I Am Doppelganger Chapter 46

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A few weeks had passed since Ren and his group traveled to Tanduay City, they were almost at their destination.

One reported from the air.

Ren must check the condition of the city, if there is an Identity Stone then Ren must be extra careful because it can open the identity of Ren.

One flew toward Tanduay City, he saw the condition of the city from above.

“The guard in the entire entrance of the city is quite tight, all the people who go in and out must go through the examination using Identity Stone. It seems they know that the Dragon has a Human form.”

[If Master is transformed into a Human then Master race will turn into a Human.]

Three is in the form of Si Pitung, even Identity Stone will present Man as his race.

Yaza and Three went to Tanduay Town, while Ren and the rest went in search of the Dragon’s nest they were about to hunt.

♦ ♦ ♦

Ren is walking with Eraki accompanied by One and Two in their Eagle form.

“Hmm, that must be where the Dragon is hiding. The mountain is surrounded by a great wall? Looks like it’s protecting something. Dragon usually likes treasure, maybe it keeps its treasure there?”

“Hmm …”

“Looks like we have guests.”

The big man with the scar on his face advanced and spoke to Ren.

The man spoke as he put his sword on his shoulder, he was bald.

Eraki looked at the man with a laugh.

He was angry.

“Everyone, get them!”

Looks like he’s the leader.

“Do you know Yaza?”

“Yaza? Do you know Miss Yaza?”

“Yes, he’s my girlfriend!”

“Move out of the way!”

“Is it true you’re Yaza’s boyfriend?”

Ren replied with his innocent face.


Ren does not even have anything to prove that he is Yaza’s boyfriend.

“Will she be here? Where is he now?”

“Because you know the name of Yaza maybe you do know her, but I do not believe you are her boyfriend. I mean, we’re talking about this Yaza. Do you think someone like her would be interested in a little kid like you? If you’re a noble I might understand.”

“Good if uncle understands that we are Yaza’s acquaintances.”

If they were Yaza’s acquaintances, could they be bandits too?

“Boy, are you a bandit? Please do not rob around here, here is our area.”

“Haha, just because we know Yaza does not mean we are bandits!”

“Yes, we are adventurers.”

Bald uncle smile.

Hearing the word dragon, bald uncle’s eyes directly widened.

Bald uncle shows his finger toward the mountain.

“Yes. We used to operate there, but since there are dragons hanging around we have to get out of there. Our group is not strong enough to face the Dragon. Since you came here, are you a Rank S adventurer?”

The adventurer of Rank S cannot possibly defeat the 80-level Dragon alone.

“Could it be that Yaza is a Rank S adventurer?”

Heard Ren’s answer, bald uncle slightly disappointed.

“No problem! I’m sure if we unite, we can defeat the dragon!”

“Of course! That Dragon seized our residence, how could we be silent? We must take the mountain back.”

Suddenly Ren asks the level, of course, bald uncle does not know because they do not have Identity Stone.

“Its level above 80.”

Bald uncle shocked to hear the level of the Dragon from Ren.

Bald uncle’s face looks lethargic.

Dragons with levels above 80 are not the creatures that they can fight against, the bald uncle decision to find a new place is perfect.

Bald uncle confused to hear Ren statement, whether Ren is crazy?

“Are you still sane? We have no chance of winning.”


Bald uncle received many surprises from Ren.

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I Am Doppelganger Chapter 46

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