save He Wen Bin first. Yang Ke'er readied the spear, she knew that any zombie that caused Zhang Xiao Qiang to be wary was not a simple opponent. She had witnessed its speed as well, and thus, she readied her weapon, prepared to strike out anytime.

The cloth could not stop the blood, as it turned blood red in a short moment. Zhang Xiao Qiang gritted his teeth, and reached into his satchel, intending to use gunpowder to stop the bleeding like Rambo. However, he felt a glass bottle and remembered what the demented Doctor Yu did to stop the blood. There was also the Life-Preserving Pills.

He slapped himself for being muddle-headed, the old man had used the blood coagulant to treat the pitiful woman, to keep her alive, and he had thus viewed the medicine with revolt. He even kept Doctor Yu's medicines right at the bottom of his satchel. He had then forgotten its existence. Out of precaution, he had prepared a small vial and thus remembered when he touched it.

He immediately pulled open the bottle and sprinkled the powder on his wound. He then produced a pill from the dark gold bottle and fed He Wen Bin. His expression started to stabilize, and when his face regained some color, he then dragged him towards the small alleyway. The Common-Face who was still conscious immediately ran forwards to help, with Yang Ke'er covering the rear.

Like a leopard, the moment Zhang Xiao Qiang moved, the S2 had moved, but it had ignored Zhang Xiao Qiang and the rest, instead, pouncing towards the other survivors and Brother Long's subordinates. Screams and wails resounded from behind Zhang Xiao Qiang, and his movements became faster. A few people saw that Zhang Xiao Qiang and his people were relatively unharmed, and chased after him. It was one or two, then a whole drove came after them.

However, the window of opportunity was opened only for a short while, as the S2 charged into the midst of the people, separating them into two groups. Few made it out, as the rest watched the S2 in despair. 2 or 3 of the survivors made their dash towards the huge gate, as they thought another opportunity had presented itself. Their actions only served to draw the attention of the S2, and it immediately made for them, blocking the gate.  However, as it passed the corpses of the earlier kills, it lost interest in them and continued to devour the unfinished corpses.

Zhang Xiao Qiang placed He Wen Bin safely in the garden where they first found the survivors, and he pulled out his Jing Wei Sword, intending to head back out. Yang Ke'er blocked him: "It's too dangerous outside, that freak is also so fast. What're you going out for? The thing might just leave on its own when it's full!"

Zhang Xiao Qiang did not say anything and continued outward. Yuan Yi was still waiting for him to eat together, if she decided to find out what's the delay, she would be in trouble. After all, she was his woman already, and he was getting more comfortable with her with each passing day. If she were to die now, he would regret it for life. As for Su Qian, he could not spare any thoughts for her yet.

Yang Ke'er decided to follow after him. At this time, He Wen Bin came to, and Zhang Xiao Qiang took one look at him, not saying anything. Some things didn't need to be said, but Zhang Xiao Qiang would bear it in mind forever.

Apocalypse Cockroach Chapter 131

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