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It broke and went through.

It was a swift current. It was an eruption that he felt for the first time in his life.

He screamed.


A spirit’s cry. A swift flame that swallowed everything.

He couldn’t tell the time.




Even if he didn’t circulate, he could definitely feel it.

He knew he didn’t have any energy. It was like an empty  bowl since he used up all of his mana.
Because of that, he definitely felt it.


Yong-Ho spoke. In front of him, Catalina was sitting on the floor and like someone that regained their consciousness, she quickly stood up. She saw Yong-Ho and her confused face turned into a face filled with joy.

“Ma, master. Your horn…”

Yong-Ho raised his hand. Even without a mirror, he knew where the horn grew.



The Spirit of the Dungeon spoke as if they were waiting for this moment.

“The dungeon’s daily production volume has been increased from 50 to 80!”
“Master’s maximum amount of mana has been increased from 180 to 280! And thanks to the horns, the mana recovery rate has been increased to 100%!”

A demon house is made up of mana.

He was able to experience it. He couldn’t really feel the mana since he was half human and half demon, but now, it felt like he had been reborn again.

Yong-Ho smiled. He was tired from using up his mana, but he even enjoyed that exhaustion.

“Catalina, how’s your body?”

Yong-Ho asked in his usual tone and Catalina’s shoulders dropped as she let out a sigh of relief.

The master had horns. His mana definitely got stronger.

Even though she only served him for a couple of days, she wasn’t sure whether he was the owner that she knew of. Maybe he changed somewhere?

But he remained the same. Maybe it’s because her worries vanished, but tears were seen in her eyes and felt Yong-ho looking at her. Her clothes got messed up because of the Slimes. She didn’t really get hurt because Yong-Ho acted so quickly, but on parts where her skin was exposed, there were minor injuries.

“I, it’ll heal if I use my saliva.”

Catalina answered while stuttering and Yong-ho smiled again. Catalina blushed because of her answer and instead of making fun of her for it, he spoke with a cheerful voice.

“Let’s go back. We have to reorganize.”

“Skull, skull.”

Skull intercepted after hearing Catalina answer quickly. Before leaving, Yong-Ho looked back. Beyond the inactive rooms, there was a gold mine that Kaiwan found.

‘I will find it.’

Yong-Ho turned around and started walking.



When they returned, Eligor was the first one to greet them. He was shocked by how messy both Yong-Ho and Catalina looked that he was flailing, but when he noticed Yong-Ho’s horns, he flailed even more.

First, Yong-Ho moved to the only furniture that was in the room, which was the throne. He spoke when he sat down on the hard stone.

“I found the gold mine. The horns appeared because I used the Power of Evolution on myself.”


“That’s right. Like you pointed out, dungeon monsters were all over that place. It was in the shape of a large ant. I think they made that place their home.”

Eligor’s expression turned serious after hearing Yong-Ho’s answer. It was a reaction he expected.




He was going to reclaim it. He’ll take back what belonged to the House of Mammon. Yong-Ho was going to make it his.

“I understand. But first, it will be best to take a break. I’ve created a new bedroom for you.”



He was a demon king and the owner of the dungeon too, so sleeping on top of the carpet was something he didn’t want to show the spirits anymore. A bedroom was a necessary facility so that it could help him protect his dignity.

“I’ll take you to the bedroom.”
“Oh, okay.”

It felt like he was being tricked, but Yong-ho decided to follow. Honestly, since he used up a lot of his mana, he wanted to sleep really badly.

“Rest Catalina. You too, Skull.”


Catalina answered right away and Skull, who was lying on the floor, answered as well.



It was like a warp. No, time machine. He felt the same thing when he was a student.
His throat was dry, so he couldn’t really speak. However, his head was perfectly fine. Because of the horns, his mana level was full.

‘How long was I out?’

Yong-Ho sat up. The ceiling was low and the room was smaller than before. He was sitting on top of a pile of hay instead of on the carpet.

It was the incomplete room that Eligor made in a hurry.
Yong-Ho stood up after remembering what happened. Eligor placed a basin filled with water and he used that to wash his face. Afterwards, he put on his cape and walked out of the room.

‘It’s still the same.’

It seemed like he didn’t sleep for that long. Inside the demon’s room, most of the spirits that were in the dungeon were gathered here.

The hard-working Goblins were lying side by side on top of the carpet that was near the entrance and Skull was on the ground as usual. Honestly, Skull could lie down anywhere within the dungeon and it wouldn’t be odd. As usual, Catalina was within the throne’s vicinity and was lying on the ground with her cape wrapped around her. She looked like a silkworm, and he pitied her for some reason.

‘This is not good.’

Yong-Ho felt that he was responsible for this, so he quietly walked out so that they could continue sleeping. He drank water to cure his dry throat and when he left the room, he saw Eligor watering Treant.

“You’re a tree afterall.”

“Yeah, since we found the road that leads to the armory, we should hurry.”
“That’s very like you sir.”

Next to the smiling Eligor, Treant bent forward and expressed their manners to Yong-Ho. Now that he thought of it, he never gave Treant a name.

‘Should I just call them Ant?’

Yong-Ho always pushed for simplicity, but he thought Ant wasn’t good enough.

‘Let me think about it more.’

He wasn’t in a rush to name them. There was something else that needed to be taken care of as soon as possible.

“Eligor, can we make a room for the spirits as well? I think Catalina will need her own room as well.”

Yong-Ho has been sleeping on the top of the carpet until yesterday, but he thought this wasn’t good. Even if it was a dungeon, providing basic food and shelter was the right thing to do.

Eligor quickly answered to Yong-Ho’s owner-like command.

“It’s possible. Thanks to you, the dungeon’s daily production volume has increased. I’ll create a dorm for the ordinary spirits.”

Yong-Ho stopped talking and started thinking. He looked towards the passageway that connected to the prison and asked.

“How are things with the Kobolds?”



“All four of them seem like that, but we can’t trust them without torturing them…”

Instead of answering, Yong-Ho observed Eligor. He scratched the back of his head and spoke.

“I’m sure there’s one that’s better than the others. After breakfast, pick one before I leave.”

“The more power, the better.”

Yong-Ho didn’t expect them to be completely loyal. Right now, he needed soldiers he could use. He wasn’t going to use them as a shield, but he might use them for something similar. Anyways, Catalina and Skull were more important than the Kobold.

Eligor must’ve read this mind because he agreed to do it with a serious expression.



The armory that belonged to Kaiwan.


< armed="" #1=""> End.

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Dungeon Maker 21

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