Gantung Chapter 22

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The counsellor said to let her enter Jeremy's room alone after Jeremy and Lina storied about Jeremy's cupboard that suddenly banged loudly. There was a small fight between her and Khalil when she made her decision.

"I want to enter too," said Khalil.

"It's not yet the time," said the counsellor.

"How long must I wait? Even if you enter, what are you going to say to him?"

"I just want to calm hi down right now. I don't want him to feel shocked when he sees you…"

"Wait! Wait!" Jeremy suddenly braved himself to interrupt. The counsellor and Khalil looked at him like they just realized that he's there.

"Can the counsellor and brother Khalil explain what's happening? Even at the hospital, I and Lina had been listening to your mysterious conversation. I feel that we have the right to know," requested Jeremy.

"I agree," said Khalil. Jeremy made a proud face and Lina made disgusted face looking at his proud face.

The counsellor sighed. "Sure. Just let me investigate what happened in the room first. After that, I promise I'll tell you everything."

Jeremy looked at Lina and she nodded. The counsellor looked at Khalil as if asking for permission to enter alone.

Khalil gave in.

While the counsellor was in the room, Khalil sat with Lina and Jeremy on the corridor that became the main way to Jeremy's dorm block. The situation was awkward for a while since no one knew what to say.

But Jeremy again noticed that Khalil was eyeing him.

"Why does brother like to watch me?" Jeremy directly sounded. If you want to, just say it. Eh?

"Are you… Eurasian?"

"What's that?" Jeremy asked back.

"Are you a Portuguese mixed blood?"

"Oh. Haah. Yeah."

Khalil nodded. "Are you really interested in drama?"

"Ever since I was in primary school, bro. Even though my parents aren't interested in arts, I feel that my blood was able to fight the genetics and still hold on the blood of art," replied Jeremy charismatically.

This kid is too pretentious, though Khalil inwardly. He talks too much. No wonder he gets beaten. Even I who didn't talk much back then, people would still find a reason to beat me. Not to mention this.

Khalil then looked at Lina before looking back at Jeremy. "You two… are a thing?"

"Hah?! No!" Lina quickly sounded. "He's… like…"

"Siblings!" Jeremy quickly added. "I and her are like siblings."

Khalil observed Jeremy again - and realized something. Oh shit! Don't tell me…

"Still not sure of when to come out of the closet?" Khalil asked Jeremy. Allegorically. If you understand, you do. If you don't, so be it.

Khalil saw Lina smiling, but Jeremy was still clueless. Before Jeremy was able to ask, Lina pulled him and whispered something in his ear - perhaps explaining the meaning behind Khalil's allegory. His face turned deep red.

"Oh. Err… I… not… but…" Jeremy started explaining.

Khalil raised his hand, saying he didn't need any explanations. "The answer to that question isn't for anyone else, but for yourself. When you get it, keep it to yourself. Live however you want to." Advised Khalil.

Jeremy just nodded.

"The room next to yours, it's not disturbed?" asked Khalil, changing the topic.

"No one lives there," replied Jeremy. "But sometimes, people would hang out there. Maybe."

"Why 'maybe'?"

"I sometimes hear people chatting at night. I feel that there's just people there, smoking, the usual things."

"Is there the smell of cigarette smoke?"

Jeremy was silent. "I don't think so."

"Then how did you know people went there to smoke? Did you check?"

Again, Jeremy was silent. He felt a bit like snapping - why is brother Khalil doing everything he can to deny what I say?

"My point is… are you sure the one talking were people? Not something else?"

Lina looked at Jeremy and he looked at her. Bothe were dumbfounded.

From afar, the figure of the counsellor could be seen coming out from the dormitory block with an anxious face.

"If it's not this serious, then I could accept it as a funny story," said the counsellor while the four went back to her room in the academic block. Her serious look was then turned to Lina. Lina felt uneasy sitting.

"Lina, what I'm about to ask may be a bit personal, but I hope you can answer me honestly," requested the counsellor.

It made her heart race faster.

"Have you… been raped?"

Immediately, Jeremy who was sitting next to Lina held her hand - as a moral support. Lina held his hand back.

"No. Never…" replied Lina.

"Lina, please tell me tru…"

"It's true. I've never been raped. Every sexual relation I had… I did all of them with consent," she said while dropping her head. "I… I have a problem. An addiction. But I'm trying to control it."

The counsellor let out a long sigh. Khalil looked at her.

"Is it the same case?" he asked.

"I don't know about addiction, but from what I know… when I knew her, it's not like she's a virgin. She's…  used to these things," explained the counsellor.

"What? What are you talking about?" asked Jeremy.

"Then, what's she making a fuss about what we did?! She was already a slut, to begin with!" Khalil suddenly yelled.

"Hey!" Lina interrupted.

"Sorry, not talking about you," said Khalil.

"Still! You said that it's the same case - it's like you're calling me a slut too!"

"Well, if you say so."

"Khalil!" the counsellor exclaimed.

"What? I don't buy this addiction crap! A sex maniac… just say whore, simple!

"It's not like that!"

"STOP!!" shouted Jeremy.

Everyone became quiet.

"Miss, I feel that now is the time for you to explain to us just what's happening," Jeremy calmly said.

And the counsellor started telling them.. what happened 10 years ago.

1 more to go. And excluding the epilogue, we’ve reached the halfway point of this novel. This calls for a celebration; as I thought it’d take much longer.
I guess it’s because I’m basically rereading this novel while translating. It makes me feel excited thinking that people would feel what I felt at certain parts of the story. Truly exhilarating.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the chapter.

Gantung Chapter 22

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