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Wedding 2

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Thus, on the wedding day, there suddenly were about 50 people gathered in the Church.

In the center, there were the persons with the main role, the wolf man ‘Luger’ (Ruga) and the rabbit woman ‘Cheryl’ (Shieriru). They seemed to be blessed by the attendance of their colleagues in the workplace, Nina who had somehow managed to take a break this time, and Ferris who had come ahead of Georg. Both were dressed in a bit fluffy clothes made of cotton instead of the simple hemp clothing that they usually wear. Perhaps Nina had the consideration for them, and had the textile industry make it for this occasion.

“Luger, Cheryl.” (Georg)

When Georg spoke from the outside of the crowd, people who noticed quickly opened a path. Georg seemed to be waiting for the sign of beginning the ceremony with shining eyes.

“Oh! Mister Georg!” (Cheryl)

“Please look! A lot of people came!” (Luger)

Cheryl’s ears were standing up excitedly, and Luger was wagging his tail with an extraordinary intensity. Looking at the situation, Georg responded with a cheerful smile.

“Today, the weather is also good. I’ve been looking outside and it seems that the preparation for the dinner party is nearly done. ” (Georg)

It is Georg that said that the ceremony itself would be finished quickly, and that all the participants would subsequently take meals outside the meeting place. There are also many possibilities for the quality of the food. I will order somewhat gaudy food this time as it is the first wedding in the city, and even if future couples cannot afford it, I will reward hard work and fulfill their wishes with my power.

“Yes!! Everyone has brought ingredients with them … …. It is the first time I have seen such a luxurious meal …. So it is possible to be this happy….” (Luger)

Luger said this with eyes full of emotion.

“Wow … I am of the same thought. Even just being blessed by everyone about Luger, I’m so happy …. and Georg is caring for me so much… ” (Cheryl)

Cheryl couldn’t hold back her tears. Their feelings of happiness were certainly transmitted to Georg.

“Well … if you are pleased that much, I have nothing to say. Let’s get started! ” (Georg)

“”Yes!!”” (Cheryl & Luger)

Following Georg ‘s words, the majority of the people seated themselves on chairs and the main protagonists stood side by side in the church’ s virgin road. There, an altar as high as the waist was placed so that it had the two lovers on both of its sides. Georg moved behind the altar and began speaking slowly.

“From now on, with this wolf man ‘Luger’ of the wolf tribe and this woman ‘Cheryl’ of the rabbit tribe, we will have the wedding ceremony between these two.” (Georg)

At Georg’s loud declaration, the venue calmed down. After checking it, Georg continued speaking.

“Luger” (Georg)

“Yes” (Luger)

“Until the end of your life, do you swear that you will love and respect Cheryl, and will never doubt this love?” (Georg)

“…Yes! I swear!” (Luger)

“Good” (Georg)

The tension had reached its peak, as Luger, who had finally become unable to hold back his tears, answered with a dripping nose. Georg heard this and turned to Sheryl this time.

“Cheryl” (Georg)

“Yes … Yes!” (Cheryl)

“Until the end of your life, do you swear that you will love and respect Luger, and will never doubt this love?”  (Georg)

“Yes … yes … … I swear … I swear!” (Cheryl)

“Very well.” (Georg)

As Cheryl finished speaking, she couldn’t help but cry. Georg, who had heard the words of the two pledgees, further continued his words.

“Love is tolerant, passionate, envious, unbearable, proud, and not for profit. Now they have vowed here to love, to endure, to persevere, to believe. The witnesses of that oath are everyone here and I. If there is no fault in this statement, please sign this. ” (Georg)

Having said that, I placed the prepared pledge, two pens and ink pots on the book table, and turned it towards them. The first one to sign it with a trembling hand was Luger.

“…… Hahaha, I’m trembling … I cannot write it well …” (Luger)

While having me support one hand, he managed to write it down with the hand that was trembling the least.

“Really … … First of all, … … I have practiced writing many times … ….” (Cheryl)

Cheryl finally wrote while wiping her overflowing tears with the other hand.

After confirming it, Georg nodded deeply and declared a signed pledge.

“Here, both pledges have been made. Those who were present here acknowledge that all of them are witnesses and accept it under the name of Georg … Now, let’s decide between the names of their two houses as proof that they became family members. ” (Georg)

Sub-people who did not originally have a name are allowed to name themselves when they come here. However, there was no one who had given him/herself a surname. Although Georg didn’t really restrict it, there is a general fixed view that surnames are not permitted unless one comes from a noble or royal family.

However, that common sense was lost when they came to this place.

“”……..”” (Cheryl & Luger)

But the two looked at me silently. When Georg thought about asking what happened, they finally opened their mouths.

“Our family name is … ….” (Cheryl)

“I’d like to receive it from Georg…..” (Luger)

The two people with red eyes told me this.

“Me?” (Georg)

“Yes … I think that it is a wasteful thing to do for us, but now that we are standing in this place with a radiant feeling … … all thanks to Georg …” (Cheryl)

“If Georg could give a family name … we think we could pledge the previous pledge even deeper.” (Luger)

“Hmm…” (Georg)

Georg was troubled. It’s because he wasn’t sure about the criteria for a good family name and so on. However, there was no excuse for refusing here, so Georg desperately explored his memories and knowledge, and said:

“… Fortier” (Georg)

“” Fortier…? “" (Cheryl & Luger)

“Oh, it is a word that means courage. Now that you have broken down the common sense, I will praise that courage, and give this surname. ” (Georg)

Fortia Fortier. Courage in Latin. It is a word that I pulled out of modern knowledge. It was a word I happened to find at the time I was closely investigating great words and maxims, etc. (I can not tell you the details).

“Ah….courage..” (Cheryl)

“Oh, thank you!” (Luger)

“Well, this is Luger Fortier. As well as Cheryl Fortier’s wedding ceremony. Everyone, I bless you with as much power as possible for the new beginning!” (Georg)

When Georg said these words of closure, the audience got up all at once and gave a big applause to them. From somewhere flower petals were flying in. The two who finally stopped crying just then started to cry again, were then made fun of by the surrounding people, and left the place.

“Marriage … … Someday, will I also marry?” (Georg)

Georg remained alone and muttered in a small voice. Now, those waiting for food outside will welcome the two, and there will be a grand reception. When I imagined such a happy sight, I felt a bit envious…

“Marriage … I also want to try … … my older brother …” (Ferris)

At that time, Ferris, who was outside the circle of people outdoors, was mumbling about such a thing.

Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki Volume 4 Chapter 7

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