Evil Dragon Reincarnation ~Even If I Am Reincarnated into the Other World I Am I~ Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: like I thought, it was a bargain.

When I woke up in the morning the bed was empty.

No matter where I looked in the room, Irene's figure was nowhere to be seen.

Haha, it seems she ran away, hahahahaha CHIKUSHO! [TLnote: this part was written in romaji.]

Even though she was that moved, she suddenly ran away, women are scary.

As expected I should have gotten a slave crest put on her.

Since they told me that it would cost money to cancel it, I refrained, because I wanted to have as much profit as I can.

In the end it turned out like this.

Since I was feeling dejected, I decided to go back to sleep when, the door to my room suddenly quietly opened.

"G,good morning! Master, I brought you breakfast."

What, so she just went to get breakfast, huh.

I'm relieved… also I'm sorry I doubted you.

"Were you able to sleep last night?"

"Yes, but since the bed was too soft, I also slept on the floor."
"I see…"

Since this is a cheap inn, the bed's quality shouldn't be that good.

For it to be too soft, there's absolutely no possibility of that.

She probably thought that it was bad that she was sleeping on the bed while her master was sleeping on the floor.

It makes me feel like crying.

But let's stop.

Something like being attached is forbidden.

I'm only with her for my own objectives.

I have no special feelings for her.

And I can't have any either.

But, I still have to do something about her androphobia.

"Irene, I'll be blunt here, are you scared of men?"

"…I am not scared of master."

"But, being touched is tough isn't it?"

"I am sorry… my body reacted on it's own, but please don't mind it, please do as you want anytime."

Even if you say that, you're rejecting it at a subconscious level aren't you?

And this isn't about me, I want you to be fine even if a man other than me touches you.

After finishing my breakfast, I got dressed and left the room with Irene.

When I was leaving the room, it was at the same time that Chloe is leaving the room next door.

When she saw Irene, she made a shocked face.

"Y,you… I,In the room where Irene is, f,for you to bring a woman…"

She misunderstood.

But, it couldn't be helped.

For her to notice that the beautiful elf beside me is Irene, who had a face so badly beaten, would be even more strange.

Once I casually explained the situation to Chloe she showed a relieved face.

"So it was like that. Misunderstanding like that is embarrassing…. I thought for sure you employed a prostitute."
"You're always having strange misunderstandings. Are you sexually frustrated?"

"I, it's not like that!"

"I,it was a joke. That aside, there was a weapon store here, right? My bad, but bring me there."

Although it was called a weapon store, it looked the same as the other houses, but since a lot of people go through this village, their selection was quite good.

"Irene can use a bow, right?"


"So you're a long distance type huh."

"I can also use kicking arts to a certain extent."

"Ah, is that so? I don't really know, but let's buy a bow and a pair of boots."

Let's take a look at the products.

Since I didn't know anything about weapons, I left the judgement to Chloe and Irene.

After deciding on a Bow and arrow, the next one are the boots.

In this world, kicking arts is a relatively popular martial art, and they sell specialized battle boots.

Although it looks like normal boots, when you hit the heel on the floor and give it a hard shock, a ten-something inch blade comes out.

If you get kicked by something like that, surely, you would be spilling blood everywhere.

We chose something a bit on the cheaper side and brought it to the counter.

"The total will be one-hundred eighty thousand rize, would that be fine?"
"Would that be fine?"

I sent a glance at Chloe who was next to me.

"…Ja, I want you to practice more restraint."

While saying so, Chloe-san payed for it without any hesitation.

Although I'm guilty of being spoiled, I wonder about Chloe who's doing the spoiling.

Since she's too soft-hearted, it makes me worried.

"But, I'm rather surprised that you're walking around with such money."
"It's my principle not to leave my money at the coin manor."

The coin manor seems to be a place where you can exchange money and deposit it, It's a place like a bank.

But with this, my debt has become two-hundred two thousand rize.

What, with Irene, I can gain back my money, I will.

When I looked at the one who'll become the source of that money, and met eyes, she let out a smile.

A smile that one would think it couldn't be found in this world, was born there.

…this is bad, the feeling of wanting to own her is overflowing.

"Irene, from now on, you can't direct a smile at me anymore. It is forbidden."

"… it is forbidden."

Her down-hearted look is also quite cute as well.

It might be because she still has traces of her youth, that looking at her makes the desire to protect overflow.

She has white arms that almost seem transparent and voluptuous body that doesn't match her face, if this was japan, I would want to produce her like Akimoto YasuO. [TLnote: Akimoto Yasushi is akb48's producer.]

I would put handshake tickets with the CD and go on the road of easy money.

Wait, wouldn't that make the CD the extra instead?

When I was about to leave the village, people were gathering at the plaza.

It seems the customers from yesterday are all going back together all at once.

All of their attention gathered on to us at once.

Because the Slave trader raised his voice while approaching us.

"Irene!? Are you Irene!? I can't believe it… what happened to your wounds!?"

Since she did recover in just one night.

It's fine to be surprised, but I would like it if your spit didn't come flying at me.

"Umm, master cured me with medicine. My pollution sickness has also been completely cured as well."

"Dear lord, not just your wounds but even your sickness…. You must have used quite the valuable stuff."

"Well well, don't sweat the small details."

I brought the two, and unreservedly passed through the middle of the group.

"That one is yesterday's… slave girl you say?"

"How beautiful…"

"Shit! If it would become like this, I should have compete as well."

"That beautiful, and two of them to boot…"

That wasn't some half-assed attention.

Although there are a bunch of beautiful women here, but compared to Chloe and Irene, their rank goes down.

Even so, I flashily defeated the magic beasts, bought the least popular slave girl in the auction, and the next day she is reborn as a beautiful girl.

Could it be, they see me as some kind of amazing person.

Could it be~ could it be~ that I'm really some kind of amazing person~♪

In truth, I'm just a wannabe dragon, who's covered in debt though.

After coming out of the forest, we found one six bear far way.

The distance between us is around 30 meters. [TLnote: that doesn't sound far at all]

"Master, please leave this to me."

It was just in time when I wanted to see her ability.

She took an arrow from her back and nocked it on the bow.

It feels like she's used to it, and her form, which is like a master's, looks beautiful.

Even I who has no relation with archery, can tell that she has considerable skill.

Without even wavering, she fired the arrow, and it splendidly pierced through the six bear's eye.

It seems that wasn't a fluke.

Since the second arrow also pierced through the other eye.

To casually hit that small of a target….

From far away the six bear let out a howl.

It's vision was gone.

With this we just need to pierce him full of holes.

But, Irene placed her bow on her back, and started running.

It seems she plans to enter close combat.

It seems she knows that I'm testing her.

After a few seconds she came towards its bosom, and at the same time she kicked towards it's jaw.

The blade coming out of the boots, pierced through the six bear's chin.

Battle end.

Obviously no damages on our side.

Irene jogged back, and directed a worried face towards me.

"Umm, did I do good?"
"… you pass."

"T,thank you very much."

Irene made a small guts pose, and made a smile towards me.

Hey didn't I say it before…?

To suddenly make a smile towards me is forbidden….

Well, since the weather is good, I'll forget about it.

Evil Dragon Reincarnation ~Even If I Am Reincarnated into the Other World I Am I~ Chapter 12

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