God and Devil World Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Chapter 18: White Leather Gloves

Yue got up and left the room.

Yue: “There are no Life Coin. Why is this? Is it after a while, something that did not belong in this world will disappear?”

Yue went up the stairs, along the way there were zombie corpses everywhere, but their were no black Life Coin near their body, this made him frowned.

Hesitating a bit, Yue took out a Life Coin and threw it on the ground and stared at it, after 20 minutes, the black Life Coin turned into black smoke and disappear in the air.

Yue puckered his eyebrows, thinking:

Yue: “Sure enough, items that does not exist in this world, if it leaves the body of the owner will disappear in 20 minutes.”

Yue inspected the area going up, only seeing the corpses of the zombie everywhere, all the bodies he saw were killed White Bones.

This building have 8 floors, Yue’s inspection did not find any zombies left, all the zombies have been killed by White Bones.

White Bones because of all the fighting had advance to level 8, it was now 70% stronger than an average human.

On the 8th floor, Yue went straight to the door of an apartment:

Yue “Is there anyone inside? If you are, please tell me, I will leave immediately. If you do not answer, I will use force to break in.”

There was no movement inside.

Yue: “White Bones, do it!”

Yue ordered White Bones.

White Bones with his axe as big as a human head strike at the door, cutting a deep hole, wood chip flying out.

Several more axe strike and the door was quickly chopped up.

The door just opened, out of the room, a torn and bitten face little zombie girl, a middle-aged male zombie, and a female zombie staggered toward Yue and White Bones.

Yue: “Attack them!”

Yue shouted, with a sword slash, beheaded the middle-aged male zombie sending his head flying.

White Bones with a vicious hit, as if like a tank hitting the little girl zombie and female zombie, knocking the 2 zombies to the ground.

Yue came over, with a slash cut of the little girl zombie head.

Yue: “Hold her!”

White Bones was about to killed the female zombie when he got Yue’s order, it could only use it’s bony hand to hold the female zombie .

Yue slashed down, cutting off the zombie head.

Right after the zombie head was cut off, a white treasure box dropped out.

Yue eyes brightly lit up, quickly picked it up and open it.

A white light flashing,a rune-engraved white leather gloves appear in front of him.

Level 1 White Leather Gloves. After equip +2 Power. Can withstand attack from monster below level 5, durability 10/10.

Yue quickly wore the white leather gloves, he soon felt a warmth flowing through his body, his power has been increased.

Yue search the room for a bit, did not find any zombies, walked towards another apartment.

The room was heavily damage by Yue, with the zombies beheaded.

Yue: “Is anyone inside? Please me tell me and I will leave immediately. If you do not respond then I will break in.”

Man: “There is! Don’t break my door. Please leave immediately.”

On the 3rd floor of the building, he heard a man’s voice.

Yue without hesitation, immediately walked out toward the lower floor.

The 8 story building, each floor has 4 apartment, Yue found that there were 6 families that were still alive, but everyone was wary of him. He just spoked to them and was immediately driven away.

The world have transformed today, home is the only safe place, everyone toward strangers has a great deal of caution.

Yue destroy all the apartment that did not have people and cleaned it up, and was able to advance to level 7.

System Message: “You have been promoted to level 7, please assign the 2 stats points.”

When Yue killed all the zombies on the 6 floor, a voice rang out in his head.

Yue hesitated a bit before making his choice.

Yue: “Assign 1 point to Stamina, 1 point to Agility.”

After killing all the zombies in the building, Yue dragged his exhausted body back to Chen Yao apartment.

Chen Yao: “Yue, you are back!”

Seeing Yue return, the girls immediately smiled with joy, they were worried that he would die in the mouth of the zombies, even more worried that he would be gone for good.”

Chen Yao: “Yue, I prepared dinner for you.”

Chen Yao took a big, steaming bowl of noodles topped with meat and ham toward Yue, smiled and handed the bowl to Yue. The smell of the food drifted to his nose.

The bowl filled with meat and ham, the smell drifting to his nose when his stomach growled loudly, the food was too enticing.

Yue: “Is this tap water?”

Yue took the bowl of instant noodles, controlling his greedy hunger, looked at Chen Yao and asked.

Chen Yao understood Yue’s concerns, quickly replied:

Chen Yao: “No! It’s cleaned water.”

Yue took the bowl of instant noodles and began to eat with eager, he was really hungry. The instant noodles he used to eat was simply not as delicious.

Wang Fang looked at Yue, with regret was thinking:

Wang Fang: “Why didn’t I think of that. If I only done this for him, wouldn’t his affection increase for me?”

Yue: “Ji Qing Wu, you want to let those 3 guys into the group?”

After dinner, Yue rested a bit, eyed the trio and then said to Ji Qing Wu.

The 4 girls is already cumbersome, if coupled with the 3 incompetent guys, even if Ji Qing Wu is very tough, with exquisite swordsmanship, it is impossible to protect them well.

Yue did not want to protect the trio that only know how to complain, and not willing to contributes. He still has a lot to do.

At this time the trio tensed up, staring at Ji Qing Wu, in this world, without strong people protecting them it is impossible to survive.

Ji Qing Wu is silently thinking.

Chen Gang said to Ji Qing Wu very seriously:

Chen Gang: “Ji Qing Wu, now look at this world, shouldn’t we help each other and together to survive? Please let us stay, and we will protect you.”

God and Devil World Chapter 18

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