Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 151.2

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Chapter 151 Adulation of Angels! (2)

With reason and rules on his side, how could Zhou Weiqing not take advantage of that? Zhou Weiqing was definitely adept in the art of argument.

Of course, Shen Bu was no easy foe, and she immediately retorted: “What about your entire Battalion drinking? The rules also state that there can be no drinking in camp, this is a very serious rule… do not tell me that you do not know.”

Zhou Weiqing did not even bother looking at her, instead turning to Shen Ji, saying: “As long as Legion Commander Shen Ji can give me a proper accounting about the Sixteenth Regiment coming to cause trouble, I can easily give you an accounting about the drinking.”

Upon hearing those words, Shen Bu started. Causing trouble in camp was definitely no small matter, but both sides did not have any casualties, so it would not be too serious. However, having an entire Battalion drinking to a drunken state, that was definitely much more serious. As the officer in charge, if charged with maximum punishment, Zhou Weiqing could even be beheaded.

Upon hearing that, Shen Ji was also in an awkward situation. At this point, he was clear that he needed to be absolutely fair in handling this matter. If not for the fact that Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Fei’er were from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, perhaps he would have already ordered their arrest. Still, his vision was extremely sharp, and he had also been given a huge shock upon seeing the mail armour that the Peerless Battalion soldiers were wearing. From the look of it and the glow, it all seemed like titanium alloy! How could that be…!?

“The Sixteenth Regiment has intruded into the First Unique Battalion’s Camp to cause trouble, Regiment Commander Shen Bu has not exercised properly leadership and will be recorded with a serious demerit. All those who participated in this incursion, step out now. Each will be punished with forty strokes, to be carried out immediately.” Shen Ji bit the bullet and made the decision on the spot, giving the order.

If Green Wolf had really died, Zhou Weiqing would not have let the matter slide so easily with just that. However, since his teacher had already saved Green Wolf, and the Peerless Battalion did not have any actual losses, there was no necessity in further increasing the enmity to an irreversible point. As such, Zhou Weiqing did not sound off during the process, watching the over hundred soldiers from the Sixteenth Battalion, including the two Battalion Commanders, get dragged out. They had already gone through a beating from the Peerless Battalion, and now the other Sixteenth Regiment soldiers had to administer the beatings upon them, and watching this happen, Zhou Weiqing’s anger subsided. The other Peerless Battalion soldiers also showed looks of satisfaction on their faces. However, several of them still had worried looks on their faces. After all, no matter what, a collective drinking was no small matter, and they waited in silence to see how Zhou Weiqing would handle the matter.

Shen Bu’s face had almost turned green as she watched her subordinates get beaten, but she could not do anything about it, and she could only watch on, stewing in anger.

After the forty lashes, most of the Sixteenth Regiment men who had been beaten could not even get up, and they had to be carried away. As she watched that all happen, though she knew she should not continue provoking Zhou Weiqing, she could not help but ask him angrily: “My men have already received their punishment, so what is the accounting you said? You were all drinking, and even those Regiments camped around could smell the wine. What do you have to say to that? Don’t tell me that you lost your memory, let’s see how you account for that.”

Zhou Weiqing said passively: “Since I have already said I will give an accounting, I will definitely do so. Men, bring the remaining of the food we ate last night, and let Legion Commander Shen Ji and Regiment Commander Shen Bu have a look.”

Shen Ji was originally rather irritated that Shen Bu would continue pushing the issue, but now that he heard Zhou Weiqing’s words, he started in surprise. He was really going to give an actual accounting? After all, drinking in camp was a very huge issue. Previously, he had already been prepared to gloss over the matter, and if not for Shen Bu suddenly speaking out, he was already about to leave with his men. In his eyes, Zhou Weiqing was after all from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, how could he possibly go to military court? Even if he did so, they would not be able to actually punish him. However, now that he looked closely at Zhou Weiqing, he saw the confidence in him. It was clear he had something up his sleeve.

Yet, what reason could he possibly have for allowing his men to drink?

In a matter of moments, several large cauldrons were carted up, holding the remains of the last night’s meal. They had been drinking and eating through the night, and naturally they had not managed to clear it up yet. The cauldrons still had some remaining food, large pieces of meat floating in oil.

Seeing the large cauldrons in front of him, Shen Ji looked towards Zhou Weiqing questioningly.

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and said: “Legion Commander Shen Ji, this is what we ate last night. You have been fighting in the northern borders for many years, and I am sure you can tell what meat this is right?”

On hearing his words, a notion struck Shen Ji, and he quickly stepped forward to examine the contents.

The war wolf bones were not the same as other ordinary wild beasts, and ordinarily army rations would not be able to feed their soldiers with so much meet. Shen Bu also stepped up to look at the contents of the cauldrons, as she did not understand what Zhou Weiqing had meant.

All of a sudden, she exclaimed in surprise: “What… this is…? Is this wolf meat?”

Shen Ji had also noticed the same thing, and he said: “This… it looks like the war wolf mounts of the Wolfman Tribe. The war wolf meats are large and tough, much unlike other wild animals, and their bones are also shaped differently and extremely tough.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded in agreement and said: “That is right, this is the meet from war wolves. This time, we have returned to the Seventh Legion, and we have also brought a gift for Commander Shen Ji. Men, bring over two hundred of the war wolf corpses for Legion Commander Shen Ji!”

Shen Bu said uncertainly: “What does that got to do with your drinking?”

Zhou Weiqing looked at her disdainfully before saying mockingly: “For you to be able to become a Regiment Commander with that brain of yours, I can’t help but say that you must have gotten in through the back door and connections. Let me ask you, in the army, under what circumstance is it allowed to drink?”

Shen Bu said angrily: “What circumstance? There is no circumstance, it is against the rules.”

Zhou Weiqing gave a humph and ignored her, turning his gaze to Shen Ji.

By that point, Shen Ji had begun to understand, and he said solemnly: “There is only one circumstance where it is allowed to drink… that is after a victory over our enemies. Furthermore, it has to be a major victory before soldiers are allowed to drink in celebration. So many war wolves… Battalion Commander Zhou, you fought with the Wolf Cavalry soldiers?”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “Before we returned to camp yesterday, our Peerless Battalion fought again the Swift Wolf Regiment.”

Hearing the words ‘Swift Wolf Regiment’, both Shen Ji and Shen Bu’s expressions changed. They had spent quite some time in the northern borders and had clashed many times with the WanShou Empire armies, and the losses every year was extremely high. Sometimes, they were even forced to retreat to the TianBei City for a last ditch defence. How could they not know of the notorious Swift Wolf Regiment? That was the absolute elite of the Wolfman Tribe, and their leader Butler was a well known nine-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master, extremely ferocious and savage in combat. Even if the entire Seventh Legion were to clash with them directly, they would not be at any good advantage.

“Nonsense, with just the few of you, if you really met the Swift Wolf Regiment, you would all be dead.” Shen Bu’s expression was full of disbelief.

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and said: “I do not need you to believe me, as facts are louder than words. The Wolfman Tribe corpses are still littered in that area, and Legion Commander Shen Ji can always dispatch men to check. We only brought back a portion of the war wolf mount corpses as our spoils of war, and left all the rest there. In the battle against the Swift Wolf Regiment, we killed four thousand of them… is that considered a major victory? In the fight against the ferocious Swift Wolf Regiment, we did not sustain any injuries, yet when we returned here, we were injured by our allies. Legion Commander Shen Ji, if it were you, could you tolerate such a thing? Today, my brother here was lucky not to die, otherwise, I would not have let it go so easily.”

Shen Ji looked at Zhou Weiqing with a complicated expression in his eyes. Just like Shen Bu, he could believe what he had heard… could not believe that it was all true. After all, the Peerless Battalion only numbered how many people? At the most, slightly over a thousand men… being able to take down four times their number against the Swift Wolf Regiment, he just could not believe it. The war wolf mounts were unbelievably quick, and even if the Seventh Legion fought against them, as long as it wasn’t some sneaky ambush, they would not be able to get such a similar grand result.

All of a sudden, Shen Bu’s expression changed. However, she did not speak, instead tugging at Shen Ji’s sleeve, and her gaze shifted subtly towards Long Shiya.

Although Shen Ji did not know what his junior sister meant, but he could easily tell that she wanted to beat a retreat.

After a slight hesitation, Shen Ji said: “Battalion Commander Zhou, I will definitely check out what you mentioned. If things are as you said, the Peerless Battalion has indeed accomplished an outstanding merit, and I will report up to the higher ranks to award you all. Also, since it is a celebration, last night’s drinking is of no issue. Regiment Commander Shen Bu, lead your men away. Battalion Commander Zhou, I will also take my leave now.”

He did not stay any longer, as he had many things to investigate before reaching a final conclusion. At the same time, he could sense that Shen Bu had something to tell him, and it would be best to leave this place as quickly as possible. Staying here in such a stalemate would also be a loss of face to him if it spread to other Legions.

Zhou Weiqing said passively: “In that case, I will not send you all off. I hope that no other Battalions will intrude in our Peerless Battalion camp, otherwise if something like this happens again, Legion Commander Shen Ji you can’t blame me.”

Shen Ji nodded and said: “I will give the order for the entire Legion to keep their men under control. Farewell.”

Shen Ji led Shen Bu and the other men away, and after they left the Peerless Battalion camp, they heard a loud cheer from behind, as if they had chased away some plague. The Peerless Battalion men’s loud cheers and laughter showed their lack of qualms or inhibitions, causing Shen Bu’s expression to turn ugly once more. If her psyche was any lesser, perhaps she would have been so enraged that she would have vomited blood.

Indeed, the Peerless Battalion soldiers were all extremely excited. Zhou Weiqing had sided with them without hesitation, standing up against an entire Regiment for their sakes, perhaps even against the entire Seventh Legion. Such a Battalion Commander, where else could they find one like him? In that moment, Zhou Weiqing’s standing and prestige in the entire Peerless Battalion was raised to a new maximum, and before he could even speak, the soldiers had swarmed forward to throw him up in the air in celebration, shouting and cheering as they did so.

Shen Ji’s face was extremely overcast, but in order to save Shen Bu’s face, he remained silent until they entered her Sixteenth Regiment main tent. Once her guards had left, he shouted angrily: “Shen Bu, what are you doing? Didn’t I warn you not to provoke that Zhou Weiqing? Why didn’t you listen to me? If he were to actually kill you all today, how could I answer to Master?”

Heavenly Jewel Change Chapter 151.2

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