Cthulhu Gonfalon Chapter 44

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In the history, half of Liu Bei's life was homeless and miserable. It was not that he could not fight or he didn't understand about schemes, but because he lacked knowledge about governing. There was a man who can help him rapidly develop talent, help him see everything ahead, and point out the direction to develop talent.

Zhuge Liang was such a talent. Therefore, after Liu Bei received Zhuge Liang's help, his career finally took off. He made use of Cao Cao's setback in the punitive expedition to the south to turn the table around. He became the Lord of the Shu land. With his worthless "Qian Han distant relative" identity, he had overcome countless aristocrat tyrants to become an imposing owner of the Three Kingdoms.

Sui Xiong did not dare to compare himself with Liu Bei. However, he felt that he could be considered as knowing to fight; his wisdom at the very least was not on the same level of an idiot. Having been in this world for so many years like this, he was still muddleheaded. He didn't know what his future would be, what he should do.

Until today, after meeting Snowflake, the far-sighted Giant Dragon advisor, after seeing her unique explanation which was illustrated by pictures and persuasive words, he felt like the dense fog in front of his eyes had dispelled, and his life path became clearer.

Therefore, he extraordinarily admired, and respected Snowflake. Especially when the opposite party was also an art lover like him, which gave him a feeling of meeting a soul mate.

In the gaming style of saying, the authoress Snowflake had completely swiped across the 'Respect' prestige to come out. His good impression on her had at least gone up to seventy percent.

But he still had some curiosity: I am not like an innate imposing Lord whose king energy make people immediately bow down. I also don't have any wealth or high status to get everyone's recognition. My potential might be considered as endlessly deep. But reality is not like a novel. Who serves a poor man with great potential like me!

If it is like this, why on earth did Snowflake agree to be my advisor?

"The reason is really simple." She once again changed into a chubby aunty of that grocery store. She now looked like a harmless person which was completely different from her Ice Dragon appearance and smilingly said, "As a member of a Dragon tribe who specializes in ice, except for others in Dragon Tribe, who could be more suitable to be my partner than an Ice God?"

"Don't think too highly of my skills. In front of Highness, they are basically nothing. The gap between our status simply doesn't even give me the qualification to communicate with Gods, not to mention cooperation."

The cold air hovered around her body and turned into a transparent ice blackboard. The white frost on top drew out a small Dragon whose head raised up and chest popped out showing the appearance of the one that had accomplished many things. Other giant Dragons around with halos and foreheads drenched in sweats kneeled down to bow like puppies.

"There are only three Gods who use coldness, ice, and snow as their specializations. One is a crazy person. Another is also a crazy person. The last one is still a person. They are simply a super crazy person, a crazy person and a little crazy person. I am not a crazy man to cooperate with another crazy person if we don't have common voice. We then could obviously not cooperate."

On the blackboard, there were two mistresses whose lower half bodies were formed by ice and snow . They constantly fought each other, and their cracked intents could clearly be seen. When that little Dragon saw them from far away, his forehead was dotted with beads of sweat then he helplessly raised his hands to support his forehead and sadly sighed.

Sui Xiong knew who she was speaking of: The Goddess of the North snow field and snowstorm, alias "Empress of the North"; the Goddess of the snow mountain, avalanche and snow disasters, alias "Snow Mountain Owner" and the God of ice river and frost giants, alias "Ice Ruler". These three Gods united with the winter and north wind Goddess - "Bittering Cold Maiden", the snow region and beast God - "Ice and Snow Overlord" to form a God system named "Arctic Alliance". This group was operated based on the evil and chaotic thinking since they never followed the rules and their working style didn't even have a bit of a logical nature, which could be lunatic. They did not only make the level of terror increase several times, but they also made face color of people change when they heard about the life in the north. They also gave the patron saints with the "Husbandry bear" senior as leader endless headaches.

In fact, the excretion rate of the north God group was extremely high. Approximately every one thousand years, the lunatic Arctic Alliance was attacked by a group of lunatic Gods. If it wasn't for the fact that this lunatic group couldn't seize those Virtuous Gods or Goodness-oriented Gods, the entire north area would have been long monopolized by this group.

Even so, other Gods in the north area were still as cautious as before, carefully on guard. Once they got a clue of this lunatic group's coming attack, they immediately ran away and avoided becoming the next sacrificial victim.

At that time when Sui Xiong read the God of Salvation's material, he had thought about this. If I want to declare my God position, I will obviously get the "Ice" position for myself, but I am afraid I might become a thorn in the Artic Alliance's eyes. Until that time comes, I might not end up badly to the point of being knocked down by their attack. I perhaps need to seek some help to fight with that lunatic group.

"I cannot cooperate with that lunatic group, or the group of ice and snow cold Gods. Therefore, when I meet a God who is holding the ice power, in addition, a virtuous one not the chaotic one, I absolutely think of cooperating with that God firstly." Snowflake's face showed like that matter was just a matter of course.

"Wait until I grow old and wise, I am still as before, choosing the Dragon Tribe God System's God Kingdom but at least, a Giant Dragon using Ice Power and a God controlling Ice Power.... I think we will be natural friends."

On the blackboard, a little Dragon which was covered with freezing wind and an amiably beaming giant jellyfish which immediately jumped up, both of them, two "humans", were holding hands and happily playing with each other.

Sui Xiong grinned as he stretched out his icy jellyfish to shake hands with a Giant Dragon in human shape.

"You are right, congrats to our happy cooperation!"

"These words are useless. We will definitely cooperate happily."

... Even though he said that, the cooperation between both sides couldn't be carried out yet.

On other side of Sui Xiong, once the required recruitment work of Rhodes came to an end. He would figure out the total number of exploiters, then get the number of village he needed to establish. After that, Rhodes still needed to prepare supplies. Gerrard was in charge of escorting those exploiters to the north, passing the Dragon Roar Town to continue heading north, to the freezing zone that normal people couldn't live, and then build a country under the protection of Sui Xiong.

While on this side, Snowflake had ordered Frost and Graupel to get to the cold zone located on the north of the Ash Forest to find a suitable area to exploit. This place did not only need to be an open terrain, which fitted to build a village, but it also needed to have a suitable water source and the surrounding needed to have some good rock mountains and few minerals... In general, the requirement was really high. If they could not find a good location like above, they would not only waste time and effort, but the chance of building a large-scale village would also become extraordinarily difficult.

Sui Xiong could help the exploiters fight the coldness, but he could not help them plant, bring drinking water to a barren area, supply rocks for building or offer them resources to earn money. All of these were gifted by the nature.

Frost and Graupel were now both discontented regarding this mission as Frost didn't want to help because he didn't like Sui Xiong while Graupel didn't want to help because she wanted to wrap her body around with a blanket to sleep. However, under the big sister Snowflake's authority, even though those two Rock Dragon brother and sister were not contented and were unwilling to step out of the door, they still divided each other's responsibility to find a suitable place to exploit.

"Is it ok to send out those two kids?" Sui Xiong was a little worried, he asked.

Although they were in fact Giant Dragons and that their fighting abilities were not weak either, in this world, when powerhouses were like a forest, those two young ordinary Giant Dragon were not considered powerful. In other words, if these two, brother and sister had encountered Gerrard, who didn't have any difficulty dealing with two enemies at the same time, they just had two options which were either to escape or to die. They would not have chance to die in the way they wanted.

But to those who had weaker power, a giant dragon would then become a very big threat. There was a proverb on earth, a kid holding a precious jade came to the market by himself, what would the outcome be?

"You are worried too much." Snowflake didn't think it was right for Sui Xiong to be worried. She used ice to draw an imposing little Dragon kicking the skeleton on the blackboard and then smilingly said, "We, Dragon Tribe, grow up from the danger. Due to the lack of resources in the Ash Forest, there are many devil beasts and adventurers which could be considered a safe training place. As long as they are not muddle-headed when passing the barren mountain, they will not encounter any big danger."

"Right, Highness Hollow Mask, did you forget what happened?"

"What happened?" Sui Xiong surprisingly asked.

"If you want to build a territory, financial resources, physical resources and human resources are required. We are not short of money. We can buy materials. Our human resources are not a problem either------but a territory at least needs a number of officials to manage it, your church also needs at least a group of pastors. As a God, do you think they would fall from the sky after you prepare a home?"

On the blackboard, a dead asleep fat jellyfish floating in the sky was snoring as his tentacles formed into a big net waiting for the gold coins, materials, and humans to fall from the sky. Sui Xiong was dumbfounded seeing his sluggish appearance.

He understood Snowflake's good intention to remind him to go look for talents but her reminding method was really...

Looking at the big jellyfish which was as fat as a pig and he didn't know if he should he laugh? Or should he get angry?

This Ice Giant Dragon's personality is not like her arrogant and cold personality in the legend at all!

How can the legend spread such falsehood? Is this person named Snowflake a different one?

Sui Xiong felt that if he got the time, he should learn some Biology. He at least needed to master the "Dragon Biology".

Of course, that was still a matter in the future. Before that, he had to build a Holy Land, succeed in declaring his God position, and consolidate the religion. After arranging everything, he would then get the time to learn these things.

Among those jobs, the most urgent one right now was to find talents who were good at managing.

Luckily, he had found a perfect candidate since he didn't need to fly around like flies to search for them.

Few days later, Sui Xiong changed into an avatar of the jellyfish and didn't let any of his believers accompany him as he alone, headed to the south.

His destination was the "Mystique Tower Federation", the magic country located on the south pole of the mainland. Satan had recommended his acquaintance which was a man from a declined noble family, a Knight who was pretty good at governing territory. This man lived there.

Cthulhu Gonfalon Chapter 44

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