Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1278-1279

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Chapter 1278: Friend or Foe?

In a desolate mountain range several tens of thousand kilometers from Mercenary City, Changyang Zu Yunkong and Huang Tianba had both carved out a cave. They currently cultivated in there.

They did not pay much attention to the shocking changes of Mercenary City. At that time, several hundred Saint Kings had gathered, and even the great elder Tian Jian, who had become a Saint Emperor, was present. If the matter could not even be dealt with by all these experts, it was impossible for the two of them, mere Saint Rulers, to be of help.

Their strength increased rapidly with Xiao Ling's assistance beneath Mercenary City. It had improved at a tremendous pace. Although they were still Saint Rulers, they were both at the peak of the Ninth Heavenly Layer, only a single step away from Saint King.

The disparity between Saint Ruler and Saint King was extremely large. They had both secretly made up their minds to get through the tough barrier in a single stroke and become Saint Kings.

Changyang Zu Yunkong's talent was far greater than Huang Tianba's talent. The seal that had been planted in his head before forced him to remain as a Heaven Saint Master, so he could not become a Saint Ruler. Now that the seal was gone, his strength increased at an astonishing rate with Xiao Ling's assistance. He had already caught up to Huang Tianba, and with the talent he had displayed, he might even end up reaching Saint King before Huang Tianba.

Other than the two of them, even the loyal bodyguard Jian Chen had brought over from the Radiant Saint Master Union, Yang Ling, was in the mountain range as well. He was a thousand kilometers from the two of them. Compared to Huang Tianba and Changyang Zu Yunkong, Yang Ling's talent was far more ordinary. When Jian Chen had brought him over, he was a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master, and one who had been like that for many years. However, he was still the same after the period of cultivation in Mercenary City.

The difference between Heaven Saint Master and Saint Ruler was so great that it was comparable to a chasm. It was the difference of two major realms of cultivation. A corresponding amount of talent and ability of comprehension was required to become a Saint Ruler. It was not all about cultivating arduously.

After leaving the underground of Mercenary City, Ming Dong did not go with them. Instead, he returned to Mercenary City all by himself to check on the current situation there. At the same time, he learned that Jian Chen was in the sea realm.

Afterward, Ming Dong remained in the city. He continued to cultivate in seclusion in a chamber deep beneath the city. At the same time, Bi Hai and Bi Lian delivered a large pile of high class monster cores to him. A portion of them came from Jian Chen while the others came from the five independent Saint Kings who had recently passed away.

The five great elders hovered beside one another in the sealed miniature space of the Changyang clan. They silently stared at the World Gate as both resentment and anger burned within them, coupled with some helplessness.


Suddenly, a heavy sound rang from the World Gate's direction. A stream of ripples appeared in the space around the Wolrd Gate, causing the surrounding energy of the world to surge. It shocked all the Saint Rulers within the Changyang clan.

The sudden changes of the World Gate attracted the attention of the five great elders as soon as it had happened. All of their eyes immediately lit up as they stared in the direction of the World Gate with interest.


A second sound rang from the direction of the World Gate. Not only was it much louder than before, even the space rippled more violently. Powerful pulses of energy wrapped around the World Gate and shook it up.

Many Saint Rulers flew over from all directions, gathering behind the five great elders. All of them were dejected and bitter. A Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler old man politely asked, "Great elders, may I ask what is happening?"

The five great elders all remained silent. They stared fixedly in the direction of the World Gate with stern expressions. Only until the third bang did their faces finally change. They became extremely excited.

"There's people outside attacking the seal. Fantastic, there's someone who's finally discovered that we've been sealed, and they're currently assisting us in breaking through the seal," Changyang Qing Jueri immediately beamed in happiness. In the time that they had been stuck in the miniature world, they had attempted countless methods to contact people outside, but all of them had failed in the end. The seal that plugged the world gate was extremely powerful and profound. It could stop all methods of communications, and even ancient secret techniques were not strong enough to penetrate the seal.

Changyang Qing Yun, Changyang Qing Yunfeng, Changyang Yuan Wuji, and Changyang Yuan Zhenghua became extremely delighted as well. They had waited far too long for this day. Although being trapped here did not threaten their lives, none of them wished to be locked up by someone else.

"Let's move immediately and attack the seal from the inside. We'll work with the people outside, so it'll be even easier to get through this seal," Changyang Qing Yun immediatelly called out.

The four others nodded simultaneously and all began to attack the seal with all they had. Immediately, a vast pressure descended from the sky, permeating the entire miniature world. The air seemed to have froze while all the energy of the world had stopped.

The five Saint Kings were extremely eager to smash through the seal. They used Saint Tier Battle Skills right from the start.

They could use Saint Tier Battle Skills at will as Saint Kings, completely charging them up in a single moment. An extremely powerful sword Qi erupted from the sword in Changyang Qing Yun's hand, striking the seal as sword a hundred meters long.

Changyang Qing Jueri did not use his Saint Weapon. He cleanly struck out with his palm, condensing a palm of several dozen meters in length as it struck the World Gate.

Extremely powerful wind-attributed Saint Force permeated Changyang Qing Yunfeng's surroundings before turning into a whirlwind that wrapped around him. The whirlwind rapidly spun as it reached for the sky, connecting to the very top of the miniature world. It caused the frozen energy of the world to wildly churn. Afterward, he swung out with both arms as the whirlwind immediately surged toward the World Gate, causing the surrounding space to distort violently.

A three-meter-wide fireball hovered above Changyang Yuan Wuji. It shone brightly like the sun as its terrifying heat pervaded the miniature world, causing the temperature to rapidly skyrocket. Afterward, it immediately shot out as a red streak of light when Changyang Yuan Wuji's hand waved his hand toward the World Gate.

Changyang Yuan Zhenghua also produced an extremely powerful sword Qi that he sent at the World Gate. Wherever it passed by, ripples would cascade through space.

Five Saint Kings had used Saint Tier Battle Skills in unison. The disturbance was so great that it was enough to destroy the surroundings. Even the space of the miniature world, which was much tougher than outside, found it rather difficult to endure. The figures of eighteen divine halls had already appeared in the sky, stabilizing the space.

Outside the World Gate, over twenty Saint Kings hovered sternly in the sky with the grand elder of Mercenary City at the front. All of them gazed at the invisible seal before them.

"Those three magical beasts sure are skillful. The seal they've cast here is actually so powerful. It hasn't broken after three combined attacks from us," the grand elder could not help but praise them. He felt much admiration for Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu. Afterward, he glanced at the surroundings Saint Kings and loudly said, "Everyone, the seal is far stronger than any one of us have imagined. Everyone use has to use our full strength to smash through the seal together."

"Alright! Let's all prepare before attacking together on the grand elder's signal," a Saint King from a protector clan called out. Great elder Tian Jian of Mercenary City had now become a Saint Emperor, and they also had the protection of the barrier spirit which was a Returnance expert. They were so powerful that all the protector clans were now left in the dust. This also made Mercenary City the leaders of the entire continent in some certain sense, the evident representatives.

Within the miniature world, the Saint Tier Battle Skills collided with the seal almost at the same time, which immediately caused it to violently shake. However, it was still not enough to smash through it.

At this moment, the experts outside the World Gate used their powerful attacks as well. The strike was clearly much more powerful than the five Saint Tier Battle Skills. Rui Jin's seal finally caved in after resisting so many powerful attacks, collapsing instantly. The Changyang clan, which had been sealed up for several months, was finally free.

As soon as the seal was broken, the five great elders eagerly charged out without even waiting for the rampaging energy to settle. As soon as they arrived outside, they discovered all the Saint Kings floating in the air.

They obviously knew that the reason they could have been freed was because of all these Saint Kings. They did not hesitate at all and immediately clasped their hands in gratitude.

The grand elder raised his hand and said, "The protector clans and Mercenary City are just one big family. We all protect the Tian Yuan Continent silently. It's nothing, so there's no need to thank us."

At this moment, Changyang Qing Yun seemed to think of something. His gaze immediately grew cold. He clasped his hands at them all and said, "Since so many authoritative members of various organizations have gathered here today, allow me to announce a significant matter to everyone. This matter is so great that it can affect the safety of the entire continent."

Chapter 1279: The Heavenly Enchantress' Strength (One)

Everyone present wavered when they heard that, including the grand elder of Mercenary City. All of them could not help but think of the World of Forsaken Saints.

"Did Changyang Qing Yun learn about the World of Forsaken Saints before us?" An independent Saint King thought.

Changyang Qing Yun paused slightly. He became extremely stern and said, "I believe everyone still remembers the war god who invaded our continent and slaid many of our experts in ancient times, right? Now, the war god of the Hundred Races has reappeared. If he successfully matures, it will definitely lead to a bloody storm on the Tian Yuan Continent. The war god is currently with Jian Chen. We need to kill the war god before he fully matures, or we'll be in for another disaster."

Everyone became shocked by this information other than the grand elder. The war god of the Hundred Races was one of the four existences that had surpassed Saint Emperor in ancient times. He had once been a terrifying nightmare for the humans, and the ten protector clans could not stop him even after using everything they had. If Mo Tianyun had not appeared out of nowhere in that final moment and repelled him, the Tian Yuan Continent probably would have ended up in the hands of the Hundred Races.

The reappearance of the war god was just far too astounding to everyone.

Only the grand elder remained as usual. He chuckled like it was nothing, "Fantastic, utterly fantastic. The war god of the Hundred Races sure has come at the right time. Now that our continent is facing devastating danger and are in need of power, the war god reappears. That's like giving us exactly what we need."

"The grand elder is extremely correct. Not only has the war god reappeared, even the Winged Tiger God has been born again. If they both mature successfully, they will become Origin realm experts. They'll be the peak powers of our world," said the ancestral emperor of the Felicity Empire.

The great elders became stunned when they processed what the ancestral emperor had said. They were completely at a loss. They glanced past the Saint Kings that had saved them with an odd expression. Not only did they fail to discover any grimness, quite a few of them were even rejoicing.

In ancient times, the war god Aergyns created an irreconcilable hatred between him and the humans and magical beasts. The Tian Yuan Continent had almost fallen into the hands of the Hundred Races. Now that the war god had reappeared, he would soon surpass the level of Saint Emperor. Not only did these Saint Kings do nothing after learning about the war god, they celebrated instead. This immediately made the five great elders wonder whether they were still on the Tian Yuan Continent or not and if the Saint Kings before them were humans or not.

This was because the only people who would celebrate after hearing that the war god had returned would be the Hundred Races to the five of them.

"Changyang Qing Yun, since you've been freed, please come to Mercenary City with us. Something significant has happened on the continent. Mercenary City has already invited the other protector clans and Saint Kings scattered across the continent to gather there. Even a few overseas human experts have been invited to come as well," the grand elder said sternly.

"Something significant has happened? Have you all learned that the war god has reappeared long ago and that we're gathering all the experts to deal with him?" Changyang Qing Yun asked in doubt. To him, nothing was more important than the reappearance of the war god. However, what he did not understand was why the Saint Kings rejoiced when he mentioned the war god before? He could not understand no matter how hard he thought.

The grand elder's stern expression immediately melted away because of what Changyang Qing Yun had said. He shook his head with a forced smile, "If it was before, the reappearance of the war god would obviously have been an extremely great matter, but it's different now. The seal beneath Mercenary City has been destroyed. The experts of the World of Forsaken Saints can invade the Tian Yuan Continent at any moment. We just happen to be in need of power and the war god has suddenly appeared in these times of need. It's obviously something fantastic to all of us."

"What? The World of Forsaken Saints? Was grand elder Tian Jian telling the truth all those years ago?" Changyang Yuan Wuji immediately became surprised and asked in disbelief.

The four other great elders revealed different expressions because of this news as well. They looked at each other as shock filled the depths of their eyes.

They had once heard about the seal beneath Mercenary City from Tian Jian, but they thought it was a story that was exaggerated and unrealistic, so none of them believed it.

"Was that matter true?" They all thought inside. They could already sense a vague answer to that question after seeing how the Saint Kings present all beamed when they announced that the war god had returned.

"Everyone, time is tight. Please come to Mercenary City right now, and then we can discuss the important matters," the grand elder invited them once again. Without saying anything more, he ripped open a Space Gate and left.

The Saint Kings that had come with him all ripped open Space Gates as well and left through them.

Seeing how everyone had left, the five great elders pondered a little before hurriedly passing over some matters to their clansmen. They then closed the World Gate and ripped open Space Gates, hurrying to Mercenary City together.

When they arrived in Mercenary City, they discovered with a glance that the city had been reduced to rubble. Their hearts immediately sank inside. They had never thought that such great changes would have occurred on the Tian Yuan Continent in the few months they had been trapped in the miniature world.

The five great elders were all invited into the miniature world of Mercenary City. The Saint Kings gathered there had increased. Mercenary City had already invited the Saint Kings of the ten protector clans, three great empires, and various ancient clans. Even the overseas human Saint Kings had hurried over.

All the Saint Kings there were rather heavy-hearted, causing the atmosphere of the room to become rather heavy as well. The matter of the World of Forsaken Saints pressed against their chests like a boulder, making breathing difficult.

The five great elders from the protector Changyang clan discovered Changyang Zu Xiao and Changyang Zu Yunxiao on the ground, and they became absolutely furious. However, they understood that the circumstances were not suitable to resolve the conflicts of their clan right now. At the sametime, their disagreements with the Zu branch over the Saints' Fruit was not a pretty matter. Changyang Qing Yun obviously did not wish for the matter to be spread beyond the clan, so he just ended up closing his eyes, treating the two of them as if they did not exist.

At this moment, a gentle, pleasant, and almost divine note suddenly rang out from outside. The zither note seemed to possess endless amounts of charm with a mysterious power. All the heavy-hearted Saint Kings relaxed after hearing the music. The note had removed all the worries and negative emotions from the minds of the Saint Kings, allowing them to return to their usual mood.

In the blink of an eye, the heavy atmosphere of the room vanished. It had been replaced by a light, enthusiastic atmosphere.

All the Saint Kings present were greatly shocked when they sensed the changes in their emotions. They turned their eyes to the entrance of the room and saw an elegant, veiled woman in a purple dress walking in gently and carrying a zither.

The woman did not give off any presence, as if she had never cultivated before. However, the presence she gave off was divine, noble, and otherworldly, as if she was a goddess.

Her eyes were bright and bewitching. Although her appearance was obscured, her beauty was rather evident from her limpid eyes.

"What a beauty. Why have I never heard of this woman?" At this moment, many Saint Kings sighed inside. At the same time, they thought o the same thing. There were actually barely any of them who knew about this woman.

"Weird. She obviously didn't touch the strings, but I can feel that the note clearly originated from her. Just where did it come from? How did she produce a note without using her hands or touching the strings of the zither?" A Saint King was filled with curiosity. He could not think of an explanation no matter what. Even with his experiences and knowledge, he could not explain what had just happened.

"It's actually Hao Wu's daugther, known as the Heavenly Enchantress. I never thought that her way of the zither would have reached such a profound level, where it can actually affect the minds of Saint Kings. This is unbelievable," an old man in luxurious robes thought. However, he then secretly sighed as gloominess filled his face.

The old man was the ancestor of the Zaar family in the City of God as well as Zaar Caiyun's great grandfather, Zaar Veimos.

The Heavenly Enchantress walked into the room steadily as she carried her zither. She did not look at the surrounding Saint Kings at all, only fixing her gaze on the elders of Mercenary City. She lowered her head slightly and gently said, "I've come to participate in the gathering from the invitation. I greet the elders of Mercenary City." It was not difficult to hear that her voice carried some respect for the elders of Mercenary City.

"Haha, I never thought that Shangguan Mu'er would come to Mercenary City so quickly. I had thought that it would take you a few days. What's surprised me even more is that your comprehension of the way of the zither has reached an unfathomable level after a few decades of not seeing you, which has deeply shocked all of us," the grand elder smiled.

"It's you!" As soon as the grand elder finished speaking, a high-pitched voice rang out. With Changyang Qing Yun at the front, all five great elders stood up as they glared at the Heavenly Enchantress. They were furious.

"Yes, it's her. She was the one who secretly used her music to make the clansmen fall into a slumber, preventing us from using the Origin Formation successfully. Otherwise, how could we have been sealed up by those magical beasts?" Changyang Qing Jueri furiously cried out.

"Hmph, although you hid yourself and we never saw your appearance, your zither music has given you away. On the entire continent, there is no one else who has achieved such accomplishments in music other than you," Changyang Yuan Zhenhua said through gritted teeth. When they had been sealed, it was all because of the Heavenly Enchantress. If she had not secretly interfered, Rui Jin and Hong Lian would not have been enough to seal the Changyang clan.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1278-1279

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