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Toward a big increase in personnel
A few days after visiting Luger and Cheryl’s house, Georg was travelling by horse-drawn carriage on the road leading to the city of Nidea.
The cargo loaded in carriage was a golden handiwork beautifully packed in a box. It had been packed with straw and no scratch could be seen on it.
“….It’s good weather.” (Georg)
His drowsiness was increased by the regular sound of horse feet pulling the carriage.
Now, to explain why we are in such a situation, we must go back in time a little.

“I think I will move on to the third stage of the replenishment of residents soon” (Georg)
Georg told this to everyone at the end of the regular meeting.
“Is it finally time?”(Cale)
“We have prepared a food production system so there will be no problems with that. Even if we get 2 or 3 thousand people, we can still scrape by.” (Nina)
Cale and Nina responded to the statement, and the other important members nod. No one seemed to have an objection.
“I think they won’t be coming here before six months have passed, and I anticipate one thousand to fifteenhundred people.” (Georg)
“So about two thousand people is our estimation.” (Nina)
It was obvious that Nina’s remark was ironic, because I brought way more than the estimated 300 people last time.
“If all of them gather here, there will be no hardships for them anymore. Still, this time I’ll have to compete with the local lords and the Chamber of Commerce, but if that goes well, my chances for gathering a lot are high.” (Georg)
Georg just disregarded the remarks and continued on talking.
“Competition?” (Nina)
“Oh, this time I will use the products of the goldsmiths and others as negotiation materials, and I will also spread a story that more profits will be given to those who gather more beast-people for me. Commercial firms normally antagonize lords excessively of course, so, because I wouldn’t want to imitate those lords, I will build up an equal commercial bond with the firms first.” (Georg)
After I answered Cale’s question, the surrounding people nodded as though they were convinced.
“Then, what if the commercial firm has no ability?” (Nina)
“It’s narrowed down to one lord. However, in this case, it is no doubt that we will try to keep our part of the deal as profitable as possible, so the amount we trade will only be somewhat higher than the minimum limit we can produce here. ” (Georg)
“Well … in that case, will you restrain to some extent what you put out from here?” (Nina)
Nina, who has built up considerable experience and knowledge, asks.
“Oh yeah, in the end, I assume we can produce about six full loaded carriages of wares in half a year, but it is possible there would be one less. Also, there is a necessity to reduce the production of jewelry for the construction work of the residence which is starting tomorrow, as we are in need of gold and silver workmanship, but it depends on the results of my discussion with the workers tomorrow. I ask everyone here to temporarily just follow the schedule.” (Georg)
Incidentally, of the 500 buildings that were built in the early days, about 100 houses are still left empty. Approximately 350 houses were used as homes, about 60 are being used for other projects by rebuilding or relocating later, and after that many were newly built and used instead of the initial 500.
This time, we plan to build about 700 more supporting the increase in people. 500 will be built by Georg built inside the already expanded castle wall, and the remaining 200 will be used for building experience of the civil engineering department a little. I do not expect them to finish in half a year, so I will build more if they haven’t built enough when the time is due. As I want to spend my power and time on collecting residents as much as possible and later on education and employment, this time it will not be a problem as long as the civil engineering department accumulates more than a certain level of experience, knowledge and wisdom. It will be possible to request a little more from them next time.
“The clothing and textile industries have already started mass-producing clothes.” (Leona)
“And the fishing industry is making efforts to improve the efficiency of food security, such as additional deployment of boats, expansion of fixed netting, and creation of cages …” (Tina)
“Georg-sama, we are ready to assign all related personnel to crafting.” (Will)
Leona of the textile processing industry, Tina of the fishing industry, and Will of the ironworkers said in order.
“Oh, there are no problems with your work in the meantime. Either way, someday you’ll have to accept a large number of residents, so you must prepare for that now. Of course, if that is impossible for the current staff, please consult us about it. Instead of forcing the current residents to accept new residents, the risk of breaking their bodies from overwork is our biggest concern right now. If more than the expected numbers gather, shortages are inevitable, and I will do something about it. We can not deny those who gathered, and we will take responsibility for the resulting problems. ” (Georg)
The people around him were relieved at his words. It’s of course inevitable that some problems will arise not only in food supply but also in education, housing, clothing, etc. if the number of residents is increased by more than 1000. I’ll be a witness to the evidence.
“Are there any other questions?… me there seem to be none. Now, let’s end this discussion. I ask of you all that you handle it without a blunder. It is you who decide how this city will develop and be enriched. Please, would you not let me laugh at my juniors?” (Georg)
“””””Yes!!””””” (The surrounding people)
“Well then, you are dismissed.” (Georg)
This way, the preparations for the acceptance of residents half a year from now would start.
The next day, Georg would return to the city of Nidea, but before that:
“Jill” (Georg)
“Hah…..yes!!!” (Jill)
Georg does not forget his mofu-supplementation.
It goes without saying that Jill ‘s cat – like ears and supple and glossy tail were enjoyed.

Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki Volume 4 Chapter 9

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