Evil Dragon Reincarnation ~Even If I Am Reincarnated into the Other World I Am I~ Chapter 23

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Translated by: SnowKiss

Edited by: Nohma

It's the forest worm-san♪♪

My stomach is empty.

Even though I brought three breads, it seems that it was not enough. I should have prepared more.

My stomach was rumbling continuously. When I tried to hit it silent, it became unnecessarily worse.

As if it was complaining that anything is fine, so put something into the mouth.

I looked around the surroundings. Are grasses and leaves fine? Of course it is not. Other things that can be eaten is………… isn't that fine?

A white mushroom (キノコ).

From the umbrella to the stem, it is totally white like a mushroom.

Normally eating a mushroom (キノコ) raw is an out but, a mushroom might be fine.

(TLN: Japanese distinguish the general mushroom category as キノコ, and edible mushroom as マッシュルーム)

Surprisingly, there is a chance that I might hit the jackpot. I can't be killed by strong poison either, if it is poison, there is are also ways to use it.

I resolved myself and put the mushroom (キノコ) in my mouth.  

"…… Ohh, this is surprisingly fineGAFUU!?"

Intense stomach pains! The pain is as if my stomach was stabbed with a needles from the inside!

I rolled all over the ground. One, two minutes, I was panting in pain.

It seems that it was a poison mushroom(キノコ) that looked like the mushroom.

I agonised quite a while but, as a result, I now know that this mushroom is poisonous.

I pulled out the mushroom growing around there from the roots.

Bogoo, Bogoo

What nice guys to come in at this timing, you guys!

A pair? The worms that appeared.

Since they attacked without a greeting, I immediately slided and dealt a horizontal slash to kill one of them.

The remaining one will be the guinea pig. I thought of this when I first saw a worm but, these guys have always been opening their mouths.

There might be merit in threatening the opponent. But, there are also demerits.

I threw the poison mushroom at the worm suddenly.  

After a few seconds, the worm became limp due to the pain and writhed violently. That figure looks as if a bug was covered with pesticide.

And then, without needing even thirty seconds, it died.

"This mushroom, is useful as expected"

It was worth getting the stomach pain. Until I leave the forest, I will bring it with me for once.

"Someoneーー, Someone heーーーlp!"

The sudden help call echoed in the forest. It seems that there were visitors besides me. Although I had no obligation to go, I do not have any reason not to, so I decided to go afterall.

There were four people that looked like adventurers, and four worms surrounding them. Three males and one female party. They called for help probably because they could not fight them one on one due to their lack of ability.

While singing the improvised worm song, I cut down the worm.

When I took care of one of them, the other worms changed their targets to me, but it was no problem since I threw at them three poison mushrooms as presents.

After the remaining three suffered, they left this world.

"Are you ok?"

No reply. Like a corpse. Ok, let's return.

"Ah wait, please wait!"

The four whom were stunned came back, and desperately stopped me from leaving. I knew, I knew this was coming.

"What is it, I am busy. If you have business with me no matter what, you have to pay with something equivalent"


"I want food"

Rather than money now, I want food.

"If that is so"

The four quickly fished out their stuff all at once. I got five bread smoked meat and alcohol. It is delicious in two meanings.

These guys, after talking, it seems that they are adventurers that just started. Because they are scared of worms, they ask to accompany them back to town.

Since I was returning as well, I undertook their request. While I am at it, I passed poison mushrooms to all of them.

"To become like Ja-san, how much training should I have?"

"I don't especially train though"

"Are you serious!? For reals?"

"Your existential level is different"

"That's right That's right "

"Shut up, aren't you guys similar too?"

"Ja-sama is an amazing person. It must be fate that we met like this"

The ikemen with permed golden hair glued to my hand. The eyes is somewhat scary though.

"Wait you, what are you touching. Aren't you causing him inconvenience"

The ponytail child forcefully pulled away the ikemen's hand. About twenty year old I guess, considerably cute.

Basically, it seems that there are no bad people.

I don't get bored because of the quite enjoyable fellows. If they were attacked midway by worms, they can use the poison mushroom attack to settle it.

After splitting from the four in the town, I headed to the guild to hand over the promised item to Sierra.

"Are the worms alright I wonder?"


"I see, you wouldn't have lost to something like that, wouldn't you?"

"So, answer my question. You are definitely strong right? Why do you work as a receptionist?"

Sierra seems to be offended as she raised her bangs, and spoke with narrowed eyes.

"I flowed here from another continent. I was an adventurer in the place that I was at before"

"Why did you quit?"

"I won't any further. With this, it is finished"

"Oioi, I spent half a day doing my best you know……"

"A woman's past is expensive. That is as valuable as a gem"

Maa, even though it is short, it was a gain knowing her past. I should not be so nosy so that she would not hate me.

"Then come again. One of those time, I might even let you invite me out for a meal"


I laughed greatly to put on airs. A flower as valuable as me to someone like you? With eyes that looked as if saying that.

But it is also worrisome that the cold attitude of hers is also what I like. (SK: MC is a M -facepalm-)

I wanted to sell the surplus heracles beetles altogether but, I am not sure where to sell it.

When I talked to the businessman appropriately, but he told me, don't be stupid, nobody would buy that.

Because I got pissed, I just gave it as a present to the kids that were nearby.

"I don't need these"

As if disposing of it with haste.

The kids without a shred of cuteness, they looked like my past self.

When we came to the forest to pick herbs, it became a life and death crisis.

We did not expect four worms to appear simultaneously at all……

If it was just three of them, we might have been able to run. But getting surrounded by four of them is at our wit's end.

Unlucky. I was about to give up but my comrades were different.

"Someoneーー,Someone please hellllllllppp!"

"Wait, even if you do that it's pointless"

"You don't know if it's pointless or not, as if I will die in this place"

Someone…… That's it. I don't want to die yet. Tightly holding onto my knife, I strengthened my mind. I still have things I want to do.

Things I want to eat, places I want to go, there are so many of them!

More than anything, I want to experience burning love! (SK: Kongou owo!) Am I going to die without even meeting my fated person―――

"One day~♪"

When I thought I had heard a song, suddenly the one whom was singing jumped out in front of the worm. And then, he slashed down the worm in lightning speed.

The owner of the powerful arm that just appeared a few seconds ago, threw something white into the remaining three worm's mouth.

When the worms drank it struggled as if going mad, and died anticlimactically.

"Are you ok?"

Nobody could give a response. Nobody's head could keep up with the short work he made to break through the critical situation.

Admiring the silver hair, tightened and smooth posterior, and a face as if it was precisely made. It is exactly like a bishonen that jumped out from a painting.


My heart jumped. I felt it instinctively. This is indeed the fated partner that I wished for.

When our benefactor tried to leave, my comrades stopped him. Good job.

What our benefactor requested in return was, food. To not even ask for money, how beautiful his heart must be!

His name is Ja-sama.

Ja-sama came to this forest to catch kabuto beetles but, he is already returning.

We too, have finished collecting the herbs and requested to return together.

We got permission. I am already obsessed. I kept looking at Ja-sama's face from the side. From time to time, Ja-sama showed me a concerned behaviour.

"By the way Ja-san, what did you feed the worms earlier?"

My comrade was asking about the white mushroom that Ja-sama threw earlier.

"Heeh, what is this?"

"Poison mushrooms. They have wide open mouths don't they? When I tried to feed them with this, they instantly died"

The four of us exclaimed together. What a good idea!

There hasn't been a person up till now that has even considered that!

"I'll give some of these to you guys too. The next time it appears, try throwing it into the mouth"

"Um, is Ja-sama perhaps a famous adventurer?"

When I asked him, Ja-sama shaked his head. Working up my courage, I continued to asked questions.

"Ja-sama, do you have a partner that your heart has decided on?"

"Why so sudden…… tte, they are here"

What a bad timing! Two worms stood in our way.

I threw the mushroom into the worm's mouth. My comrades did the same. Surprisingly, it defeated the worms that easily.

Fighting desperately with the sword and magic in the past seems to be stupid.

Ja-sama seems to be staring at the worms which have became carcasses.

"You guys, have you ever tried eating worms?"

"Nopeー, there isn't anyone who would eat this thing"

"But you see, aren't there quite alot of monsters that are delicious? The insect worm looks quite edible……Don't you think that big worm is fine too"

"No that is…… tte JA-SAN!?Are you seriously going to do that!?"

Why did this happen, Ja-sama just cut the body of the worm to bite sized pieces. Action immediately after thought. What a manly person. But I think that is really bad!

"I, think that challenges should be important. Hey, just in case, if I blow bubbles and collapse, I'll leave the rest to you till town"  

While showing his white teeth smile and sparkles, Ja-sama…… ate. The worm.

And he threw up.


"Are you alright, Ja-san!?"

"GeHaaGoHooh. ……Speaking of monsters being delicious, not every monster is going to be delicious…… It tastes as if a ten year aged cheese has been put on top of natto covered by cloudy toilet water"

I don't really understand the expression, but it seems shittily bad.

The time I spent with Ja-sama was fun anyways. But my time spent in bliss quickly passed away.

When we got to town, Ja-sama seemed to have somewhere to go and left.

"Ah ahh"

There is so much more that I wanted to ask Ja-sama though. But it is a harvest that I found out that my fated person lives in this town.

"I've decided. I, will become Ja-sama's lover!"

I straightly declared my heightened emotions. My comrades then made fun of me.

"Ja-sama won't fall for someone like you"

"That's right That's right, in the first place, someone like Ja-sama would already have a extremely beautiful person as his partner -dabe. To have someone like you as his partner, I wonder what kind of things does he like about you"

"I mean, he should already have a harem of beautiful girls"

The three insisted that it is definitely impossible for me.

"Shut up! Ja-sama has already took notice of me occasionally midway!"

"Ah, that is definitely because he felt danger to his body. He was on guard because you are homo"

"Just don't become a stalker -dapeyo"

"ALLL RIGHT! All of you should just be eaten by the worm!"

I shouted at them while dispersing in the direction Ja-sama went. What is wrong with everyone!

Ja-sama is my fated person so. I will definitely hold him.

When I continued walking, there was kabuto beetles fallen on the ground. Eh, this is Ja-sama's……

"Ne, you all. What happened to these kabuto beetles?"

The close by children raised their voice.

"Uwa, what is this……:"


"It is somewhat wiggling"

The children were so rude as they said it to me. I was offended that they did not watch their words and retorted.

"Hey you guys. There are things that you can say and can not say. Exactly what about me is disgusting!"

"Even though you are a guy, what is with that way of talking! Squiggling your legs is disgusting is what I said, you gold haired perm!"


(SK: Did that crush your dreams? Not a trappu nor a hermaphrodite OuO)(nh: A maiden with an Excalibur between her legs)

I howled with my low voice, the children ran away like scattering baby spiders. Fu-nn, what, mollycoddle.

"It doesn't matter"

Yes, this feeling of liking someone has nothing to do with being man or woman.

I am, surely a man in body.

But my heart is a woman's.

Even if my bottom half has some additional thing stuck to it or not, that person won't care about such a small detail. Un, it is definitely so.

Won't you, Ja-sama☆

Editor notes: Well, with this there shouldn’t be any more chapters left to translate, so back to the usual “scheduled” regular releases. Actually, we need an schedule for releases. And about this chapter: Yes, it was BL all along.

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Evil Dragon Reincarnation ~Even If I Am Reincarnated into the Other World I Am I~ Chapter 23

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