Charging Magic With a Smile~ Infinite Magic Power After Being Reincarnated Into a Different World Chapter 40

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Outskirts of Ribek. Risha and I were working.

We were planting trees. We were planting trees that cost about 100 magic each.

I placed the magic circle and Risha put the materials in.

Then one after another a tall thin roadside-looking trees popped up.

「What's the purpose of these trees?」
「I dunno.」

I declared flatly.

「Y-you don't know?」
「Yup. Don't know.」
「Then why are you planting them?」

Risha's hands didn't stop despite her confusion.

「This morning I remembered these kinds of trees were the basic of the basics.」

It was in a game though…I'll keep that to myself.

「This world was damaged by the evil god and became mostly wasteland right?」

Risha said and glanced furtively behind her.

What spread out before her eyes was wasteland, wasteland, and wasteland.

The wasteland that could be seen all around could be said to be very unsuited for humans to live.

「At this juncture, we need to recover the greenery. It might be difficult at first and we might have to do it little by little…but one way or another without greenery people will never be able to live properly.」
「So that was the case……」

Risha looked around while continuing to move her hands.

「I understand. Somehow by being among the trees it feels calming. The more trees we have the more peaceful I'll feel.」
「….that's what I thought.」

I kind of understood why she said that.

Golden hair, pointed ears, and beautiful looks.

The eternal slaves should be practically the same as the Elven race that I'd heard of.

When you think of elves you of course think of them living in forests. If I were to say that reforestation would soothe their hearts then you'd definitely agree.

We continued planting trees.

I place the circle, Risha completes it.
I place the circle, Risha completes it.

We continued our little assembly line.

「Yes? What is it?」
「Be mindful of the distance between them, if it doesn't seem right place them a distance away from each other. This will make it feel more like a forest.」
「I understand!」

Risha brandished her slave card and nodded.

And like that we continued planting….finally the sun was high in the sky and it was noon.

「Let's take a break.」

Risha nodded. Then I made two person's worth of pushinee and handed one of them to her.

「Here, it's lunch.」
「Master will be eating this as well?」
「Yep. For now this is our meal.」

I walked underneath one of the newly planted trees and sat there.

Risha looked as if she was comparing the appearances of my pushinee and hers.

—Magic has been charged by 5,000—

Hm? Magic charge?

Now? Why?

「My magic just increased by 5,000. Why?」

Risha sudden blushed bright red.

「Because I had the same thing as Master.」
「I see, you mean we're a matching pair?」
「I see. Sit down and take a break.」

Risha and I took a break.

We sat under the shade of the tree and ate our lunch.

Pushinee really does taste awful.
I thought it might taste a bit better after being tired from working…but no.

It wasn't an offensive taste…it was more that it was so bland that nothing could be done with it. Bland to the point where you almost couldn't stand it.

Well, since it fills my belly I'll deal with it.

I soon finished eating. I looked over at Risha who was nibbling on her food.


Risha let out a sound.

A bird had appeared from out of nowhere and landed on her shoulder.

It was picturesque.

The elf slave under a tree with a bird on her shoulder.

It was worthy of being a painting.

「Oh another came.」

This time it was a little white furball that came hopping over.

「Bunny—it's a bunny Master!」

That bunny also stopped near Risha.

It inclined its head back and forth while staring at Risha.

This was just the beginning as small animals began to approach one after another.

I don't know where they were previously or if they were drawn by the new forest….or if they were drawn by Risha.

There were squirrels and racoon dogs and butterflies.

Looking at the gathered animals, Risha had a peaceful look on her face as if a Goddess.

「You like these kinds of things?」
「I see. Then we need to plant grass and flowers. We planted trees but the ground is still rocky.」
「Now that you mention it….」
「Help me Risha. We'll make a place for these little guys to live.」

We finished up our meal and continued our reforestation.

We planted trees and grass.

「Let's go Risha」

Since there wasn't a lake nearby, I took Risha into Eternal Slave Kai and struck the ground. I opened a huge hole where I placed a spring to fill it with water.

By the time the sun set we had made a forest about three times the size of the Tokyo dome.

We stood at the boundary between the forest and the wasteland looking out.

We watched as more and more animals flocked to the forest.

The animals gathered near Risha before entering the forest. It was as if Risha as a slave/elf was drawing them.

This repeated several times until the forest was finally 「alive」.

The sound of leaves rustling and animals running around spread through the air. It finally gave the feeling that it was living.

As we watched over it I called out to Risha.

「Yes Master?」
「You've done well. Thanks to you I finally feel that we've taken our first step in rehabilitating this world.」

Risha opened her eyes wide in surprise.

To this surprised girl I repeated my words.

「You've done well. Thank you.」

—Magic has been charged by 50,000—

「I am unworthy of your words Master.」

Risha said emotionally.

「When we have more free time let's continue our efforts.」

Risha nodded with a huge smile on her face.

Charging Magic With a Smile~ Infinite Magic Power After Being Reincarnated Into a Different World Chapter 40

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