Gantung Chapter 23

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The message was sent. Troll and KJ waited in Gibbs' room. Ray didn't want to be involved on the base of professionalism. Gibbs said that his absence would increase the impact. Troll and KJ continued to wait.

At 12 midnight sharp, the sound of the door being knocked was heard. She's too desperate, though Troll while opening the door.

Deepa, without minding anything, entered Gibbs' room which was purposely left dark.

"Who's here?" she immediately asked as KJ closed and locked the door.

"Me and KJ," replied troll directly.


"I told you, Gibbs would be last," replied Troll, this time a bit less direct.

KJ sat on his bed while troll stood next to Gibbs'. Deepa, without being invited, immediately sat on Gibbs' bed. She moved her hand to Gibbs' pillow, probably imagining Gibbs who slept there.


Slowly, Troll sat next to Deepa. He closed his face to hers, as if wanting to kiss her, but as she was about to respond, Troll pulled back his lips from Deepa's - while his hand quickly held both her hands.

"Lie down," he asked with a strict tone.

Deepa laid down with her hands both in Troll's arms. KJ got up and moved to the head of the bed, where Deepa's hands were waiting. KJ grabbed a handcuff in his pocket nd cuffed Deepa to the headboard.

"Hey, what's this…?"

"Shhh," said Troll. "Gibbs like it like this."

Deepa acquiesced, but despite the darkness, Troll and KJ knew that she was becoming nervous. Doubting the approval that was given. Worried because her hands were cuffed and there's nothing she could do to fight.

KJ then moved to the lamp switch and pushed it. The then dark room immediately brightened up. Troll moved to KJ's bed while Deepa was still sprawled on Gibbs' bed with her hands cuffed above her head.

While KJ went to get a scissor from the table, Troll lit a cigarette carefreely. He glanced at Deepa who seemed a bit confused with what's happening but was still silent. If there are too many sounds, then there's a cure for that, thought Troll.

KJ sat beside Deepa with scissors in hand.

"You… what are you going to do?" asked Deepa, a bit panicked.

"Relax," replied KJ indifferently. "Don't make any noises. This thing is sharp. If I'm startled when you scream, you're the one that'd be troubled."

Deepa went back to her silence. KJ started cutting her clothes - in the middles, from the bottom to the collar. Her shirt was now split in two, revealing a light yellow bra.

"Why did you cut in the middle?" asked Troll casually.

"Just because. Sneak peak," replied KJ. He pulled Deepa's bra from the front, the released it. "This… what brand is it?"

Deepa looked speechless but still tried answering. "Err… I… I don't…"

But it looked like KJ wasn't interested in her answer. He started cutting her shirt - from the collar to the left sleeve, then again from the collar to the right sleeve. KJ moved the front part which was split and the back part then threw everything to the side.

What's left was Deepa with everything above her waist bare except for the bra.

"Later… what should I wear when getting out?" she asked.

"Must you wear anything to go out?" KJ returned a question.

"Will she even go out in the first place?" Troll asked.

"Obviously she would! There's no way I and Gibbs would keep her here," replied KJ, making a disgusted expression on purpose.

KJ then cut Deepa's bra from the centre before cutting both the straps. The pieces of the bra were similarly discarded to the side. Now, her upper body was fully exposed.

KJ got up and observed - as if observing a commodity. Troll too got up next to KJ.

"How is it?" KJ asked Troll. Nonchalant. Like they're talking about an object.

Troll made a face. "Not that good, bro."

Deepa's face was clearly holding back her tears. "You guys… what's this…"

"You think… Gibbs would want it?" KJ asked again.

"It's not even appetizing," replied Troll.

"Then, it's already lying here… what should we do?" asked KJ.

"What we should do," said Troll.

KJ shrugged and move to the table again. This time, he took a camera out. He then walked next to Deepa.

"Smile," he said while raising the camera and wanted to snap Deepa's picture - her face and her exposed upper body.

"What's this…" said Deepa, she became even more uneasy seeing KJ's action.

"Just smile! I want to take a picture, to sneak a preview for Gibbs. Gibbs needs a sneak preview first before he does it. Do you want to do it with Gibbs or not?" threatened KJ.

Deepa was silent.

KJ sighed and sat next to Deepa. "Do you want to return empty handed? It's a waste of lying here with your hands cuffed like this. IN the end, you got nothing."

Deepa was still doubtful.

"Just smile once, okay? You can, right?" KJ persuaded.

Slowly, Deepa smiled.

"Ha, that's it," said KJ while snapping pictures from a few angles.

As he finished, KJ returned back to his bed, next to Troll. Troll went up fro a bit to grab a snack beside the cupboard and then sat back, eating. KJ started reading a magazine.

Troll and KJ sat there quietly like Deepa wasn't even there.

After a few minutes passed, Deepa braved herself to speak. "So… what's next?"

Troll and KJ - didn't even raise their heads. Troll continued eating while playing with his handphone, while KJ continued reading.

"I'm impressed with you tonight, KJ. There's a half-naked girl in front of you, yet you're still not doing anything," said troll.

KJ laughed, "Hey now. It depends on who the girl is. If it's like that, there's no way I'd strike."

"Maybe coz she's not fully naked?" guessed Troll.

"Dunno. Why don't you strip her to test it?" suggested KJ.

Troll got up and moved in front of Deepa. He wanted to unzip her pants, but this time, Deepa fought back. She started thrashing around.

"Whoa, feisty," commented Troll.

"Maybe she's practising for Gibbs? She knows that Gibbs likes the tough type. Isn't this girl his stalker?" KJ commented next.

"You guys… I don't want this anymore! Release me now! If not, I'll scream!" threatened Deepa.

"Okay, okay," Troll raised his hands as a sign of surrender. "KJ, take out the key. Release her. Fun's over."

Deepa calmed down seeing Troll's serious face. She saw KJ moving to take the cuff's key out.

Her expectation was mistaken.

What she saw in KJ's hand was a cut duct tape. Before she even gave a reaction, the duct tape was successfully placed over her mouth cleanly.

"Threatening to scream with your hands cuffed. What an amateur," said KJ while making a mocking smile.

"KJ, hold her legs for a bit," said Troll.

Lazily, KJ held both her legs, pulling them close, then sat on them. "Pass me the magazine," KJ asked Troll.

Troll passed the magazine over. KJ read it while still sitting on Deepa's legs, who was still struggling but to no avail. At that time, Troll unzipped her pants and pulled it along with her panties. Troll and KJ then worked together to fully strip her.

Deepa who was now buck naked now lied on Gibbs' bed with her hands cuffed and her mouthed covered. Troll and KJ stood beside her and observed again.

"How about now? This is the full view," Troll asked KJ.

KJ observed and examined for a while, then answered, "Still not appetizing."

Troll pretended to be confused. "If not… Gibbs?"

KJ laughed. "Gibbs never wanted it from the start. She's been had splendidly," said KJ.

Troll shook his head while tsk-ing. "That's what you get for being too horny."

A trail of tear fell on Deepa's cheek.

"Don't cry. For ugly people, crying would only make them look worse. Especially when they're naked," said KJ.

Troll laughed while reaching for the camera. He took a few more pictures of Deepa, this time; a few new angles were exposed. Deepa's tears fell even more rapidly.

KJ's phone suddenly rang. "Hello?… it's done. Wanna get something to eat? I'm starved. Looking at this bitch, I feel like eating rice… Aaa-haha! It's the effect of an ugly hoe, that's just how it is…"

KJ put the phone down. "Let's go eat. Gibbs is waiting at the usual place with Ray," he invited Troll.


"Just leave her there for now. We'll release her after getting back," said KJ. "Bring the camera too. It's a joking material," he added.

Troll nodded. Before going, he whispered to Deepa. "Sit tight. Don't be naughty."

Troll and KJ laughed their asses out while switching off the light, and then locked the door… leaving Deepa alone.

"Seriously, is it okay that we're doing this?"

The question came from Gibbs when they were chilling out at a mamak stall at two in the morning. Ray had been quiet ever since Troll and KJ told them what happened.

"Why not? It's not like we raped her," KJ replied confidently.

"Raping dignity would end things badly," Ray sounded. As usual, an artist's sentence.

"Who told her to be so annoying, threatening us with many things. Now we have these pictures, let's see her do anything to us," replied KJ, still stubborn.

Ray shrugged. Gibbs was still anxious but he didn't show it. Stay cool.

"Are you proceeding with your plan, KJ?" asked Troll.

"What plan is it now?" Gibbs can't help but butt in.

"I ripped her clothes earlier. I want her to go out while wearing the shirt I made exclusively for her. This, I brought it here," replied KJ proudly.

KJ took out a white t-shirt, bit in front and at back, even at the sleeves, there were writings of "SLUT" written in red.

"She can wear it invertedly,"  commented Ray.

"Who says so!" replied KJ. Her pulled the shirt inside-out, and there was a similar design to it.

Ray simply shook his head. Gibbs' anxious face was now clear.

"Must we do this? When she goes back, and Fara sees her… then?" Gibbs voiced his worry.

"She dares say it?! Even then, so what if she tells Fara. It's not like you're involved in it. It's just Troll and me. You won't be the bad guy. And if Fara wants to rat us out, her darling boyfriend wouldn't let her… right?"

KJ's sentences were hard to interpret. They're a bit calming, a bit sarcastic, and a bit threatening. But what Gibbs could only do was nod. He could only hope that this matter won't blow up.

A hope that's only left as a hope.

And, that’s it. Fuuh. What do you think of the characters now? Have you started hating the ones you liked or vice versa?  What of the story? What do you think would happen? The answer lies in the next chapter. So just wait ‘kay?

Welp, hope you enjoyed it. Now Imma go to sleep.

Gantung Chapter 23

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