Bringing the Nation's Husband Home Chapter 160

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Qiao Anhao responded by reaching out and opening the door. She was ready to ask what the person wanted, when she noticed that it was Lu Jinnian who stood elegantly behind the door. She stared at him, opened her mouth to speak, but the words were instantly stuck in her throat.

As she'd just come out of the bathroom, Qiao Anhao only wore a single towel with a pair of dripping wet flip flops. This kind of wear revealed her delicate white shoulders and her two long legs. Because of the steam, her dainty face had a drunken red tint.

Lu Jinnian looked Qiao Anhao up and down with his brows slightly furrowed.

"Who is it, Qiao Qiao?" Zhao Meng asked. Not hearing an answer from Qiao Anhao for half a minute, she ran over, bare-foot, to find Qiao Anhao standing in front of Lu Jinnian. Immediately, in a polite voice, she greeted him, "Mr. Lu."

Snapping out of it, Qiao Anhao found that Lu Jinnian was staring directly at her. Her hands subconsciously clutched the towel to her breasts. She took a step back and asked, "Can I help you?"


Lu Jinnian, who stared directly at Qiao Anhao, raised the document in his hand and said in a bland tone, "X station needs you to sign this contract."

With an "Oh", Qiao Anhao took the contract and turned around to walk to the desk.

Zhao Meng stood at the door and cautiously asked Lu Jinnian, "Mr. Lu, do you want come in for a bit?"

Lu Jinnian shook his head, not saying a word. He held his graceful and calm composure as he stood at the door, his eyes focused on Qiao Anhao. He never looked away for a second.

Feeling it impolite to leave Lu Jinnian standing alone at the door, Zhao Meng could only stand stiffly next to him.

Qiao Anhao stood bent over at the desk, one hand pressed against the towel to prevent it from falling, and the other signing the contract. The towel was already short. When she bent over, her entire thigh was exposed. When Lu Jinnian took notice of her white cotton underwear, his breath slowed down slightly. He felt heat rise up from his stomach, and he turned to look at the empty hallway.

There were three copies of the contract. In total, she needed to sign three times. Qiao Anhao signed and looked over them once. Once she confirmed there were no problems, she reorganized the contracts and handed the papers over to Lu Jinnian.

"They're all signed."

Lu Jinnian didn't even look at her, just coldly snatched the contracts from her hands and turned to leave without a word.

It hadn't been two seconds since he left, when he hurriedly rushed back. Qiao Anhao stared at him, dazed. Before she could react, Lu Jinnian reached over to her room's door and slammed it shut. He left once more in long strides.

Bringing the Nation's Husband Home Chapter 160

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