Evil Dragon Reincarnation ~Even If I Am Reincarnated into the Other World I Am I~ Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: I tried participating in the slave auction.

The excitement of the participants was abnormal.

If you're wondering how high the tension is, it's like a super beautiful idol, joined in a filthy drinking party of some unpopular sports-minded boys.

Although that kinda situations is impossible in reality.

The village's plaza was quickly transformed into an auction house.

There were more than a hundred chairs, and in the perimeter of the plaza was lined with a number of torches inserted into the ground.

The brightness was plenty.

With the customer's enthusiasm, the already hot environment became hotter.

The slaves I assume that ae gonna be sold are huddled in a corner of the plaza.

From battle use large men, from seriously beautiful women, to boring old men, there really was a large variation.

In the middle of looking, the auction started.

The slave traders came out with one beautiful girl, appearing before the auction participants.

By the way, me and Chloe are in the special seats at the very front row.

"We thank all of you for gathering here today. To all the high class people and for the main-"

"We don't need the greeting, so hurry up and start the explanation of the goods!"

"Yes, please forgive me. Well then… she is as you can see a dark elf."

The woman was wearing a small tunic.

You can clearly see her sensual style.

That's obviously what they're aiming for.

She had black hair and tanned skin, with pointy ears.

She also had a cool beauty type of face.

The elves seem to have a large amount of beautiful men and women, and their subspecies dark elves seem to be the same too.

"She looks young, but this year she is already 42 years old. Naturally, she already has sexual experiences. But, she has high military prowess, and as you can see, she has a very lean body. Also, since she is a dark elf, it will take a hundred years before you can see her looks degrade. Since she can use water type magic to defeat multiple goblins, she can also be used as a guard.

Her personality does not have problems as well, so she is easy to handle. Her price starts at 1million rize."



"5million and a half!"


"I'll take out 7million!"

Instantly voices were raised everywhere.

In an unbelievable level the price kept rising.

If you take out that large an amount won't you gather jealousy on yourself?

In the end the mature…. Questionably aged 42year old dark elf was sold for 20million rize.

The one who bought her was a fat old man who looked like a racoon.

That guy, is no doubt a pervert.

While laughing in a gehehe voice, the guy grabbed the dark elf's hand.

But the girl, rather than a making a face like she hated it, made a smile instead. Even when her ass was touched in a sexual manner, she still kept her smile. Since that guy is now her master from now on, it would be better not to go against him, is probably what she's thinking.

It makes you cry doesn't it?


"N? What is it?"
"As I though it's unpleasant. When I think about what she's going to experience from now on… my chest hurts."

"What is she going to experience from now on? I would like it if you explain in detail."

"T,that is…. With that man… various things will be… that is…"

With your face red as an apple and hanging your head in embarrassment, aren't you quite cute. But Chloe is… She's definitely a closet pervert.

Normally, girls who look innocent but are actually very interested in those kinds of things, there are quite a lot of them actually.

With that aside the auction continued.

Since they all brought only their most prided products, most of them were quite excellent.

Not just in sexual stuff, even in guards and battle use, there were a lot of high quality stuff.

In the middle, there was even a former swindler, who was a genius in the art of conversation, who appeared.

If you employ this guy, it seems that you can easily cut down a product's price to a third.

Even though he was just a bald old man, he was sold for a pretty high price.

Humans, really aren't just all about the face.


Well, I won't praise a swindler though.

When the auction was about to reach it's climax, the feel of it changed.

From the start until now, I felt that they were only selling superior articles, but slowly over time it became the sale of leftover stock.

All the ones that came out were stuff that normal shops would display and no one would buy.

A fairly strong, but even no matter how much he enters a bath, his beastly smell is still strong, beast man.

A girl with small breasts and an overbite, but is useless for anything but night duties.

And a tired old man with seemingly no redeeming features.

I learned that even within slaves there is a difference between quality.

All of them were bought for a hundred thousand rize.

At the very least there are even those who pay fifty thousand rize, is what Chloe told me.

"Even if they're slaves, there is still a labour cost after all. That's why even if they're cheap, but if they're useless they're not even sold."

"So they don't need useless employees, huh?"


"Nah, that was just a slip of tongue."

Finally, the auction is down to the last person.

When the last person was brought, a commotion broke out in the audience area.

Because a girl with her face beaten to the point of being distorted was treated as a product.

The blood and bruises were brutal.

It shouldn't have been done less than 20 times.

You couldn't even tell what she would look like if her face was fixed.

Even on her body were a lot of wounds.

It didn't look like a magic beast attacked her.

Abuse, would be more appropriate.

"This Ellen is a 14 year old elf. She was bought once, but was returned. But regardless, she was not the one at fault, but rather it was from the customer's side who was at fault."

"Don't be so roundabout, tell us the truth. If you don't, even we won't buy."

The slave trader flinched at the customer's argument.

And with resignation started telling the story.

The bastard who previously bought her was a noble.

At the beginning Ellen had outstanding features, and it seems she was sold for a high price.

But, after a week she was returned, and at that time she was already at this condition.

She made a bunch of mistakes so she was punished, and they wanted to return her.

By the way, it is possible to return the slave within one month, but in that case, you won't get your money back.

Meaning that, he paid that large amount of money just to torture Ellen.

"Previously she was already had outstanding feature, so as you can see her body has developed splendidly as an elf. Her bow skills are master class, the previous owner also has not had sexual intercourse with her, so she is still a virgin."

You can desperately promote your product, but with that kinda face, I think it's having an opposite effect.

Moreover, there seems to be another problem.

"However, she seems to have caught the pollution sickness… if she lives in an urban area, even if her lifespan was long, at most she can only live for half a year."

"Chloe, what is pollution sickness?"

"It's an illness that elves can easily contract, it seems that if they cannot get clean air, complications appear in their body. In short, if they don't live in the deep parts of the forest, they can't live for long."

Which reminds me, she's been coughing for a while now.

"This Ellen, will be sold at a starting price of one 1 rize."

"It seems they really want to sell her."

"Probably, if they can't sell her here, she will be disposed of. They will be sent to a mine or a bridge construction site, and will be forced to work until death. There are also a lot of cases where they are killed in dangerous places full of magic beasts."

"Do the slave traders even have a trace of compassion?"

The auction sure enough, couldn't be hyped up as much.

Even then, there were a few guys who bid, and got the price up to twenty thousand, but that seems to have been the limit.

"Is there anyone else? Well then this is…"

When the slave trader was about to announce the end of the auction, a dignified voice resounded in the venue.

"Forty thousand rize"

A suave voice declared twice the price.

A small commotion rose in the venue.

Oi oi, who was the one who raised a voice like a hero——-
Ah, it was me.

Evil Dragon Reincarnation ~Even If I Am Reincarnated into the Other World I Am I~ Chapter 10

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