Dragon Maken War Chapter 142

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Chapter 142 – Second Coming of a Legend (5)



When Azell was free of Reygus, the situation on the battlefield quickly changed.

Before he went to save Laura, Azell had already swept the battlefield near his allies.  He had already caused massive damage to his enemies.  Kairen, Leticia, Yuren and the Guardian Shadows had been fighting an even battle when Azell performed a surprise attack.  The Dragon Demon King worshippers were mowed down like rotten sheaves of wheat.

However, their advantage lasted only a moment.


In a flash, everyone’s attention was gathered at one location.

Something that surpassed common sense was occuring.

Balseru, who was covered in dirt, was taken aback.

“It is changing magical energy into Dragon Demon magic…..!”

It was as he said.  Reygus’ magical energy was changing into Dragon Demon magic.

This was supposed to be impossible.  Dragon Demon magic was the power of the living.  Despite Reygus being a 1st generation Dragon Demon, it was an Undead.  Its lost Dragon Demon magic should have been unrecoverable.

In front of the shocked Balseru, Reygus’ armor started to change.  The ominous black armor and the Soul Hammer was being bleached white.  Its helmet had been open as its skull had been on display.  However, a mask dropped down, and the helmet started changing into the shape of a Dragon’s head.

The sound of a long breath was heard coming from within Reygus’ helmet. 이It was already dead, so it was only making the noise.  However, as if responding to the sound, a black current of air exited.

The amassing of incredible amount of magical energy was in preparation for this change.  It took some time to max out his magical energy.  It had needed time to complete its transformation.

Reygus had faced some trouble, because it faced Balseru, who was the natural enemy of the Undead.  However, that was no longer true now.

Balseru broke out in cold sweat.

“…what nonsense.”

After its transformation, the power of Balseru’s eyes didn’t work against it.  The suppressed power returned with a vengeance, and Balseru could feel a pressure that made it hard for him to breathe.  Currently, the amount of Dragon Demon magic exceeded the amount Reygus had possessed in life.

Reygus activated its Dragon Demon magic as it charged forward.  A gust arose behind its path.


Rho tried to get in its way, but it was in vain.  Reygus reacted much faster by ramming its body into Rho, and it brought down its Soul Hammer..

Rho let out a scream.

Most of the time Undead did not feel pain.  However, Reygus’ Dragon weapon was called the Soul Hammer.  As its name indicated, it had the power to break souls.  There was physical damage from being hit by the Soul Hammer, but exquisite pain and shock was felt by Rho.  It felt as if its soul was being ripped into pieces.


The Undead magician Phi shot thunder towards Reygus.  Reygus hadn’t retrieved its hammer yet, so it had to take the attack with its body.  It was pushed backwards.

Soon, a blue flame erupted around Reygus’ body.  The blue flames didn’t emit physical heat, but it pushed back the thunder spell.  Reygus originally had powerful defensive magic layered around it, but this flame had the power to cancel magic.


Accompanying the sound of an explosion, half of Phi’s body was destroyed.  When Reygus ran in, Phi focused on its defensive magic as it retreated.  However, Reygus’ blue flames canceled out the barrier before it rushed towards Phi.

As expected, the Undead felt a pain it had never felt before after becoming an Undead.  Still, Phi managed to point its unbroken arm towards Reygus.


A thunderbolt exploded on Reygus’ head.  It sent Reygus flying, but it immediately righted itself.  Reygus laughed.

Phi grinded its teeth.  If it was just physical damage, it could recover in an instant even with such heavy damage.  However, the Soul Hammer possessed the power to damage souls, so the recovery of its body had slowed significantly.

Reygus let out a cheerful laugh.

Rho was barely able to stand up.  It spoke sharp words towards Reygus.

Balseru, who was behind them, spoke.

“Phi.  Rho.”

The Undead magician Rho didn’t turn around as it gave a reply.

“I’m sorry.  You guys will have to die for me.”

Phi also muttered his words.

Reygus looked on with interest.  It didn’t ask Balseru about the meaning behind his words.  Reygus really acted in a manner consistent with how he spoke.

If he could squeeze out some kind of hidden card from his opponents, he would willingly wait for them even if it could endanger it.

Balseru’s eyes emitted light.  This light transferred over to Phi and Rho.

Phi and Rho le out a scream.  Their bodies were quickly restored as their magical energy exploded upwards.

Reygus’ eyes shone.

Dragon Maken War Chapter 142

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