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Chapter 4: School and Work Welcoming Ceremony

Both are equally important.


On April 1st at 3 pm, please be present at your nearest branch department.
Such was written on the pamphlet that I received previously.

And today is the D-day, April 1st.

Silver Bell (銀鐘 — ginshou), the kanji sure is a pain to write1.
1 The two characters have 34 strokes in total.

It has been a week since the interview, and I have been passing each day consuming nothing but one rice ball, and water to drink.
There is pretty much nothing that humans cannot do when we try.

I have been doing several prep works during the last week.
First, I went to the municipal office in order to notify about my change of residence, but it appeared that the organization had completed the procedure for me.

On the way home, I stopped by a hardware store to buy a glass and other tableware, one item each.
It was troublesome when I had to drink without a glass on my first day, you know?

Afterwards, I greeted my neighbors. It was then when I knew that the apartment where I live was actually fully occupied when it was first built. But, it did not take even a week for all of them to start moving out.

I did not see even one, though.

On this April 1st, seven in the morning, I get up and eat a bento that I purchased at a discount right when the supermarket was closing.
I brush my teeth and wash my face. Then, I confirm and arrange the things that I will need today in my bag. After all is done, I change into my uniform.

I look at myself in the washroom mirror.

Although, the person has not even the shred of ambition to reach such heights. Well, since the hair will set itself, he needs not take the trouble.

And my face, nothing has changed. It would be troublesome if it has, actually.
But I should consider fixing my face if it turns horrible someday. Rather, I have to.

The uniform of Ginshou Academy is the typical black, with stand-up collar.

Of course it is not made of real silver. Still, the color looks attractive in contrast with black. That is all.

Incidentally, the girls’ uniforms are white blazers, with the school badge embroidered on the left side of the chest in silver color.

After I finish changing, I saddle my bag and head to school right away.

Moderately designed, the buildings in this neighborhood are closely packed, giving a close impression of a shopping district. Lots of these shops are privately owned.
From this pseudo-shopping district, it takes me about five more minutes on foot to reach Ginshou High.

I have arrived early, but I can see others that are here earlier than me.
Everyone seems to be looking forward to their new lives. The smiles on their faces are dazzling.

One word immediately comes to mind when I look at the exterior of the school. “Huge”.
The building is symmetrical from left and right.

Having four stories, the left side of the building contains classrooms for the students.
While the other half to the right is where the laboratories and staff rooms are located.

In the center is a clock tower-like structure which serves as the entrance to the two sections.
It must be a place that commonly has the most traffic.

Ginshou High is the second biggest school in this area.

I enter the school gate and head for the building entrance without detours.

There is an exhibit wall at the entrance.
It displays a big ‘Congratulations’ text, followed by our class assignments pasted below it.

The classes are separated with alphabets.

Wow, there are 280 first-year students in total.

Although, it did not take long for me to find my name.
I am in class B.

From the clock tower, I head towards the first building and start climbing to the 4th floor.

By the way, the second-years’ are on the 3rd, and the third-years’ on the 2nd.

There is a reason for it.
With the oddly, many amounts of stairs, it will be easier to get to the 2nd floor than to the 3rd, and easier to the 3rd than the 4th.

And I reached the 4th floor.

In other words, my class should be located on the right side.

When I look to the other side, I discover my classroom right away.

With the names sorted in Japanese Kana, I am sitting on desk number 3.

Thus, I take my own seat which is in the left part of the classroom, third row from the front.
Afterwards, I wait idly until the start of the opening ceremony.

Twenty minutes… I think. The bare classroom is now full with students. They are all already chatting and making their new cliques, or ones from their middle schools.
I was greeted by another student who is sitting near me, so we introduced ourselves to each other.


He has a tidy appearance, and his glasses really suit him. It seems he will be popular among the girls.

Although the girls are intending to talk in low volumes, I can still hear them clearly, 「 Waah, he’s so handsome! 」 and the like.

「 He looks hot in glasses~! 」

「 An enemy! All popular guys must die! 」

In the midst of the occasional dangerous remarks, the male teacher starts introducing himself.

「 Aah, quiet down, everyone. Starting from today, I am the homeroom teacher of this class. My name is Sugawa Masaki, it’s nice to meet you all. 」


Things progressed quickly under Sugawa-sensei’s guidance.
Lecturing about school regulations in simple sentences, asking everyone to make self-introductions; everything was completed in a blink of an eye with no time wasted.

Time passed regardless. Sugawa-sensei instructed us to line up according to our student numbers and head for the gymnasium.
So, we have been sitting on chairs in this gymnasium for around fifty minutes. Although everyone is looking upfront, their faces look really sleepy.

There were addresses from the vice-principal, from the student council, guests, so on and so forth. Our principal’s words of gratitude and blessings for our new lives as students are still continuing, in which I am not so thankful for.

There is… no one who is completely awake, it seems. Some are nodding their heads off, some have their eyes closed. There is also an extreme case where someone is snoring out loud.
It becomes a loop between students getting awakened by the teachers, before falling to sleep again.

Looking sideways, I notice Sugawa-sensei whispering to one of our sleeping male students.
Soon, he immediately jumps awake and sits up straight.

It seems there are others who are watching, too, since I can hear praising words from somewhere.
But, I wonder if I am seeing things. That guy who just woke up is letting out quite the amount of sweat. He looks to the front, but his face is really pale. His eyes are running about so fast to the extent that it amazes me.

Just what did Sugawa-sensei say to him? I am curious, but I will stop myself from asking.
While keeping an inexplicable fear against my teacher, the opening ceremony comes to a close.

We returned to our classroom, held an HR, and we were free to return home afterwards.
I was invited to a game center, but I declined because I have to go to my part-time job. I headed back home.

When I open the front door of my unit, I am getting the feeling that I can see a girl hanging upside down from the ceiling, glaring at me.
Regardless, I need to hurry to the company’s opening ceremony, so I pay it no mind. I take off my uniform and change into yesterday’s clothes.

「 KYAA!! 」 hearing that kind of sound, I see that the girl has disappeared.
My polluting thoughts are finally gone. I was worrying if I am suffering from daydreaming tendencies, but it is good to know that I can control it somehow.

However, I have actually been wearing the same clothes for several days now.
No, I am not those manga characters that own several clothes of the same motif.

I am wearing the very same clothes; the only piece I have. That is why I cannot just wash it.
A coin laundry, you say? The content of my purse does not even exceed 200 yen.

At first, I tried wearing only a towel, insisting that it was MY clothes, but it was plain impossible.

In the end, I doubt it would have dried enough for me to wear again for today.

Deciding to do my laundry as soon as I reach home later, I head out with the welcoming ceremony pamphlet in one hand.2
2 Tthere was a T/L error in the previous chapter (and fixed).

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