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Chapter 3: Preparation for a New Life

It is still not getting evil organization-ish yet, I guess.


I am currently in a not so-big 1LDK apartment room.
I have no futon or kitchenware. But since I have a towel, I can take a bath at least.
Well, the difference between here and an internet cafe is like heaven and earth.

So, how did I get here?
The story is simple. The organization had offered to let me stay in one of their properties.


When the interview was over, I was directed by the interviewer to head towards the reception desk.

And as soon as I arrived, the receptionist lady said to me.

「 Congratulations for your employment. Regarding the reason of your summon, I have been instructed to arrange a place for you to live in. Therefore, it has become your lodging as of today. 」

「 Thank you very much. Hm? Excuse me, I might have mistaken about hearing that you have prepared a lodging for me. 」

「 There is no mistake. You have heard me correctly. 」
The lady smiled at me with every respect.

My mind was riddled with chaos.

Perhaps noticing my confusion, she immediately provided me with an explanation.
Which is, with my status that was very close to being a homeless, it would be unfavorable if there was a likely case where they would lose their means of contact with me.
And so, it had been decided that I would be provided with a fixed place to live in.

Coincidentally, the organization owns an uninhabited property that is close to both my school (where I will be commuting to one week from now) and a branch department of the organization.
The end result, I was told to move here.

Still, you may be asking why I am talking about all this like it is someone else’s problems.
Although, with how my life is making its abrupt changes right before my eyes, my brain functions seem to have stopped entirely.

After all, thinking from a third-person perspective makes everything easier, is how I take it.
Simply put, it reduces the chances of getting yourself into a panic.

With those considerations, I am thinking of these events like they are happening to someone else instead.

Afterwards, I received a map and a memo about this apartment address and my unit number, and also a pamphlet for the welcoming ceremony.

After receiving instructions that I need to be present at the nearest branch department on the mentioned date (as written on the pamphlet). I left the place.

In due course, I retrieved my school uniform and books that I had previously stored in a coin locker at the nearby station. Then, I walked towards my new apartment.

En route, I purchased an alarm clock from a self-owned shop.
One analog alarm clock with digital sound, 980 yen (with tax).
Four AA batteries, 315 yen (with tax).

Total, 1,295 yen.
Money in possession, 4,835 yen.
After purchase, 3,540 yen.

It was nothing painful. Because, I had obtained a source of income.

Hahaha, haha, haa…
I have not even started working, but I am already looking forward to payday.

While I was still there, the store owner… well, he is also the salesperson since he is operating the shop by himself. Anyway, I asked him to set the clock for me.

I exit the shop, and continued walking. Enduring the hardships of carrying my many luggage, I finally arrived at the apartment noted in the memo.

It was then when I realized.
That I could have entrusted these books and uniform to the reception desk.

When I looked from the outside, the two-story apartment was not old, yet it did not seem new, either.
It had a black roof, and the walls were a plain cream color. With four units per floor, my room seemed to be located on the second floor.

By the way, it was already late at night, but there was not even a single light leaking out from any of the units.
I had heard it from the reception desk, but the place really was uninhabited.

Instead of looking from the outside, I decided to quickly enter my own unit.
From the first floor, there were two sets of stairs leading upstairs, and I climbed from the left one, looking from my point of view.

On the way, I saw a white hand sprouting from one of the stairs. When it was trying to catch my foot, I decided to crush it by trampling on it.
I was tired, so I could not let it concern me. My stomping power was boosted with the weight of my luggage at that time, I tell you.

And I arrived at unit 201.
I used the key to open the door, and I entered.

Aah, now I am relieved. The place is about 8-tatami wide, and it is furnished with a bathroom, a toilet, and even a kitchen.
This is much better than having to use the one of the stalls in an internet cafe.

I wonder why I am alone here. I wonder.
According to the receptionist lady, even the supervisor is not staying here.
Well, it does not really matter. It just means that I do not need to be mindful of others.

I see that my room has a closet, so I open it.
The first row is empty, which is natural. The one who just moved in did not buy anything to place in there after all.

Confirming the size, the closet is 1-tatami wide.
Continuing, I take a look at the upper row.

White hair, white clothes, and even her skin is white, but strangely transparent. I see a girl sitting, while grasping her knees.

My mouth opens wide.
And I use my right hand to close it as I am making a yawn.
It is best to make it a habitual response so that I can do it any moment’s notice.

I feel that the girl looks like she just saw something unbelievable. But I do not really care, so I close the closet door.

I am sleepy. The bathroom is the type that has both a shower and a bathtub.
I will take only the shower today so that I can quickly get some sleep.
But, I have no clothes to change into. I will sleep with just my pants on.
And… a jacket in place of a futon.

In the middle of my shower, I think I see the face of the girl from earlier appearing from the wall.
Fuu~ and I breathe a sigh.

I wonder if I am too tired that I start seeing delusions of a girl, or if it is because I am hungry.
Then I finish my shower. Hoping that the former is the correct reason, I wear my pants, put the jacket down, and I go to sleep with my still wet hair.

Baito de Aku no Soshiki v1c3

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