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It’s been a week since Rey-sama and Tonic-san started living here.
There are many things that have been confirmed.

First of all, it’s about the ingredients that I used to make cookies for the monsters. To be honest, it tastes absolutely horrible when humans eat it.

I noticed it after the daily lesson, Tonic-san picked one up and spat it out almost immediately.

Alf told me that it’s normal.


Monster’s and human’s sense of taste are a little bit different. The monsters would happily eat my sweets made using the usual ingredients. However, it seems that it tastes absolutely horrible for humans, just like for Tonic-san.

Since I don’t bother tasting them, I didn’t notice at all. It smelled delicious like a normal cookie and the monsters were eating them with enthusiasm, so I just assume that it’s delicious and didn’t doubt it.

The first 3 days of cookies were made using the ingredients found in this hut, but after that, they’re made using ingredients that Alf brought.

By the way, it was Alf who taught me how to use the ingredients for monsters. Both cookies and other meals were made under his guidance. Now when I think about it, Alf also taught me to make “Monster sweets” and “Human food”.

I also found out that the ingredients for monster cookies can be adjusted to suit human tastes. The point is, it’s about a number of ingredients you put inside.

The next thing to address: Alf is the former demon lord.


Alf is the former Demon Lord.
The former Demon Lord.

It finally came out smoothly.

I discovered it 2 days after Rey-sama and Tonic-san lived here. Rey-sama kept looking at Alf for some reason, so I told Rey-sama to ask him directly for the answer. Minutes later, Rey-sama literally asked him.

「Alf, are you by any chance the Demon Lord?」
「Yup. That’s right. But please attach the word “former” to that part. 」

A straight ball.
After that…

「Just as I expected. I know I heard that name from somewhere. But why the former Demon Lord stays in such place?」
「Living my retirement, of course. It was my dream to spend my days leisurely with no one interfering 」

Tonic-san quickly pulled out his sword the moment he heard “Demon Lord”.

How can Rey-sama speak with the former Demon Lord without any hostility?

Well truth to be told, he’s the Demon Lord 3 generations before the current Demon Lord.
In fact, when Alf was the Demon Lord, people and demons were on good terms. That’s why the name “Alphard” remains in the literature and Rey-sama able to identify him.

But looking at the current situation where humans and demons are enemies, I can’t really believe that they were friends before.

Is that why Alf is now the “Former Demon Lord”? Maybe the “Current Demon Lord” was displeased and throw him from his throne?

Rey-sama seemed surprised when he heard my remark.

「Rio, Alf was the Demon Lords from several hundred years ago. His name even appeared as a protagonist in some books. It’s also one of the books that I told you to read before. 」
「……eh? what? Are you… Wait… Is it 『Humans and the Demon Lord』? The Demon Lord in that story is actually Alphard!? But it’s the founding story of this country!!」

『Humans and the Demon Lord』

It was stopped being printed after the territorial dispute between humans and demons. It’s hard to get a copy of it nowadays.
In my case, I read that in Rey-sama’s library so I managed to read the contents somehow.

Hundreds of years ago, a human came into this continent. However, only demons can live in this land. At that time, the Demon King Alphard opened up a part of the continent and developed it so humans and demons can live together.

In some stories, he even persuaded demons who don’t like the idea to give humans a part of their land. He also helped to gather medicinal herbs for the sake of the humans who had fallen ill and having a hard time adapting to the environment. In addition to overcoming many difficulties and hardships, the Demon Lord Alphard and humans developed a relationship, and that is the start of the country, Sarawin Empire.
The rest is history.

Looking at the current humans and demons relationship, no one would believe that story.
But if he’s actually “that” Alphard, how old is…

「How old are you, Alf?」

「That’s about right. Since the founding of this country is about 525 years ago, so as the Demon lord you should be older than that. But… I can’t believe you are the real “Alphard”」

「Well, I certainly helped to build this country. But I never thought that the story was published as a book. 」

Somehow, I believe that he’s really the Alphard from the book.

If he’s the same person as described in the story, then he’s not an enemy.
Because he… Demon Lord Alphard retired to live among humans.

In 『Humans and the Demon Lord』, Alphard fell in love with a young human woman.
At the end of the story, the Sarawin Empire was built and Alphard left his position as Demon Lord to live with that human.

Things after that were not written……

「Is the story true?」
「……Her name is Emily. She was a gentle and kind person. 」

Alf looked somewhat nostalgic but still gave a sad laugh.

The territorial dispute took place about 200 years after he retired. The previous Demon Lord was defeated by the summoned Goddess-sama from the previous summoning, and things happened again with the current Demon Lord.

I’m sure the current Demon Lord would rather choose peaceful method if possible, but the human’s territory expansion needs to be stopped.

Originally, the continent was divided by half for humans and demons to live. As their numbers increased, the humans used magic to burn forests, build buildings, and expand their territory without permission.
The humans were given land from the demons, but they forget their gratitude. The demons refused to give more land to the violent humans and started to fight back.

Watching their stupidity, Alf could only laugh from the distance.
These foolish people have forgotten how to hold a civil discussion despite speaking the same language.

Seems like Alf was watching both sides without backing anyone.
Even so, I believe humans have their place in this continent, and I’m sure it’s my mission to stop their fight.

「Don’t you want to stop them?」

If both humans and demons are precious, why did he watch both of them hurting each other?

「I guess this is necessary. Will either one survive? Will both perish? At any rate, whatever the result of the battle, I guess both humans and demons will repent, condolence, lament, resent, think the same idea.

『Let’s not repeating this again』

They have to fight as much as they want until they reach that conclusion. Whatever the result, this struggle is necessary for the future. That’s why I don’t stop them. 」

I’m sure Alf is an influential person.

And finally, only women with “problems” have short hair. Usually, women have at least a hip-length hair.

The “problem” can be identified by the hair length. By the way, when a woman has a shoulder-length hair like me, it represents a “divorced” or “widowed” woman.
And so, when I went to town with Alf’s improved the magic square (improved to his version when he was still the demon lord), a lot of people looked at me in pity.

I don’t know the root of such custom but the 3 men in our group told me 「Isn’t it better to know the circumstances of the woman you fell in love with?」.
Well, I don’t really care about the reason but now I have to wear a robe whenever I went out to avoid misunderstandings.

That way, little by little, I’m surely going to learn about the reality of this world.
With that kind of thought, I started to live with Rey-sama and Tonic-san, and today I resolved to add morning run as my daily routine.

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