Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki Volume 4 Chapter 8

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National treasures, national future

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Nearly a year has passed since the first wedding ceremony took place in this town. This also marks nearly one and a half years passed since we accepted new residents into the town.

Unlike before, the town of 500 people was now bustling. Life settled down, progress was seen in production, tailoring, medical care and various other areas, and the amount work that was directly related to Georg had been drastically reduced.

Fields and orchards are steadily expanding and the current staff is perfect for them. The number of livestock also increased, and I have begun working on the production of dairy products using sheep milk and cows’ milk. Horses have also reproduced, and chariots can now be used.

And although the material of which clothes are made has not changed, flowers that become dyes obtained from the forest are now cultivated, and the skill of craftsmen has improved much, so individuals have gotten to be more fashionable, which I enjoy a lot. Although there are not that many variations of color yet, (There’s red, blue, green and yellow) it can be said that clothing has improved considerably even with only the coloring of the material.

Regarding medicine, as a result of the medical association group, which was established in the past, doing various verifications, at the stage when it became clear that a sub-person could receive the same treatment as humans, a formal medical clinic was founded. Medicinal herbs are also cultivated in the backyard of the clinic, as it has become difficult to rely on only Georg in case of light injuries and colds.

Besides that, in the fisheries industry, the number of ships deployed increased, increasing the amount of fish caught with nets, etc.  The iron industry has started working with silver and gold to create money.

More people got married, more than 10 pairs came up with pledges since the first wedding. The building which was called a meeting place is now officially called a marriage place etc. In the place where there would normally be a cross if it was a church, a stone statue of a dragon was built.

It seems to be said that if you break the oath in front of the dragon, it will be burned by its breath and it will be destroyed.

Even though Georg can’t spew fire.

Anyway, the town has entered a stable period. In the meantime, happy news came to Georg.

“What was born?” (Georg)

“Yes, he seems to be a healthy boy,” (Nina)

“Oh… that is a joyous occasion. I’ll come later.” (Georg)

I was told by Nina that a child had been born of Luger and Cheryl.

“As soon as my inspection with Ferris ends, I will come visit you two.” (Georg)

“Yes!!” (Luger)

Now they were looking at the jewelry engineering department which was sectored out of the iron industry. They manufacture gold and silver rings, necklaces, bracelets and so on. These can’t be distributed in the town yet, so they are easily overproduced. They are supposed to be used for the next transaction and it is said that they can manufacture as much as two carriages full.

“Even so …… Children …” (Georg)

Georg muttered deeply.

“What are you thinking about?” (Ferris)

“No, children are the future of this city, they are treasures. However, until now, it has never happened before, so sometimes I felt a bit of a sense of crisis. But that finally stopped today, I feel happy, I can’t have any other thoughts. “(Georg)

“That’s right, isn’t it?” (Ferris)

“Yeah…. that’s right. I’d also like to look at the child soon.” (Nina)

At Georg’s answer, Ferris and Nina also voice their thoughts. Yes, children are the ones who will bear the future of this town. The people who are here now will make a bridge for them to connect with the future of this town, to further develop and enrich it. It was born after all, though there was only one.

“I want the children who are born in this generation to draw up their own dreams and aspirations. Instead of being told what their dreams should be, I want them to think about it themselves and decide what they want to do.” (Georg)

“Georg-sama…” (Nina)

“Brother…” (Ferris)

The monologue of Georg, it is a way of blaming oneself.

Certainly, those in here are living a much better life compared to before. But Georg feels as if the people who are living here now had to sacrifice some of their dreams to construct and found the town, and he doesn’t want that for the future.

“Anyway, it became a bit damp. Let’s quickly finish looking around and go watch the kids.” (Georg)

As Georg looked back, he had the gentlest smile ever.

/From Cheryl’s perspective/

“Oh, you two, is this the child?” (Georg)

“Cute….” (Ferris)

Georg and Ferris were visiting Luger and Cheryl ‘s house immediately after the inspection.

“Since she was born just now….. please don’t stimulate her too much.” (Cheryl)

“I know” (Georg)

“Well … … may I come here again another time?” (Ferris)

I showed a bitter smile to the two overly excited people. I do not seem to be able to get up from bed yet, but this mother is always strong-willed.

“Georg-sama, we named this child Garche (Garushe) (TN: Please tell me if you know a better name, I feel like Garche is a bit weird)”

“Garche?…Is that perhaps two names mixed together?” (Georg)

“Well, this boy is our treasure. And the eldest son who has to protect the house someday.” (Luger)

Luger, standing next to me, taught Georg my baby ‘s name while letting his facial expressions collapse. His face keeps on loosening since a while ago, it is probably helpless.

“Well, this child, no, all the babies who will be born in this town from now on are the treasure of their parents, the treasure of everyone, the treasure of this city, and our future. We must protect them by all means. Therefore, if you have any problems, please do not hesitate to consult me. I cannot be there for you all the time, but I can certainly become a temporary help." (Georg)

“Oh….Yes!! Thank you very much!!” (Luger)

“Hmmm, then, let us leave soon.” (Georg)

“Well … I would like to stay a little more” (Ferris)

Ferris was dissatisfied as soon as Georg made remarks about going home. She was probably considerably interested in the baby.

“Ferris, Cheryl is still tired, and we shouldn’t disturb this family for a bit.” (Georg)

“Well…. that’s right. Okay then, Luger, Cheryl, please excuse us. And goodbye to you too, Garche.”

They said their goodbyes softly so as not to wake a sleeping child, and after Cheryl and Luger responded likewise, Ferris and Georg left the house.

/From Georg’s perspective/

Ferris watched the baby’s sleeping face regretfully while leaving Garche ‘s sleeping room, but when I left the house she gave up and stayed next to me.

“Hey, brother.” (Ferris)

“Hmmm?” (Georg)

“I also want children.” (Ferris)

She dropped a bomb.

“…………really.” (Georg)

I could only squeeze out that much. If you think about it carefully, Ferris will also be 16 years old soon, and her body has certainly grown much recently. Although the appearance of when she was a girl remains, the growth of the parts of womanhood are also obvious, and her skin and face are good, beautiful, and refreshing compared to before she stayed with me.

That’s right, usually at this age, in modern Japan, it is the time of dreaming of finding your loved one. I have not considered such a thing because I have been busy so far, but I should think about it soon.

“Well, first you should find a partner. Come to me when you find him.” (Georg)

“……..Sure.” (Ferris)

For a while there, Ferris looked somewhat down.

“……What happened?” (Georg)

“…………..Nothing.” (Ferris)

“…….If it’s fine…” (Georg)

“To……Older brother, I….” (Ferris)

Ferris suddenly took me by the arm with a smile on her face.

“What’s this so suddenly?” (Georg)

“Not so suddenly” (Ferris)

“………Totally.” (Georg)

With an amazed expression, Georg didn’t remove her arm.

And the good-humored Ferris walked on, humming a song, and pulling him along.

Returning to work, there was a magical atmosphere around them, like that of a brother-in-law and a little sister, like that of a parent and child, or like that of lovers.

Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki Volume 4 Chapter 8

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