Fish Playing While Trapped in a Secret Room Volume 2 Chapter 3

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Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room

Book 2: You’re Beautiful

Chapter 3

Ai Qing stood at the water’s edge watching the lapping waves reach near her feet.  She debated whether to go into water and run against the waves.  But there were orange yellow flags flying along the beach warning against it------Do not go into water today.

She hesitated and glanced at her surroundings.  The life guards were all fairly far away, they shouldn’t notice her.

She thought that she would just run in for one or two meters.  That should be alright.

As she was thinking, she lifted her skirt and quietly ran forward a few steps.

Each wave surged ashore, growing higher and higher, the crash of the waves grew louder.

Her right foot was in the seawater.  The a cool sensation spread upwards from her foot.  However, at the next second, someone grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

Ai Qing was startled.


The moment she turned her head, she lost her balance and knelt down on the beach.


She looked at her long skirt, now soaking wet, at a loss.

“I…...was afraid you were in danger.”  Dt squatted next to her, realizing his mistake.  This was the first time that he was shocked by his own behavior and was unsure of how he should react.

“I just wanted to step on the waves.  I didn’t mean to walk into the ocean.”  She wanted to cry.

He was too nervous to say anything.

Ai Qing was going to complain, but was baffled by her feelings of guilt as if he was the victim here.  She pushed against the ground and changed her position from kneeling to half squatting on the beach.  She whispered,  “My skirt is soaked……”

And she didn’t have a swimming suit underneath.

Dt was silent.  He asked in a low voice,  “Is it very uncomfortable?”

“No.”  Ai Qing’s face gradually became heated, then turned tomato red,  “People can see through it.”

The only sound they could hear was the din of crashing waves.

She tried her best from becoming red from embarrassment.

Her best efforts however were to no avail.

Dt then understood her concern.  He stood up without a thought and took off his black short sleeved T shirt.  He placed it on her head and pulled down all the way.  Ai Qing had originally planned to have him fetch a beach towel for her.  She didn’t expect for him to react so quickly.  Then, he pulled her up from the sand.

The T shirt covered down to her thighs, avoiding the embarrassment of wearing a wet skirt.  But while she had his T shirt on, he was left with only a pair of black beach shorts.  Though it was quite appropriate to dress like this on the beach, yet……

It was now only thirteen degrees Celsius.  It was very cold.

There were other tourists laughing and running around them, but nobody paid attention to two who were embarrassedly looking at each other.

She looked away from him, with disdain at herself for her burning face.  “I heard that you won another StarCraft championship last month.”  She didn’t expect that he would still compete in individual events in addition to Secret Room Storm.

He said,  “En, it’s almost over.”


He said,  “I need three more championships.”


She was a little bit confused.

“If I win three more, then I will exceed Solo’s total championships on StarCraft.”  He rarely explained.  “Though he’s already retired and it’s not fair to compare this way, I still want to surpass him.”

He wanted to break that unbreakable myth.

Fish Playing While Trapped in a Secret Room Volume 2 Chapter 3

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Fish Playing While Trapped in a Secret Room Volume 2 Chapter 3 summary

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