Genjitsushugisha no Oukokukaizouki Volume 4 Chapter 2 Part3

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Yukkuri Oniisan



Enlightenment Arc

Chapter 2: Let’s Create an Educational Program C

Author’s Note: Zenpoko-kun was like this image. I remembered it when I wrote it, a toy similar to it that I had in the past…… Its form changed according to its emotions, or so was the character setting that I had thought of. However, there was no chance to show it yet.

Left: Zenpoko-kun Tsujou (Usual) Mode, Right: Zenpoko-kun Yaruki (Eager) Mode


The short drama of Zenpoko-kun and Juna onee-san finished and the broadcast projected yet another place. This time it wasn’t a stage, but a place that was similar to a reception hall, where ten children of ages 3 to 5 years old could be seen. There wasn’t any uniformity in them as they freely moved around, sat, ran, or lied down.

By the way, these children were the children of the castle’s workers who were looked after in the daycare establishment inside the castle. Since we were talking about creating n educational program, then there ought to be child spectators in it, too. After receiving the consent of their parents (well, since their employer the King asked it, they couldn’t exactly say no to me……), I was able to get them to appear in the program. Then amongst the children, there was a teenage girl mixed in.

She was the former Amidonian Ducal Princess, Roroa. Just like Juna, Roroa was wearing boyish attire. Then, she called out from the middle of the children.

「Now, everyone~. Let’s call the Singer Onee-san out~. Ready~ Go!」(Roroa)

「「「「Juna Onee-san‼」」」」(Children)

Roroa yelled and the children followed suit. Then,

「Ha~i」(Juna Onee-san)

While waving her hand, she entered. Juna-san stood beside Roroa.

「Now, everybody. It’s time for a song♪.」(Juna Onee-san)

As she said this, she started to clap her hands into the beat.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Roroa!? What in the world is that girl doing!?」(Liscia)

Liscia looked in my direction, so I shrugged my shoulders.

「When I mentioned to Roroa about creating the educational program, she said 『That sounds interesting! Darlin’, I also want to appear~』 and threw a tantrum. I couldn’t help it, so now she plays a role as Juna’s assistant and appears in the program.」(Souma)

「Can you choose the cast just like that!?」(Liscia)

「…… I can’t win against a weeping girl, landlord and investor.」(Souma)

This 『Together with Oneesan』 show was being sponsored by the company 『Silver Stag Store』 that was publicly headed by Sebas, while Roroa was its shadow president. Right now, it was investing in various businesses and research in our country. Research and development for food, healthcare, military and other fields that were related to the citizens’ lives were put as our priorities. Hence, the national treasury was always in a state of barely being afloat. Even though, eventually the increase in population would increase the tax yield and cover the expenses, it wasn’t something that will happen right now.

『Due to the establishment of the training schools and classes, the budget is already strained! We don’t have any leeway to put more money into an educational program with unclear effectiveness! Please have a bit more restraint!』(Colbert)

……Was what the Finance Minister Colbert had said while in tears. As expected from someone with a “brake” role next to Hakuya, he was stiff with the strings in the purse. Although I was relieved that there was a reliable person looking after the purse…… I had no other choice, but to ask Roroa’s company to finance the show.

「The world is such a tough place.」(Liscia)

「It sure is.」(Souma)

……Well, perhaps Roroa already predicted this situation ever since she established her company. Actually, if Roroa didn’t finance it, then this show wouldn’t exist. If I didn’t yield to just a slight selfishness from my talented fiancée, then I will incur divine punishment. I looked back to the hall and saw Juna-san, Roroa, and the children singing 『Close Hands, Open』[1] together.

「「Close your hands, open your hands♪

Clap your hands, close your hands.♪」」

While looking at Roroa, who was making exaggerated hand movements, the children danced to mimic her. The sight of the children hopping with their arms and feet flouncing around brought smiles to one’s face. As my heart was warmed by the children’s angelic actions, Liscia asked me again.

「I know why you want to make educational programs, but why are there so many songs?」(Liscia)

「Songs will linger in one’s ears and are also easy to propagate. You could strangely remember the songs that you heard in your childhood, right? It will remain inside one’s mind much more easily than regular methods of teaching and can be disseminated far more widely.」(Souma)

To give an example, in my case, before I learnt about 「Irohanihoeto」[2], I remembered the children song, 「Irohamatsuri」[3]. Then, even though it could be said that I was still confused on the order of the 12 Chinese zodiac, the song 『Zodiac Merry Go Round』[4]  really helped me in remembering them. The remembered melodies were quite hard to forget. ……These were the wonderfulness of children’s songs.

Liscia replied in admiration.

「I see…… If I think about it, Souma’s plan is indeed amazing.」(Liscia)

「Hm…… Well, since my job is to think after all.」(Souma)

「It ought not to be as simple as you say, since it’s a policy that puts the citizens into the consideration.」(Liscia)

Liscia sent me a respecting look…… so I averted my eyes away.

「Hey, why did you turn your eyes away?」(Liscia)

「Well, you see, it’s not entirely for the citizens’ sake…… It could be said that I have a bit of self-interest in doing this……」(Souma)


Liscia gazed towards me intently…… Can’t be helped, let’s confess.

「At the end of this year, there will be a coronation ceremony for me and also our wedding ceremony, right?」(Souma)

「S-seems so.」(Liscia)

When she heard about marriage, Liscia’s cheeks became red. That action was so touching…… But let’s continue the talk for now.

「So, at that wedding ceremony, I plan to unveil the non-distinction between the Queen Consort and Royal Consort.」(Souma)

Royal Consort couldn’t pass down the throne succession rights, since it was originally a “Concubine” position and was cosidered lower than the Queen Consort position. For this reason, even if they were treated as the same “Queen”s, there were many cases where the marriage ceremonies for the Royal Consorts weren’t performed grandiosely in public. For the Royal Consort’s side, they were being wary of the Queen Consort, so there were cases where the Royal Consort refused to be present. They might be afraid that this ceremony would become the root of conflict in the future. However, I want to change all of this.

「Even if Roroa said that she’s fine with becoming a Royal Consort, if we consider the Amidonia Region, then I intend to take her as the Third Queen Consort. However, in that case, only Juna-san wouldn’t join the ceremony, right? If it’s possible, I want to have a wedding ceremony with everyone.」(Souma)

「That’s true…… I also think that would be better.」(Liscia)

Liscia said while crossing her arms.

「Since both Aisha and Juna-san had faced times of hardship times with me, I consider them as comrades in arms. Ah, it doesn’t mean that I’m ignoring Roroa. You see, she is like a cute and playful imouto. However…… Aisha and Juna-san are special. Queen Consort or Royal Consort aside, I don’t intend to look down on them.」(Liscia)

「I see…… Then, I’m glad.」(Souma)

I was glad that Liscia as the First Queen Consort was open minded about this case. Liscia and the others were friendly, so I wasn’t worried that much, but……. Hearing it directly from Liscia’s mouth was truly relieving. Really…… She is a girl that is far too good for someone like me.

「Juna-san will agree about participating in the marriage ceremony…… But, is there any relationship between this and the broadcast?」(Liscia)

「Yeah……. Right now, the matter of my engagement with Juna-san is being kept as a secret, but when the date to the wedding ceremony draws close, then there is no need to hide that anymore, right?」(Souma)

「Of course. Since the wedding ceremony will be broadcasted to the entire country.」(Liscia)

「Yes, that’s why the announcement of the engagement will happen sooner or later…… Even so, at that time, which one would get the least backlash from the citizens? The 『Song Princess(Lorelei)』 Juna-san or the 『Singer Onee-san』 Juna-san? ……」(Souma)

My eyes swam around while saying this, so Liscia scornfully looked at me.

「Perhaps, you planned this broadcast for that reason?」(Liscia)

「Well, no. From the beginning, the plan itself was for educating the citizens. But, I mixed…… a bit of my self-interests inside……」(Souma)

「I am amazed. Could you just ignore the citizens’ eyes?」(Liscia)

「No, I can’t. It’s a quite a serious problem, you see!?」(Souma)

After all, right now, Juna-san had become the national idol that even made the National Assembly petition to 「Increase her screentime on the Royal Voice Broadcast」. If I announced her engagement like this, then a real riot might happen. That’s why, in order to reduce that backlash, I was thinking to gradually shift Juna-san’s work from 『Song Princess(Idol )』 into 『Singer Onee-san』 from now on. Although I felt sorry about this, when I inform Juna-san,

『If I can sing beside Your Majesty, then I don’t care about my social position.』(Juna)

She said with a smile. Then, she immediately nominated the Song Princess Komari Koruda to inherit her position. Juna-san might be also actually be eager in this case.

―――then, while I was talking about this, the children singing part was over.

「Good, everyone. You have all sung wonderfully.」(Juna Onee-san)

「Everybody watchin’ th’ broadcast, can you sing it nicely, too~?」(Roroa)

Juna-san and Roroa left some parting words to close this program segment.

「What about the program after this?」(Liscia)

Liscia asked in a whisper.

「After this…… Is exercise time.」(Souma)

「Exercise? Since there are only our acquaintances appearing in the program, then…… Aisha?」(Liscia)

「…… No. For the exercise, I have prepared a “screwball”. That’s why I chose him for that role.」(Souma)


Then, Roroa called out.

「Now, everyone. Next is exercise time. Let’s call “Exercise Oniisan” together~. Ready~ Go!」(Roroa)

「「「「Exercise Onii-sa~n‼」」」」

Following Roroa’s lead, the children called out in one voice. Then,


From the balcony on the second floor, a man jumped down. The man cleanly landed in front of the children and raised one of his thumbs up an grinned with sparkling white teeth. The man is a youth from the human race, with a height of about 185 cm. Even with clothes on, it could be seen that he has a thick muscled body. His face could be totally seen as ikemen class, but his thick upward-slanting eyebrows, shining eyes, and sparkling white teeth, each of his features were strangely “strong”. The youth put his arms at his waist, turned to the children, and said.

「Children, thanks for waiting! Now, let’s move our bodies together!」(MAN)

The youth gave an energetic speech while sporting an energetic smile. At the sight of such an energetic youth, Liscia opened her mouth wide and muttered.

「…… Who’s that?」(Liscia)



Just imagine the Exercise Onii-san as the guy from Lazy Town. That’s it for this month.

I don’t know when Larvyde will return……

So I think I will translate my assigned chapters first……

Currently Genjitsugi Yuusha is considered as just my side project… But I might elevate it into main project in this case.

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