Charging Magic With a Smile~ Infinite Magic Power After Being Reincarnated Into a Different World Chapter 41

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Inside of the Lord's Mansion Risha had returned with a report.

「Master I have returned from the forest.」
「Good job. How's the situation?」
「The number of animals has increased. For now things are still alright, but I think that eventually it would be best to expand the forest.」
「I understand. Moving on——Yuria」

I turned to speak to Yuria who had become my private secretary.

「The town of Akito has gained 30 more residents. Thanks to that they are in need of construction.」
「I see. We have also received a request to adjust the placement of the nitoka. I'll leave that town to you, when you went last time there was a good vibe to it.」
「I understand!」

Risha was about to set off running to accomplish the job I'd given her.

That's when Mira entered.

「What's up?」
「There's a message from Maya-san. They have run out of food and are requesting resupply!」
「Oh crap I forgot.」

Thanks to Mira's report I'd remembered.

I'd been having Maya and her warriors go here and there, but each time they did they'd need a resupply.

I'd asked them a while ago, but I seem to have forgotten.

「Where are Maya and them?」
「They appear to be near the town of Akito.」
「I see.」

I nodded and faced Risha.

「Then I'll leave that to you as well. I'll need to make the right number of pushinee and deliver it to them.」
「I understand」

Risha nodded.

Her slave card worked in the same was as my card, she was able to lift and move the crafted items.

The pushinee and the wooden houses——even moving everything along with the warehouse was possible.

「Well then, I'll be off」
「See ya」

I nodded and saw Risha off.

Then I suddenly thought, maybe I was dividing the work load a bit too much.

When I heard there was work to do in Akito I left Risha in charge of it without thinking…but now that I consider it more…it's pretty hard work.

Can Risha handle all this?

「What's up Yuria?」
「There's a message from Kazan. They want to introduce you to another nearby town.」
「Fumu, another request for aid? Or maybe it's just a greeting? Anyways, I understand. Send a message saying I'll meet with them.」
「Alright. Also, thanks to commerce picking up the amount of money has become insufficient.」
「Already? I understand, I'll go find more dragons.」

Yuria told me some more things and I became busy as well.

I became so busy that I completely forgot about my concerns with Risha.

When Risha returned to the Lord's Mansion from the town, she collapsed so she had to be carried to her room.

My normally graceful slave was lying on her bed with a pained look on her face and large beads of sweat adorning her forehead.

「Yuria, what's wrong with Risha?」

I asked Yuria who'd entered the room with me.

「Yes, the job was very hectic, so when she came back she collapsed.」

I looked at Risha.

It was true that she was pale and had all the symptoms of overwork.


「As I thought that job was too much….」

I was reflecting on my mistakes.

Even though I said I admire my slaves…I thoughtlessly gave her job after job…I was truly reflecting over my foolishness.

I continued to think.


Risha slowly opened her eyes.

As her eyes focused she looked around the room.

Finally she sat up from the bed quickly in surprise.

「Wha- Why am I——」

She rose but quickly fell back after experiencing a bout of dizziness.

It should be a touch of anemia thanks to the overwork.

I pushed Risha back into a reclined position and said.

「Don't push yourself. Just rest for a while.」
「I…..what's going on?」

She asked in a frail voice.

「You collapsed from overwork. I'm sorry, I thoughtlessly gave you a job th——」

Risha shouted out in a loud voice. It was a voice loud enough to surprise me.

Her face was still pale but her eyes were glittering.

I had seen this sort of gaze before. It was just like the time when I gave her the choker.


—Magic has been charged by 5,000,000—


I was so surprised that I let it slip.

I was tongue-tied in amazement. What echoed in my mind was the usual voice that informed me of a charge in my magic.

Furthermore, it was the biggest charge I'd ever gotten.

It topped everything I'd gotten up till now.

「Wait a second! What's with this reaction? You collapsed from overwork you know?」
「For a slave」
Yuria cut in.
「Working for your Master until you collapse is a very honorable thing. It is a symbol of the trust and faith your Master puts in you.」

For a second I couldn't even comprehend what she was saying.

Working till you collapse is honorable? That…can't be.

「You're joking, right?」
「No, it's true——」

As Yuria was answering the door *Slam!* was slammed open.

Mira was standing there. Mira…one of my slaves just like Risha and Yuria.

「Risha-san!? Is it true that Risha-san collapsed from overwork?」

Mira, the most emotional of all of them, had her eyes positively glowing with excitement.

「It seems like it.」
「Amazing! How nice! How nice for you Risha-san!」

Mira seemed jealous as she jumped around like a little kid.

She truly seemed jealous of Risha……. jealous of being overworked.

……is this even reality…

「Y-yeah what?」
「Please give me some work too!」

She said as she pressed closer to me.

Give her more work…I guess that translates to 「give me more work till I collapse」 I guess.

As I was busy being bewildered and unsure, Yuria once again opened her mouth.

「Mira-senpai. That's no good.」
「Badgering our Master for work is to fail as a slave. If you don't naturally work hard to gain more trust and naturally obtain more work, it's no good. If not then it would not be honorable.」
「I-I see!」

Mira hung her head seemingly in shock.

Her entire body seemed to droop in disappointment.

…you want it that much huh…

「un…I was mistaken.」
「Let me just tell you. Asking for punishment at this time would also be a failure.」
「I know that. I will prove it with my actions!」

She said then leapt out of the room.

Prove it with her actions? I guess she returned to her assigned duty.

「Master, please excuse me as well.」

Yuria said and left.

I didn't really get it, but I'm guessing that she was expecting the same thing as Mira.

And so the only ones left in the room were me and Risha.

How should I put it…I'm still not quite sure of all this.

A slave's honor huh?

I looked at Risha. She was still pale, but she was stroking her choker lovingly.

「Umm, Master?」
「I'm…happy that I got to be your slave. Master is the number one Master in the world.」

I guess…I really have no choice but to believe what's right in front of my eyes.

Even from that viewpoint I'll still say…

「This is an order. Rest for today.」
「…I understand.」

Risha said seemingly disappointed.

「I'll leave a panacea here. Today you must rest, then drink this tomorrow morning.」
「Tomorrow morning?」

Risha asked surprised.

「Yes that's right. Drink it tomorrow morning and today you must rest. Tomorrow I'll give you another job.」

After a second she comprehended what I was saying and a big smile spread across her face.

—Magic has been charged by 10,000—

This time I received a charge that was around the usual level.

It was due to my love and admiration for my slave…it was way below the amount given from her 'slave's honor' but it's good enough for me.

Charging Magic With a Smile~ Infinite Magic Power After Being Reincarnated Into a Different World Chapter 41

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