Blue Phoenix Chapter 613 - Routine

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Chapter 613: Routine

Returning to the sect was as simple as leaving. Those who wished to cause problems for Hui Yue were already aware of the fact that Pei Ziqi was following him and that she had permission to kill first and ask questions later.

No sane person would attack Hui Yue when he was under the protection of the Battle God Pei Ziqi. 

Hui Yue wondered if his enemies would use their influence and trouble his friends, but after considering it for a moment, he realized that they would benefit from a little pressure. As long as they stayed within the sects, they would be safe from any real harm. This was another reason why he had given them a million Worldpower Stones. 

They could use them to build a stable foundation, and when their foundation was solid, they could leave the sect and do easy missions for contribution points. Although someone wished to cause problems for Hui Yue's friends, no one was mad enough to use a powerful force to kill them off.

'It’s simply too risky,' Lan Feng said as he felt that Hui Yue was repeatedly telling himself that his friends would be safe. 'Although they would love to kill off your friends, they wouldn't dare. The documents clearly state that you sent them. If the Gods you send are killed one after another,  then they will become exiled from the sect and hunted to the end of the galaxy because it will be obvious they are just after you.'

'Not to mention, the drama it would cause among the guardian sects. Imagine how all the other sect member would feel if their close friends and relatives suddenly died at the hand of those they are to protect. No one is stupid enough to do that, so you are correct when you say that they will be safe.'

Hui Yue nodded his head. What Lan Feng said was exactly what Hui Yue himself had thought. Realizing this, Hui Yue relaxed a little. 

Hui Yue was unaware of whether or not Pei Ziqi was also following behind him within the sect, but he did not pay too much attention as he returned to the mountain top belonging to his father.

Now that Deng Wu had come out of the Formation of Life, Sha Yun had entered. As for how long she needed within the Formation of Life, Hui Yue had no idea, but he would visit the Divine Beast World from time to time to check up on her and visit his friends and family. 

Now that he settled down in the Celestial Sword Sect, it was possible for him to lock himself inside a room and then enter the Universe Box. Then he would be able to travel to the Divine Beast World while pretending to be cultivating. 

This way he could spend time with the ones he loved, his family and friends. He could help them with their cultivation and at the same time see how they were doing. 

Hui Yue's life soon became comfortable and entered a routine. He would spend five days in a meditation room every week and practice the formations that he had purchased from the Formation Palace. 

After finishing the first set of beginner formations, Hui Yue went back to the palace and purchased a more advanced set of formations. Some of which required more than ten seals. 

Once a week he would visit the Divine Beast World, and the final day he would practice the formations he was working on at the training field.

When practicing formations, he needed to use both Ancestral Worldpower and soulforce which caused him to constantly be absorbing more and more of the surrounding energy. This not only helped replenish his energy but also grew his Ancestral Worldpower pool and the amount of soulforce he could wield at one time.

'Your understanding of formations is formidable,' Lan Feng said satisfied as Hui Yue had mastered another formation.

"It is not bad," Hui Yue agreed with a nod of his head, "but there is one problem." He continued with a sigh, "Although I am advancing and increasing my combat abilities, I am not getting any closer to the Immortal of Creation rank."

"There are two ways to become an Immortal of Creation," Hui Yue lamented. "One is the weaker way, the patient way, and that is to simply absorb enough Ancestral Worldpower to be ranked as an Immortal of Creation. But this is something that takes thousands of years, and I can not afford to wait so long." 

"The second option is to grasp a major dao. When one comprehends a major dao, the cultivator will break through to a new realm. At that time when you are at your peak attunement with the dao of the universe, then one’s body will be able to absorb Ancestral Worldpower like a sponge in water. In this state, I can quickly rise to the Immortal of Creation level."

"I am obviously pursuing the second option. I will comprehend a major dao and become the youngest Immortal of Creation in all of the Celestial Sword Sect's history!"

Hui Yue was filled with determination as he spoke and Lan Feng was quiet as he nodded his head repeatedly.

"The problem with this is that I am nowhere close to comprehending a major dao. To comprehend a major dao, I need to comprehend all the minor daos that the major dao consists of. My best option will be to either aim for the major dao of fire or the major dao of wind."

"These two major daos will be supported by the bloodlines within my body. You are already working on the major dao of the fire, and you are much closer to become an Immortal of Creation than I am," Hui Yue spoke. "You already have three, almost four, minor daos of fire comprehended, whereas I have just one of each."

"Looking at my bloodlines, I think it I will be better seeking after the major dao of wind since this bloodline is many times stronger than the bloodline of the Vermilion Bird."

Hui Yue was silent for a moment as he pondered what he had been saying. It all made sense, and discussing it with Lan Feng, saying what he thought, made him feel better.

"But what do you think I should do?" He asked the bird residing in his core. "I can continue to create seals and focus on formations. These formations might save my life one day, but that means that it will take longer time for me to comprehend the dao and become an Immortal of Creation."

'Well, I think you should finish what you are working on now,' Lan Feng said seriously. 'Don't forget you have a cheat that no one else has. You have your previous lives! When you merge with one of your previous lives, then you could suddenly comprehend a major dao and become an Immortal of Creation that way. This might be considered a short cut, but it will work just fine for you. Your situation is, after all, very different from everyone else’s.'

'Because of this, I think you should become a Formation Master before anything else,' Lan Feng concluded. 'When you are a Formation Master, you will have even more value than you do now, and don’t just stop with formations you should look into inscriptions as well. They can boost your fighting strength by quite a bit for a short amount of time. I’ve heard about inscriptions that are capable of drawing out one’s inner strength for a short amount of time that form a battle God. These type of techniques are, I think, important for us to learn!'

'Although daos are important, do not forget that I am still here,' Lan Feng continued with confidence. 'I am constantly comprehending the daos at a speed you cannot compare to. I have merged three daos already, and my fourth dao is very close as well. Although I will need more daos, I will soon be an Immortal of Creation. When I am much stronger than you, who says that you cannot use my strength when you are in a bind? Your strength is my strength, and my strength is your strength.'

The more they spoke, the more certain Hui Yue felt that he was doing the right thing. Although he was delaying his cultivation, he was still becoming stronger and stronger. Formations were especially powerful in group fights, and in the future, Hui Yue was going to be in quite a few group fights with his friends. To be able to do the best in such situation, he needed to be a Formation Master.

"You will get your body soon," Hui Yue said suddenly. "Then you and I will fight side by side, and protect each other like real brothers!" Hui Yue said with a sigh. He could not wait for that day, so Lan Feng's longing had to be many times worse. 

'Mhm. We are brothers already. To be able to protect each other's back is what we should do! Fighting side by side for what we believe in is also what we should do. I cannot do it now, but that does not mean that I cannot do it in the future.'

Lan Feng and Hui Yue both turned silent as they looked into the distance. Moments like these were rare. Hui Yue was seated on the top of the mountain belonging to his father, his entire body feeling incredibly tranquil as he sensed the world around him. 

Suddenly the dao of the breeze appeared for Hui Yue’s inner eye, forcing its way into his mind. The breeze that he felt around him was gentle yet powerful. It was slow yet unstoppable. Hui Yue suddenly seemed to gain understanding into this dao, and although he was not planning on comprehending any dao, he fully submerged himself in the feeling.

For two days, Hui Yue did not move as he gained an initial mastery into the dao, but after two days went by he slowly awoke from his trance-like state. 

Lan Feng did not need to ask how it went; he already knew that Hui Yue had gained a shallow understanding of the dao, but he was far from having fully comprehended it. 

Still, Hui Yue was not willing to focus on charging after this dao. He followed the plan from before and went to the Mission Tower to pick up another arena mission before going to challenge another Immortal of Creation and get his hands on more contribution points.

After the first arena challenge, Hui Yue had not had any difficulties overwhelming his opponent by using his formations and supplementing his attacks with his daos. During his subsequent fights, he used all his strength each time to overpower his opponents, but he had to admit that his opponents often let him win without struggling too much because they feared what might happen to them if they didn’t.

Having gotten his contribution points, Hui Yue headed straight for the meditation room where he went to practice more formations. By now he could control an astonishing fifty-seven seals! 

Anyone who had studied formations was aware of how hard it was to compress soulforce into seals. The more seals one had, the more difficult it was to compress them. To be considered a Formation Master one needed to be able to control a thousand seals, but when one controlled a hundred seals, then one would be regarded as an accomplished formation expert. Hui Yue's aim was to form a hundred seals in less than half a year, something that would make any who had ever studied formations cough up blood if they heard his goal.  

While most people were unaware of his rapid advancement, the clerk, and elder of the Formation Palace, was aware of just how fast he was advancing. Hui Yue had often come to buy formations, and thus the elder knew his current strength.

In the beginning, he did not believe it, but now he was fully convinced and deeply shocked. He too was waiting to see if Hui Yue could produce a miracle or if he would hit a bottleneck. 

Blue Phoenix Chapter 613 - Routine

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