God and Devil World Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Night Hunting

Yue understood right away, his face immediately brightened: “Chi Yang, what you said is great. Wear the protective garment, we will immediately set out.”

Yue didn’t want to waste time, as long as he has the stamina, he wants to continue fighting and level up. The initial period of this new world is most valuable. Waiting until all those zombies are stronger, killing them would be more risky and difficult.

Chi yang silently nodded, and put on the protective garment.

“Where are you going?” Seeing Yue and Chi Yang standing up, Chen Yao couldn’t help but asked.

All the other girls watched Yue and Chi Yang, their eyes flashed a touch of worry. The two men were the core of the team. They did not know how they would survive if they lost those two.

Yue with a serious face, instruct Chen Yao: “We’re going out to hunt and kill zombies. You stay here, shut the door, and do not go out! Also do not let anyone except us in.”

Chen Yao frowning, persuaded persuaded loudly: “Isn’t it very dangerous to go out so late? What if you encounter some S1 zombies?”

Chen Yao was greatly impressed by the S1 zombie’s agility. If they didn’t have Yue and Ji Qing Wu, an S1 zombie could kill everyone in the room.

Zhang Xuan also opened her mouth to persuade: “Yeah! Yue, go tomorrow!”

Yue refused and said: “Thank you for you worry, but I must go.”

Yue’s mind was made up, those that opposed did not have any effect.

Soon, Yue and Chi Yang left the safety of the room, heading outside.

At this time darkness had enveloped the sky. Although electricity was still uninterrupted, but none of the apartments were lit. As if the whole city was already dead.

The only good news was the Moon in the sky. Moon light shining down everywhere, so that this dark world had a hint of light.

Yue looked up at the Moon in the sky, and thought of the past: “Chi Yang, we haven’t fought together like this for how long?”

Chi Yang simply said: “Two years!”

After squandering 2 years after high school, because something happened, Yue was greatly impacted. As if a changed man, began to prepare for the university entrance exam.

A hint of loneliness flashed in Yue’s eyes, with a sigh: “Two years already?”

Two years ago, also on a moonlit night, the girl that Yue loved left with another boy, just because the boy had a great inheritance. He had to work hard for a month to earn money for a decent gift for her birthday party.

Chi Yang frowned: “Yue, forget her. That girl is not good enough for you. She is not good girl.”

Yue was silent for a moment, to Chi Yang laughed and said: “I’ve forgotten about her. The most urgent task now is to survive. I can distinguish what is important.”

Chi Yang looked at Yue for a bit but did not say anything.

Leaving the area, Chi Yang and Yue quiet down, no longer talking.

Yue went to the sales office outside the community, pointed towards the sales office, and ordered White Bones: “Destroy it!”

White Bones receiving Yue’s order, immediately swung his axe. The axe hitting the glass door, smashing it to pieces.

The sound of breaking glass in the silent darkness, was extremely foreboding. The zombies neared the sales office began staggering over.

In this neighborhood, there were many zombies was attracted by the school bus engine’s sound, After hearing the sound of breaking glass, those zombies staggered over.

More than a hundred zombies soon staggered over towards Chi Yang and Yue.

“Big trouble!” Yue looked at the crowded group, numbering more than a hundred zombies.

Zombies forming a dense formation are the most difficult to deal with. Scattered zombies can be dealt with by kiting over and over again. While with crowded group of zombies, the smallest mistakes can get you caught.[Translator Note: Look up starcraft kiting if you don’t know what it is]

“Up the steps!” Yue said to Chi Yang.

They quickly retreated up the stairs of the building.

Those Zombies squeezing against each other, staggered over.

Walking up the stairs was not easy for zombies. Many of the zombies stumbled and fell to the ground. The rest of the zombies stepping on those fallen zombies, continues forward.

A flight of stairs cause more than a dozen zombies to fall, taking a while trying to get up.

The narrow pathway only allowed four people walking side-by-side. Those zombies after entering the pathway, huddling together, and trip over the obstacles in their way.

“Kill them!” Seeing far fewer numbers of zombies in the pathway, Yue looked at Whites Bones and ordered.

Receiving the order from Yue, White Bones lunges forward. Swing his axe, as if like a cyclone, decimated the crowded zombies.

White Bones easily killed the zombies, while Yue and Chi Yang were each on the side of White Bones, killing any zombies that slipped by.

As an undead, White Bones can ignore the zombie virus, while Yue and Chi Yang couldn’t. Even though they are wearing the protective garment, they still had to be careful.

Yue and Chi Yang both fought while retreating. Under the coordination with White Bones, it still took over an hour of fighting.

Yue was promoted to level 11, while Chi Yang was promoted to level 7. Yue assigned his points to Agility and Stamina.

The drops from the hundred zombies was horrible, only contributing more than 200 Survival Coins and 3 Apple of Vitality.

Killing the last zombie, Yue let out long breath: “Let’s go back!”

The hard fought battle against the zombies consumed a lot of stamina. Yue only had 7 points of stamina left.

Chi Yang sweating, just nodded. His stamina was almost exhausted, and can no longer continue fighting.

When they arrived back at home, Zhang Li came up and said to them: “You’re back, the bath water has been heated.”

The other girls were looking at Yue and Chi Yang with envy. They were still unclear about what happened to the world, so no one dared to drink the tap water. A shower was a simple thing in the past, has now become a luxury. Because it was only safe to take a bath with bottled water that was boiled.

In this team, the only one fighting was Yue, Ji Qing Wu, and Chi Yang. Only those three are eligible to take a bath, after all, they were the main fighting force.

God and Devil World Chapter 36

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