Demon Hunter Chapter 26.2

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Chapter 26.2 – Crazy

When he looked at the materials involving Persephone and Su, Old Fabregas’ discerning eyes sharply noticed that the gaze Persephone looked at Su with was a bit different, and perhaps Persephone didn’t even notice this herself. The development of this situation seemed to have advanced according to his expectations, maybe even exceeding them. Persephone might have already fallen into the trap without any way to get out.

Of course, he still wasn’t in a rush to pull in the net, because patience was the cornerstone of all successes. Based on the current situation, it was already difficult for Persephone to obtain new sources or revenue. In just a few days, even though Su, who wouldn’t be able to obtain any more H2101, wouldn’t die, it was practically impossible for him to recover his previous abilities and he would instead become some useless rubbish. Meanwhile, Persephone would still be overwhelmed with debt and would as a result be turned into a toy. Even if she was only originally willing to give out her body once or twice for short term financing, that was still a good thing. As long as there was a start, there would be an unavoidable follow-up.

When he thought about Persephone, the leading role in all of this, and all the great things that would happen, Old Fabregas’ blood began to flow quicker. His genitalia wasn’t just joyous but began to swell up completely.

“Hmph, politics is the true way to control everything! A general of the Black Dragonriders will still become a tool for politics to take advantage of.” This was what Old Fabregas thought inwardly as he watched the dazzling radiation light shine like a rainbow.

Past the french-style window into the garden and vast man-made lake were the simple and unadorned gates. Outside the gates was a seemingly new road that led straight to Dragon City. This highly costly road was also a symbol of the Fabregas family’s strength.

However, in the distant darkness, a white light abruptly lit. Under the darkness and the rainbow light that cascaded down, this white light was particularly blinding. It immediately caused Old Fabregas’ eyes to rapidly contract. He never particularly excelled in physical strength or combat ability, but all fundamental aspects of his body had been strengthened to the third level. This, of course, included his eyesight.

He already saw that the white light was in fact two brilliant and dazzling car lights. They seemed like one light, but that was just because they were placed rather close to each other. This light was extremely uncomfortable for Old Fabregas, because he felt that this light was noisy and provocative. At the same time, he was confused as to why he didn’t receive any abnormal reports. Larven Manor’s tranquility and peacefulness were all just the appearance on the surface. Outside of the city in a five meter circumference was a complete early warning system. Why was this visitor who clearly possessed ill intent not stopped and interrogated before its entry?

He calmly pressed down on the ring on his finger, and a gentle female voice immediately sounded from inside the room. “What is your esteemed self’s order?”

“Activate the highest level of alert system and have all armed personnel be on standby. It seems like tonight, we have a guest. Also, send me a set of clothes, formal wear.”

“Yes, master.” The gentle female voice replied.

Just as he spoke, the white light had already become much wider. Old Fabregas already recognized that those were two rows of vehicle headlights. In addition, from the amount of light they produced, they didn’t seem to belong to normal off-road vehicles. In addition, their speed seemed extremely fast; it seemed like they were going to reach Larven Castle’s gates in under a minute.

Even though the french window had noise-canceling effects, from the vibrations of the glass, he could feel the power and madness of the vehicles’ engines.

Under the service of two girls who were eighteen years old at most, Old Fabregas calmly changed clothes. However, his cool-headedness was momentarily shattered, because from this distance, he already clearly saw that what was rapidly rushing in were  in fact two war tanks!

In addition, the tanks didn’t seem to have any intention of slowing down. They directly charged towards the castle’s gates, and even with the window in front of him, Old Fabregas could still hear that tremendous noise. He watched as the black decorated iron gates with several years of history were blasted high into the sky and blown several dozen meters into the air. Then, with a high arc, they fell into the man-made lake, evoking an enormous splash of water.

The tanks continued charging forward, their thick and sturdy tires ruthlessly grinding the meticulously cultivated flower garden, sending soil flying everywhere. They circumvented the man-made lake and directly carved out a path through the flower garden before finally stopping in front of the castle. Their engines continued to roar aggressively.

Old Fabregas’ face fell ashen, and his arms continuously trembled. He didn’t understand what the soldiers guarding the castle were doing. Were the four anti-aircraft machine guns installed on the gates just for decoration? Even though the anti-aircraft machine gun couldn’t threaten the tanks, that wasn’t the reason for not firing a single round. Moreover, as the Fabregas family’s headquarters, the defenseless image was just created to imitate the olden era’s ambiance. The truth was that the castle’s defense system was designed by a tactical specialist and created even more meticulously than some of the great companies’. There were even all types of guided missiles installed, and there were even air-to-surface missiles. So what if there were two tanks?

However, when the tanks’ blinding lights were extinguished, Old Fabregas finally saw the figure standing on top of the tanks’ hoods. The sinister and frightening heavy armor, the Death Prison of unmatched strength, as well as the long gray hair that was just like the signboard, it immediately made him think of that person, the girl with the unsurpassed appearance and terrifying methods that rushed up like a comet by the spider empress’ side

Not even Persephone, who was widely known to be crazy, would slap the Fabregas family in the face like this in such an undisguised manner.

However, Madeline was different. There was nothing she didn’t dare to do.

Demon Hunter Chapter 26.2

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