Gantung Chapter 24

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A day after Deepa was released from Gibbs' and KJ's room, she didn't attend classes. It's not too surprising. Who'd dare show their face after going back to their room wearing the Shirt of Shame that KJ made? After that, it was said that her parents brought her back home. She said to the principal that she was sick and needed to recuperate.

Deepa had been absent for a week now. And it was also for a week that Gibbs distanced himself from Fara. At most, they greeted before parting and replying a few SMS briefly, but they didn't go out on any date. Gibbs didn't know why but he felt the subject of Deepa would be brought up and he wasn't yet prepared to talk about it.

On one day, when he was on the way to the auditorium to hang out with Ray, he was stopped by his arch nemesis… Old Lan.

"Gibran. Meet me in my office," he instructed.

He really wanted to say "I don't swing that way, Old Lan," but looking at Mr Roslan's furious face, he felt that it was better if he just complied.

Gibran stepped into the discipline teacher's room and sat down. Mr Roslan stared at him deeply before talking. Is Old Lan trying to seduce me or something… what's with the staring…

"What did you do to Deepa Somasundram?" Mr Roslan's question went straight to the point. He thinks he can catch me off guard? Sorry la…

Gibbs maintained his coolness. "What would I want to do to her, sir?" Gibbs asked back.

"I'll ask you again, Gibran… what did you do to Deepa Somasundram?" he acted like if he asked again, it's like he had a proof that Gibbs didn't know. No way man, I'm clean… I know it, Gibbs’ heart reassured.

"I seriously don't understand your question. What are you trying to say? I'm not even that close to Deepa. We're not in the same class, nor in the same homeroom… as for dorm, that's even further," Gibbs purposely added with a smile. He sounded like he was joking but there's a slight irony in it. I've never even been in one room with her… it's KJ and Troll that had been with her…

"When Ms Anum went to her room, she saw her study table filled with your pictures. Had you been using her? Or did you take advantage of her? You better tell me properly, Gibran," warned Mr Roslan.

Gibbs shook his head while smiling. "Sir… do you really believe in those love potions? I thought that you're better than that," Gibbs indirectly insulted him. Then he continued, "So she's interested in me? Then? Is it my fault that she likes me? It's a free country. If even you, sir, want to like me, there's nothing I can do about it."

Mr Roslan looked like he's holding in his anger. At this age, he probably had high-blood pressure - that's worsening every time he met Gibbs.

"If there's nothing else, then please excuse me," said Gibbs while he stood up.

"If anything happens to her, you're the first person I'll be looking for, Gibran!"

Gibbs simply smiled and exited from Mr Roslan's room, though his heart was slightly anxious.

Ray was alone in the auditorium, making sure that all the costumes and props were perfect. Though he could have just let his two assistants do these menial tasks, he preferred to double-check them himself. He must make sure that nothing goes wrong.

He was worried that Sofil might attack again tonight, but he felt that he won't have the guts to do so - especially after Deepa's case.

Many rumours spread when Deepa was taken back home by her parents. Some said that she was severely depressed - since she rarely ever talked (but she really don't talk much even before that. Talking with Ray was only for work-related things. It's only when she's with Gibbs that she mustered her courage to talk). Some even said that she saw something paranormal - which wasn't that shocking since many paranormal activities had happened in CGTSS, but only a few students had experienced them.

The most important thing was that nobody saw Deepa walking back to her room wearing KJ's Shirt of Shame. If there was, the matter would have blown up. But as for Fara, Ray wasn't so sure - since she's her roommate. They're closer and the probability of them meeting when Deepa was wearing the shirt was high.

Whatever. Ray can't be bothered to think about it. He had other matters to do.

As Ray was checking the costumes, he suddenly heard the sound of the door being smashed. He felt scared for a while. Is it Sofil?

Ray grabbed a long stick that was near the stage; leftover from the wood used in building the set. He walked to the origin of the sound - the auditorium's back door. If Sofil is causing trouble again, I'll just swing this, Ray was determined.

But when he arrived behind the auditorium, after looking for a while - he truly didn't see anyone. Is it the wind?

Ray returned to the stage - and there, he saw a figure. It's not a figure of a person though. It's… something else. It was something that used to have a physical body but now was only left with a soul. A restless soul.

As from what Ray had seen previously, it was wearing a white dress with long black hair. The bottom part of the dress was drenched with blood. It just stood there, doing nothing. Ray knew it won't do anything.

Ray tried calming his heart and planned to resume his work. It's not like it's doing anything, thought Ray. He continued looking at the costumes…

And then he felt the presence of the figure right behind him. When Ray moved a step to the left, the figure mirrored him. Ray could feel… that the figure was staring at him deeply. He ignored it.

Suddenly, he heard the figure crying, moaning.

Ahh now… it's crying…

The sound was fear-inducing. Ray decided to go back and continue tomorrow. As calm as possible, Ray started walking to the auditorium's side door…

And the figure stood directly between him and the door. It was still moaning. A moaning that started turning… into a hysterical cackling.

Ray braved himself and reached for the doorknob, and the figure suddenly held onto his hand. Ray's heart immediately started pounding. He felt a cold shiver running up his spine.

"The one who persecutes… will be persecuted…"


And that was the last thing Ray heard before fainting.

"Don't make things up, Ray!"

KJ flipped as Ray finished his story. The time was one in the morning … around half an hour after Ray woke up when fainting in the auditorium.

Ray was silent while massaging his head. He still had a headache and had not the energy to bother with KJ who's monkeying (a new term that's used for KJ when he's over-acting).

Gibbs too was silent after hearing Ray's story, and just sat crossed-leg on the bed while staring at the wall. He'd sometimes help squeeze Ray's head that was lying down right next to him. It's so that he could do something to distract himself. Ray didn't mind - he actually liked it.

"I don't think that Ray's making up a story. That 'thing' really is in the auditorium. You've seen it yourself a few times already," said Troll to KJ.

"Yeah! But why did that 'thing' give a statement like that? It's illogical!" KJ was still monkeying.

"Why are you so jumpy? We don't even know whether that ‘thing' is referring to anything. Maybe that 'thing' was persecuted in the past, that's it," Troll tried calming the situation.

"I don't know. Sounds a little too fishy - knowing that Ray wasn't totally on board with the whole idea. And then this story suddenly came up," said KJ while glancing at Ray curiously.

"Hey, give him a break will ya?" Gibbs backed Ray.

"Alah, you're the same, Gibbs. Maybe it's you who planned all this, trying to scare us, right?" replied KJ.

This kid is really asking for a beating tonight, thought Gibbs.

"You got a problem with me, dude?" asked Gibbs.

"We 'taught' that girl for your sake, you get it? Then you can walk away clean… and you even have a girlfriend! So, yeah, I got a problem with that!" responded KJ.

"It wasn't my idea, goddammit! You're the one that wanted to do it!" yelled Gibbs.

"See? See? Yes, it's my idea, but you all agreed! So, we'll have to bear it together!"

"Sure, we'll bear it together, you idiot! Was it you who was called by Old Lan? Hah? Was it you who was disturbed in the auditorium? If not, then just shut the hell up!" Gibbs roared.

"Whoa, chill!" screamed Troll.

Everyone silenced.

"What the heck is with you, KJ? Why are you so agitated? How many times have you pranked people by now, and you're never this nervous," commented Troll.

KJ just snorted.

"This friend of ours, when it comes to paranormal things, he's just a scaredy cat," Ray sounded and sat up. He lighted a cigarette carefreely like the tense air wasn't there.

"You know that I can't stand these things! Why did you have to tell us that?" KJ questioned Ray - indirectly admitting that he's scared of Ray's story.

"It's an interesting story. Thought I should share," replied Ray, still nonchalant.

"But it really has nothing to do with us, right?" KJ still wanted a confirmation.

Ray shrugged.

"Well, there's one way to find out…" as that sentence came out from Gibbs' mouth, he felt like pulling it back it, as he didn't think of the effects from the action that he would suggest until the sentence came out.

"How?" asked Troll.

Ah, damn it. Let's just go on, Gibbs decided.

"Fara. She.. can communicate with those 'things'," told Gibbs.

Everyone was silent. Yes! My girlfriend is a weirdo! But she's hot, get it?

"But how would you ask her without letting her know what we did?" Troll tossed out the question that's been playing in Gibbs' mind.

"I think she already knows," said Ray, who said what's in Gibbs' mind too.

"Gotta face the music sooner or later. Do you want me to ask?" asked Gibbs.

"Only if there are no repercussions," KJ insisted.

"There definitely would be repercussions. Me being single again is one of them," replied Gibbs.

"well… that's not so bad," KJ said with a grin.

"You really are a mixture of an ape and a pig, eh?" said Gibbs.

"Are you saying that my dad's an ape and my mom's a pig?"

"In that case, you got your dad's mouth and your mom's nose," replied Ray.

"Fuck you!!"

And thus, KJ rumbled Ray while Troll laughed at the side. Gibbs simply smiled, thinking about his fate when he meets Fara the next day.

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Gantung Chapter 24

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