I Am Supreme Chapter 424 - Rejoice In The Power Of The Nine Supremes!

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Chapter 424 - Rejoice in the Power of the Nine Supremes!

The person did not get the respite he was looking for. Just as his mystical Qi had been expended and all his energy had been exhausted, his body fell into the Niello Bear's tight embrace. For once, he could only gasp out air without any fresh air to fill his lungs. With a sharp tightening of the Niello Bears arms, three of his bones broke with a series of cracks.

The fact that he hadn't been instantly pulverized was the result of his proficient cultivation base and the profound defense mystical Qi within him, a force that the Niello Bear could not break apart.

However, the contact allowed the person to finally regain a much-needed break from flying. He cried aloud with specks of blood flecking his saliva; his sword glimmered radiantly again as the berserk swordsman released a wave of indestructible sword energy.

In that instant, he depleted every drop and every ounce of energy within his body.

The person was filled with endless loathing, a loathing for this black bear that had destroyed his grand plan.

Not only should the bear die, it must die!

The Niello Bear continued growling wildly, grappling with the swordsman without letting up in the slightest. The duo continued fighting in the collapsing building, smog rising up to hide the occasion behind a screen of dust.

Yun Yang's eyes prickled with slight heat.

The swordsman's true capability was higher than that of Yun Yang; the Niello Bear that could not even stand up to Yun Yang would never have defeated the swordsman despite having the advantage of the first strike. The swordsman knew it, Yun Yang knew it, the Niello Bear knew it as well. It had still done what it did without looking back; just like Yun Yang, it had gone with its impulse for comradeship, having no regrets even if it meant that it had to die.

Before the lethal battle began, it had first tossed the Moire Python, its mortal enemy, away.

The meaning was obvious – Go first, I'll cover for you!

The Moire Python hissed, trying to free itself from Yun Yang's hands with all its might and rush back. Yun Yang held onto the snake with a death grip, plucking Whitey Three that was heavily wounded into his embrace, and tossed two balls of air of vitality out before he fled towards the west gate.

He had acted recklessly once.

There would never be a second time.

If he and the Moire Python were to rush back, there would be no meaning to the bear's sacrifice.

With that despondent thought in mind, Yun Yang immediately began to flee.

However, he could not help looking back, feeling his heart ache with a sharp pang.

He still held onto the hope that the big and muscular creature would charge over and catch up to them, huffing and puffing.

He hoped that it could turn into the innocent, tiny, little bear again.

As he continued to hope, the chaotic noise that emanated from the collapsed building was slowly dying down.

Yun Yang sighed softly and sped up his forward motion. He could already see the west gate's shadow.

Whitey Two swooped down abruptly.

Shangguang Lingxiu and squad were already observing the sky closely for any sign of movement and some men were already arranged by the gate's sides. When the anticipated Supreme Cloud finally arrived, over two hundred warriors would attack simultaneously under Shangguan Lingxiu's command.

Amidst the flying flesh and splattering blood, a passage was forcefully cleared from the west gate's defenses.

Ziyou's attention was concentrated on the city. Despite the gate having secure defenses and numerous cultivators guarding it, their true abilities were still lacking compared to those involved in the city's battle. Shangguan Lingxiu's ambush was abrupt and unexpected; Ziyou's army was not even certain about what had happened when the attack came.

Wasn't Supreme Cloud in the city?

Why are we being attacked?

Are we being attacked by ghosts?

No, it had to be men from Yutang that had come to Supreme Cloud's assistance!

The Ziyou army reacted reasonably quickly as enemy troops rushed over, but it was already too late.

The city gate had fallen!

As Yun Yang swooped down, still glinting with saber light, he howled out loud, "Follow me out of the city!"

The glinting saber light bright as a dragon's flame. The city gate that was shut tight with a thousand-catty floodgate had no chance against the Divine Edge; a large hole was quickly carved out with a crash as Yun Yang charged out amidst the roiling smog.

Shangguan Lingxiu followed close behind as two hundred soldiers raced out of the city.

Behind them, countless Deicide arrows gave chase; it was a dense flock, covering the sky and sun.

However, the arrows went no further than the large hole in the gate made by Yun Yang; they were barely lethal.

Shangguan Lingxiu had only about two hundred men, but each of them was a veteran who had been through hundreds of wars. Once they got out of the city, they spread out.

The thick city wall had, instead, become the best shield for all of them!

The squad sped forth along the path in front of the city gate with all their might.

They were cultivators with proficient cultivation bases, thus their speed was considerably fast. Unfortunately, they were just out of the city, so it was not safe yet.

They were still within the spirituality restraining formation.

Chaos could be heard in the city behind them, countless people were hollering and bellowing in anger and confusion.

The city gate that had a large hole pierced through it was opening slowly while innumerable people were rushing out from the outposts to launch their pursuit.

Everyone knew that the chase was futile; chances were slim. Yun Yang and his people were already tens of thousands of feet away from Zilong City's city gate!

It was evident that the Ziyou army did not want to give up yet because a massive array of fireworks had been shot into the sky to notify the troops stationed further away from the city about the enemy. It was a desperate attempt, a last-ditch effort to salvage the situation.

Although getting out of Zilong City meant that Supreme Cloud's various manifestation powers were back in full force, Supreme Cloud was not alone. He was accompanied by almost three hundred other people. Supreme Cloud could leave by manifesting himself as wind or cloud but what about the others? With the burden of the squad, Supreme Cloud would never leave them behind. It meant that Ziyou still had its chance to kill Supreme Cloud!

"Follow me, we will move forward on the path!"

Once they left Zilong City, Yun Yang probed at the spiritual state at once, only to realize that the coverage of Zilong City's spiritual restraining formation was wider than he had expected. He was not free of it once he exited the city; he had to be a distance away before he could be rid of this damned formation. He left without another word.

He was still maintaining the image of Elder Yun's as a disguise, thus Shangguan Lingxiu did not recognize that the Supreme Cloud in front of her was actually her crush, Yun Yang. However, she had followed through with his instructions fully due to the absolute trust she held for Supreme Cloud.

Everyone moved in a straight line, following closely behind Yun Yang.

After about a dozen miles of sprinting, the galloping of the chasing soldiers could finally be heard as the dust was kicked up into the air. The Ziyou army had deployed its cavalrymen – only the speed of the war horses could catch up with the sprinting cultivators.

Yun Yang took several deep breaths. He had swallowed a dozen healing pills Lei Dongtian had given him. That, in addition to Emmie, the natural cheat, had helped him recover substantially.

After sprinting another five hundred feet, Yun Yang's expression began to change. He could finally feel the long-forbidden spiritual Qi of heaven and earth. The long-lost spiritual Qi was dancing in the air like fairies!

He had charged out of the formation – Yun Yang was instantly aware of the change.

It was not only Yun Yang that felt the abrupt change, even Shangguan Lingxiu and squad sensed the difference. The moment they stepped foot here, it was like they had crossed some sort of boundary and escaped its shackles; the air that they breathed seemed to turn fresher as well.

Their minds, initially beleaguered, cleared up instantly.

Shangguan Lingxiu instinctively realized something – the danger was now removed from this trip of hers and there were no more worries in the journey that followed!

Freed from the restraint of the spiritual restraining formation and with the resurgence of his various manifestation powers, what in this world could threaten Supreme Cloud?

"Continue running at full speed, I'll cover for you." Yun Yang was still carrying Old Dugu as he said decisively, "We are out of Zilong City's spiritual restraining formation now. I would like to see if the Ziyou army can still do anything to me!"

Shangguan Lingxiu did not hesitate, and bowed amidst the sprint, continuing to charge forward with a cry.

When they passed a forest not too far in front, tens of people charged out with hundreds of horses – they were the men Shangguan Lingxiu had arranged to wait for them. This was a more secluded spot close to the border of Zilong City's spiritual restraint, it was only natural that she placed some people here. Subsequently, everyone hopped onto the horses and left, galloping away amidst the rising dust and sand.

Everyone knew that if they had stayed back to fight alongside Supreme Cloud, they would only burden him instead of being of any help. The best way to help Supreme Cloud was for them to leave Ziyou's territory as quickly as possible.

Finally, only Yun Yang was left behind. He walked out slowly, step by step, breathing in the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth, and told himself in his heart – he would never step foot into another area of spiritual restraint, ever!

Behind him, waves of pursuing soldiers were closing in from several different directions.

Everyone could see the strolling Supreme Cloud, but why was he walking so slowly?

Could it be...

Right before everyone's eyes, Supreme Cloud took another step forward as one of his legs disappeared from sight; he then turned slowly but his body began to vanish as well, as he spun around.

Only his head was left behind, with a pair of eyes that stared at the besieging army icily.

Then, even his head vanished, leaving only a pair of eyes.

Finally, the eyes were gone as well, as Supreme Cloud disappeared into thin air.

Everyone who witnessed the scene felt their scalps tingling with fear.

Yes, they were out of their safe zone now; Supreme Cloud's powers had been completely returned to him.

Did this mean that Supreme Cloud's various manifestation powers were about to be unleashed?

I Am Supreme Chapter 424 - Rejoice In The Power Of The Nine Supremes!

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