God and Devil World Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Evolution Begins

A black light flashed, lasting about 30 seconds. The Special Skeleton took a bone axe from the zombie’s body, measuring 1.2 meters long, and held the axe in its hand.

After the bone axe was taken from the zombie’s body, it turned into a puddle full of putrid black pus and blood.

Yue Zhong watched Special Skeleton and then pointed to a wooden computer desk next to him and said:

“Cut the table!”

Special Skeleton used the bone axe to chop down on the computer desk.

An audible splitting sound; the wooden computer desk was split apart with one strike.


Looking at that wooden computer desk split in half, Yue Zhong was happy on the inside. To have such a powerful undead guardian, his chances of survival had increased.

After testing the destructive power of the Special Skeleton, Yue Zhong picked up the black coin and carefully inspected it.

[1 Survival Coin!]

Yue Zhong took the coin and received such a message.

Although Yue Zhong did not know the worth of this Survival Coin, he still carefully put it into his pocket.

At this moment from outside the door came the sound of a fierce collision; a claw abruptly pierced through the wooden door, shaking it non-stop.

Between several breaths, the door burst open. Four zombies with white eyes shoved at the door and crawled inside the dorm room.

There was a shattering sound; Yue Zhong looked outside and saw that a window was smashed by a zombie. From outside, the zombie had tried to squeeze inside through it.

Yue Zhong looked at the wooden door that was smashed by the zombies with a wry smile, and called out an order for Special Skeleton,

“The school had to minimize costs, but they shouldn’t have saved money on the dorm construction. This is such shoddy construction! Special Skeleton, kill those zombies that came in!”

Special Skeleton received the command of Yue Zhong and took a stride forward: it struck a blow towards the zombie’s head, splitting and sending its head flying, foul blood splattering everywhere.

Almost at the same time, 3 zombies rushed forward together and grabbed hold of Special Skeleton, while pulling and biting.

The bones of Special Skeleton were ripped off by the 3 zombies one by one, and its HP continued to drop; Special Skeleton’s axe-holding right hand was firmly held in place by the zombie, unable to move.

Special Skeleton and the 3 zombies tried to squeeze through the narrow door.

Yue Zhong stepped forward, holding the stick and striking the zombie’s head; the zombie holding Special Skeleton’s axe-wielding right arm had its head smashed to the side head and was twisted.

A group of white lights from the zombies’ bodies flew into Yue Zhong’s body.

Special Skeleton’s right arm with the axe was free and it immediately began wielding the axe, beheading the zombie.

Like it could smell the taste of the living, the body of the zombie holding Special Skeleton released its grip. Yue Zhong climbed over.

Yue Zhong looked at the zombie’s white eyes and its face, which had a chunk of flesh bitten off. The zombie’s open mouth was full of blood; he took a step backward.

These zombies were extremely dangerous; in a fight with them, just a scratch would turn you into their kind. If not necessary, Yue Zhong did not want to engage in close combat with these monsters.

At this moment the other zombie that had broken through the window entered the dorm and staggered towards Yue Zhong.

Beyond the door, 2 zombies climbed in from the hole into the room.

As if it was sensitive to Yue Zhong, Special Skeleton, whilst still fighting the zombie on the ground, suddenly used his hand to grab the other zombie advancing forward.

The zombie advancing toward Yue Zhong immediately fell to the ground and Yue Zhong raised the Novice Staff to strike the zombie’s head, causing the zombie to twist to one side.

A ball of white light quickly entered Yue Zhong’s body.

[You have advanced to level 2 and you have earned 2 points, please distribute the points!]

The ball of white light had just entered Yue Zhong’s body when the idea immediately sounded in Yue Zhong’s mind.

“Distribute to Strength and Stamina!”

Yue Zhong immediately said.

Fighting the zombies had consumed a lot of stamina, far beyond what Yue Zhong had expected; he had only dealt with 3 zombies, but his stamina had dropped from 8 points to 3 points. In order to fully chop the zombie’s head off, he had to use a lot of effort.

Just after a couple of breaths, there was a warmth flowing through his body, and he vaguely felt his strength increase a bit. His stamina had started to recover.

[Congratulations, you survived and destroyed the monsters. The God and Devil World will award you with a basic skill.

Please Select a Skill:  Skill 1 – ‘Eyes of Perception’, can discern the information of monsters up to 5 level higher.

Skill 2 – ‘Language Proficiency’, allows you to easily master the language of any country. Listening, speaking, and writing are no obstacle. These spells do not occupy one of the three active skill slots!]

Without any hesitation, Yue Zhong immediately made a choice,

“I choose ‘Eyes of Perception.’”

A light flashed; it quickly condensed and formed a bronze colored rune inside his mind.

He concentrated and utilized ‘Eyes of Perception,’ looking at the zombie.

[Preliminary Infection Level 1 – these are being eroded from the infection of the virus, leaving only the desire for flesh and blood. Viral Infection Skill – as long as there is a cut on the skin, the virus will infect; depending on a person’s constitution, between 3-10 minutes, the body will be infected with Preliminary Infection. Beside the three treatment fluids, with the medical standards of this world, it is incurable for at least a decade!]

“Sure enough!”

Yue Zhong’s eyes thickened, for he was somewhat even more afraid of those zombies now.

The remaining 2 zombies staggered towards Yue Zhong.

Special Skeleton wielded his large axe and cleaved; a zombie’s head was cut off and sent flying. The other zombie lunged towards Special Skeleton, and with a vicious grip, ripped off a bone from the chest of Special Skeleton.

Yue Zhong took the opportunity to step forward, using the the stick to strike at the zombie’s head, smashing it.

“What is this?”

After receiving the Eyes of Perception, Yue Zhong could now see a ball of white light fly out from the zombie’s body and into his body.

“Could it be that this is what is causing my body to grow stronger?”

Yue Zhong stared at the ball of white light and speculated.

There was no information, so Yue Zhong put this question aside; he looked at Special Skeleton and summoned him.

[Special Skeleton (White Bones)

Level: 2

Power: 11 (10)

Agility: 11 (10)

Vitality: 11 (10)

Stamina: 9/11 (10)

Spirit: 11 (10)

Strength: 6 (10)

Has Skills: Utilizing Bones Ability]

God and Devil World Chapter 2

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