I Am Supreme Chapter 318 - Your Enemy Is The Four Seasons Tower!

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Chapter 318 - Your Enemy Is the Four Seasons Tower!

Lei Dongtian asked, "Is there anything else?"

"Of course!" Yun Yang said, "Since this Lord Supreme Wind returned – or maybe after the battle with Old He - we were shocked to realize that not only did Lord Supreme Wind’s own wind manifestation cultivation base improve tremendously, he has become almighty! Other than the wind manifestation, he has also cultivated cloud, flame, blood, and thunder manifestations! It is impressive indeed as if the Nine Supremes had merged into one…"

Lei Dongtian frowned. At this juncture, even with his ‘intelligence’, he was stumped.

"The successors identified by the Nine Heavens Demesne have to possess a pure singular physique…"

Yun Yang sighed, "The singular physique has to be purely unmixed to a certain degree to be able to be chosen by the Nine Heavens Demesne. This also ensued that any one of the Nine Supremes Lords would never possess each other’s manifestation skills…"

Yun Yang was blabbering half-truths now. No one in the world except himself would know the truth of this anyway, so he was not worried about being exposed, no matter how much he chattered on.

Moreover, this reason was a basic understanding, deeply rooted in popular culture.

"The Nine Heavens Demesne is extremely magical in nature. How can one be taken in if he did not possess a superior singular physique…"

"Brother Yun’s intelligence is remarkable indeed, to have thought of this!" Lei Dongtian breathed in deeply. "This Lord Supreme Wind is indeed problematic. There are nine doubtful points in total, then..."

Yun Yang said, "After Yutang’s higher authorities studied this for a long time, we finally came to a terrifying conclusion…"

"This Lord Supreme Wind is most likely an impostor…"

Lei Dongtian sighed, thinking to himself, "I came to the same conclusion whilst I was halfway listening to you. It took so long for you fellows to realize this? Even when the situation is at odds with you, it shouldn't have been that difficult to deduce this."

"Besides, there’s a high probability that this Lord Supreme Wind is a Four Seasons Tower’s man or even the tower’s higher-up who has gotten his or her hands on the Nine Supremes Lords’ cultivation arcane after the ambush. Only then could the person combine all the cultivation methods into one…" Yun Yang said.

"Yes, yes, I realized this as well," Lei Dongtian thought in disdain.

"As for the so-called treacherous officials whom Lord Supreme Wind has called out… they might all be Yutang’s most loyal and benevolent officials…" Yun Yang closed his eyes in agony. "Brother Lei, perhaps you won’t be able to understand our feelings…"

Lei Dongtian sighed, "I understand more than you think. I am emphatic, even, towards it. it’s indeed upsetting."

"Upset is an understatement. After confirming this, the general public was awash with hopelessness." Yun Yang said, "According to my father, His Majesty fainted on the spot, vomiting blood…"

"Ay!" Lei Dongtian continued to ponder, "If I might say this, it will be your country’s greatest good for such a fatuous emperor to die from the anger."

"There is an overarching worry to all this." Yun Yang said, "Everything that this Lord Supreme Wind has done during this time is for Empire of Yutang, at least, from the surface. What made us even more speechlessly mournful is that we’ve carried out the most appropriate and proper cleanup for him after each event!"

Lei Dongtian felt disbelief coursing through him. How f*cking awesome and impressive that the whole of your Yutang imperial court can be this stupid! What a rare sight! The entire country was manipulated by one person for a whole year and is still being wrapped around his fingers even now… is this still going on?

"We can’t possibly pull out now. If we expose this secret, it’s like the entire imperial court of Yutang is slapping themselves, with only their own doom looming on the horizon."

"Once this story is leaked out, the people and military morale will vanish utterly!"

Yun Yang was clearly grieving. "Even when we knew that it was a spy, we had to continue supporting him… to use his name to stabilize the people."

Yun Yang looked at Lei Dongtian. "Brother Lei… As we speak of this, we, including our emperor, can only contain the anguish among ourselves."

Lei Dongtian opened his mouth but said nothing. It would be shocking if this didn't affect you all in the slightest bit.

"This confidentiality…"

Yun Yang’s smile was more like a grimace. "How dare we speak of this outside? We can only swallow everything, fearful of even the slightest breach… If it were to happen, the spirits and morale of the people and military would break down and this country will no longer be a country…"

He stared at Lei Dongtian sincerely. "Brother Lei, I hope for your understanding. I really did not have the intention to put you in a difficult position."

Lei Dongtian replied emphatically, "I know your feelings, I can understand it. If I were involved, I wouldn’t have spoken about it easily as well. This is simply too embarrassing… a shame that many people in the entire nation share…"

"If it were me, I can’t afford to bear such shame as well." Lei Dongtian exclaimed, "Brother Yun, I understand you. Yutang’s higher authority hasn’t had it easy."

"Thank you, thank you." Yun Yang held Lei Dongtian’s hands and shook it emotionally. "Brother Lei, long live empathy!"

"Now, Lord Supreme Wind, who has been active in his operations seems to have noticed our distancing. Recently, he disappeared from Tiantang City without any trace."

Yun Yang said, "We can’t even figure out his whereabouts – no, perhaps it should be said that since this Lord Supreme Wind resurfaced, none of us have been able to know his whereabouts. This person’s caution in doing everything is at new heights – it’s bafflingly eerie. I’ve never seen someone so flawlessly meticulous."

He looked at Lei Dongtian and said, "Since it was this person who has kidnapped Brother Lei’s fiancé, please listen to my suggestion."

That caught Lei Dongtian's attention as he watched Yun Yang seriously and said, "Yes, and what would that be?"

"Does he know that the lady is your fiancé?" Yun Yang asked.

Lei Dongtian was suddenly tongue-tied. Does he? Maybe he does… but perhaps he may not.

In his head, Yun Yang rolled his eyes but went on to say placidly, "Let's take it this way, has that person ever seen Brother Lei’s appearance?"

Lei Dongtian replied, "Definitely. We’ve met the other day and I didn’t manage to see his face since he was under the wind manifestation skill disguise, but he definitely saw mine!"

Yun Yang said, "If so, he will only need to ask your fiancé and he will most probably find out your identity?"

"Yes, of course, my fiancé knows my identity and background," Lei Dongtian answered.

Yun Yang said musing, "If so…"

He raised his head; gritting his teeth, his eyes gleamed with a cunning iciness. "You only have to wait patiently. He will come looking for you."

Lei Dongtian asked, "Why is that so?"

"Although Brother Lei’s fiancé is a peerless beauty and no men would remain unmoved against her charms, I think that a lack of women would not be a problem for such a character." Yun Yang answered.

"Naturally. Any cultivator who’s accomplished would never lack women," Lei Dongtian replied with a smile.

"Then, he most probably has other intentions for kidnapping your fiancée." Yun Yang continued, "As for this intention, whether it’s for you or your fiancé, we’ll have to wait and see."

"Regardless, since he dared to kidnap your fiancé right in front of you, it indicates that he’s not afraid of you and has some sort of support."

"Since he’s not afraid of you – even if his initial target leaves you out, he might have his sights set on you now. He’s already done it once, it makes no difference to do it twice. Other than being a great threat, Brother Lei’s identity relates to a greater benefit at the same time… It’s not exactly a surprise for the other party to be tempted."

"So, he will definitely come to you."

"As for the terms he would require, this will be difficult to assume." Yun Yang said, "He can turn into wind anyway – as long as he doesn’t show his real self, you can’t hurt him. Besides, he has a hostage that serves as capita! As for now, he has the upper hand of the situation. There’s nothing for him to be scared of!"

Listening to Yun Yang’s analysis, Lei Dongtian thought it was very reasonable! Yun Yang’s mind was really working well.

It seemed that he had wronged Yun Yang to say that he was stupid earlier. It was most probably Yutang’s imperial court officials and emperor who were dumb; maybe it was their passive stance as well – they could go on the wrong path after taking just a single misstep!

If I were Yutang’s emperor, I might not be any better facing such a situation… It’s really a tricky one.

"Furthermore, I want to remind Brother Lei of something. Our standpoints are distinctive but the enemy of the enemy is always treated with more amicability!"

Yun Yang announced formally, "Although Brother Lei and this… this elder have a strong cultivation base and are rare opponents of the current times, Brother Lei has yet to understand the Four Seasons Tower."

Lei Dongtian replied indifferently, "I don’t care what presence the Four Seasons Tower holds, but it’s fact that they’ve taken someone whom I care for. That just won't do!"

Yun Yang said worriedly, "Brother Lei, you come from a reclusive family; you have your principles. However, listen to a word of my advice; with your great family backup support and the convenience of flying mystical beast messengers, you could deploy a squad of experts with just a letter. Why place your precious self in danger? The Four Seasons Tower is not one to be trifled with– no matter how bad a shape Yutang is in, it’s still a formidable force of a nation in our time. Still, it’s being played in their hands. It suggests the tower’s strength, even, what’s shown now might only be the tip of the iceberg. I’ve heard plenty of legends like ‘subdue the world by force with a bloodshed in the martial world’, or ‘not paling when going head to head with the Unrivaled Expert’, so on and so forth. Brother Lei, you must not let your guard down. It’s better to be safe than sorry!"

In other words, Yun Yang basically meant, "Your family is so almighty, you might as well send more experts and raze the Four Seasons Tower to the ground!"

I Am Supreme Chapter 318 - Your Enemy Is The Four Seasons Tower!

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