Evil Dragon Reincarnation ~Even If I Am Reincarnated into the Other World I Am I~ Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: I tried competing for the least popular slave

I have had moments in the past where I have acted impulsively.

Especially when buying stuff.

When there were new electronics, games, and even lottery tickets, I seem to impulsively buy those kinds of things.

Right now, is also the same, is what you might say…

After buying your head will cool down and you will surely regret, is what you might say…

You're wrong.

Since I knew I would succeed this time, I decided to move.

If I must say though, whether Chloe has forty thousand rize, is a gamble in itself, but it seems I won that gamble.

I was scolded really bad, but I was lent the money.

By the way, the reason I made a bid twice that of the previous bid was to make the other side give up.

If I gave out a half-assed price, it would turn into a war of attrition and I would lose first.

After the auction ended, the people disappeared from the venue like waves.

I paid the money to the large built slave trader, and was handed Irene.

"Then I shall perform the bestowal of the slave crest."

"Ah, there's no need for that."

"Is that fine? If we don't put the crest on her, you may not be able to stop her from resisting or escaping…"

"Even then it's fine, even if she runs away, I won't come complaining to you, so rest assured."

"If it's like that… well, if it's Irene then it would probably be fine."

"A submissive personality, huh. Well, that helps me out too."

"There is that, but she also doesn't have a place to escape to or a person she can rely on. Now then, Irene, greet the person who shall become your master."

"Thank you, for, buying, me. Please take care of me, master."

In an impressive way, Irene bowed her head.

It seems her eyes can properly see.

Since her face swelled up so much, I couldn't tell whether her eyes were open or not.

"Well then, Chloe, go ahead and bring Irene to my room first. I need to have a talk with the slave trader first."

After the two left, I asked the slave trader some questions.

Why the previous owner did that stuff.

How was Irene raised.

Whether she had any other diseases, other than pollution sickness.

And then, if Irene's face turned back, and her health was returned, how much would she cost.

After hearing everything I needed to know, I went back towards the inn.

Since I heard a conversation within the room, I eavesdropped on them.

"It's okay, that guy is actually pretty kind. He won't direct any kind of violence on you."


"You may have some worries but, I want you to cheer up. If it's something I can do I'll help so…"

"Thank you… very much"

It seems that Chloe is comforting Irene.

When I entered the room, I asked Chloe to return to her room.

"Since I am tired because of today, I should rest properly. I don't think it will happen, but you won't lay your hands on a girl in that condition, right?"

"Obviously, I won't, so rest assured. I'll properly return the forty thousand, thanks."

"Un, then it's fine. Have a good rest, you two."

Well then, with this, I have became alone together with Irene.

First I should start a conversation to lighten the mood, is what I thought…

It seems she had a coughing fit.

"Goho- goho- goho- I am so,rry… geho- geho-"

After having her rest for a short while, she calmed down.

But, it seems she also was coughing out blood.

It seems she's really suffering.

With this, it seems that we won't be able to carefreely chat, then it'll be good to get to the main point.

"…master, I am sorry to be such a bother. It's already fine. If there is something I can do, please order me to."

"Ou, then immediately drink this."

I handed Irene a small bottle filled with transparent liquid.

It's not water.

It's my tears.

When I was crying when I separated from the slimes, I thought it would be a waste so I caught them with a pot.

Irene seemed like she was curious about the contents, but without any questions she drank all the contents inside.

Then her shoulders sprang up with a jolt.

"Eh, au, ehhh???"

Her body is probably feeling warm.

With that, in a short while, Irene's form changed.

The cuts and bruises that covered her, disappeared without a trace, and with that turned into smooth white skin.

And the grotesque AnpaOman like face, turned back into it's proper state.

When I was an evil dragon, my tears were able to cure any illness and wound.

Before when I gave the demon lord's subordinate who had a sick mother, my tears, was also for that reason.

For some reason, even when I have turned human, my tears seem to still have the same effect, that's great.

When I saw Irene's entire body, I let out a "OOOOOOOOH—".

She more beautiful than I imagined.

This is bad.

Smooth blonde hair, rare red pupils, and a well ordered soft looking cute face.

And together with all that, a great figure with big breasts.

This is absolutely not a 14 year old's body.

In japan, if you were an adult going 'haa haa' over a 14 year old you would be considered a pedophile, but I wonder how it is here?

"Umm, the one a while ago was…? My aching chest and throat has become really comfortable but…"

A~, F,First of all, you would notice the change inside of you, right?

"That was a medicine-like thing. I think your pollution sickness has also been completely cured."

"Ehh, but isn't that a high class medicine… for someone like me…"

"Other than that, your sickness isn't the only thing that was cured."

"Ah… the wounds on my body has disappeared."

"Not just your body. Take a look at your face in the bathroom."

Irene moved in a flash.

After 2 or 3 minutes she returned to the room.

While her eyes were bloodshot.

Even if she cries in a bit, I would absolutely not mind.

After meeting eyes with me she bowed her head really deeply and stayed like that.

Wa, wait wait, it's shouldn't be possible that you're showing me your cleavage, right!?

With a bounce it swayed, it was white and looked soft… N,no no.

Since I am feeling weird, I should count the blots on the ceiling.

1, 2, 3, 4… hey! There's 28 of them this is too much of a cheap hotel!


For me to lay my hand on her is forbidden.

The price going down is not allowed.

If I properly deal with her, I can live the neet life for a while, after all.

"I, I, I want to show my gratitude to master."

"It's fine, it's fine."

"But, but you saved me!"

"I only did this for myself."

"Even then I will not be satisfied with just that. I may not be unsatisfactory, but please do as you like."

Maybe it's because of excitement or something, but Irene started took off her clothes.

Ku-, Don't be hasty!

When I tried stopping those movements, that white arm, Irene, suddenly pounced on me, and afterwards, my lower back hit the floor, and I was at my wit's ends.

My whole body was shaking.

Like a chihuahua in front of a wild beast of prey.

"That's why… I said it's impossible."

"I, I am very, sorry, I didn't mean to…"
"The fluid a while ago, my tears, can heal flesh, but it cannot heal your heart."

That's right, what I asked the slave trader a while ago.

That is, 'is her mental state in bad shape?'

There is no one who can maintain a healthy mind when put under such stress.

Even I, when they announced that we had to do work on a holiday, I went crazy.

Irene's situation is, compared to mine, so much more worse off.

Her hometown, attacked by a magic beast, had everyone die other than her.

When she was loitering in the forest, she was caught by a slave trader and sold.

With her good looks, the other slaves bullied her mentally.

And when she thought she was bought, without any words she was punched in the face hundreds of times.

It's not at the level of 'the beautiful die young'

It wouldn't be weird for her mental state to be worn out.

When speaking of the results, Irene has Androphobia.

When a man touches her her body becomes like that, it goes into a stance of self defence.

"You are more tired than you think you are. Don't force yourself, so sleep on that bed for tonight."

"I'm fine with the floor, so master should-"

"Shut up. I'm a clean freak. I'll have an allergic reaction when sleeping on a bed already slept on by another person. That's why I'm fine on the floor. Let's sleep."

Since I confirmed that Irene entered the bed, I rolled on the floor and slept.

In the room that became dark, I thought.

A clean freak sleeping on the floor is impossible.

Evil Dragon Reincarnation ~Even If I Am Reincarnated into the Other World I Am I~ Chapter 11

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