Imouto sae Ireba Ii. Vol 1 Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Turtle Soup

A few days passed since the conception death of the ‘Bright Red Jäger (tentative name)’.

Hashima Itsuki continues to sleep under the kotatsu, playing his portable games and reading books from time to time.

To a bystander, such an act was merely him being lazy. However, it was an imperative part of novel creation.

At this point, Itsuki is thinking of new ideas to replace the ‘Bright Red Jäger (tentative name)’.

Ideas were not something that could be thought of by bucking up 

into work mode and sitting in front of a computer; it typically comes 

from relaxing and doing things unrelated to work. To be specific, like 

playing games, reading books, having a shower, taking a dump, and so on.

Ideas will suddenly drop in just like that.

For an author, playing and rolling around lazily is an important topic too. It’s true. Please, believe it.

At this moment, besides Itsuki himself, Fuwa Haruto and Kani Nayuta were in the room, holed up under the kotatsu.

Haruto made a visit after leaving the editorial branch, and was 

on his tablet, finishing up the rest of his report. Nayuta had nothing 

to do but to run to Itsuki’s room and fool around, giving Haruto a “I 

won’t be able to spend alone time with senpai here, shoo shoo” curse 


“Right, I’m done!”

Haruto finishes his work, and puts down the tablet, saying,

“Are you done? Then hurry back now, you man slut of a Prince.”

“Stop calling me man slut, Gerota-chan.[13]”

Nayuta spat without changing expression, and Haruto too retorted back with a smile on his face.

There’s a game called ‘Must be Popular’[14],

and the contest was about ‘who is the most popular with girls at 

school’, a board game that would seem to cause anyone to rip their 

friends faces apart. Back then, when everyone was playing this game, 

Haruto won with an overwhelming party, beating Nayuta and the other 

players, and from then on, Nayuta would call Haruto ‘Man Slut Prince’.

The reason for ‘Gerota’ was because Nayuta vomited onto Itsuki on the day of the awards ceremony, and Haruto saw it.

“Anyway, how are you doing there?”

Haruto asked Itsuki, who’s playing his PSP with a scowl.

“…Not good at all. The Murasama wouldn’t drop for me. I really want to kill the development staff now.”

“I’m asking about ideas for your new work, not asking you how are you doing playing your latest ‘Elminage’.”

Hearing that, Itsuki’s face got darker.

“That’s worse.”

Itsuki answers straight to be point, and Haruto gives a bitter smile.

“Senpai, come do pervy things with me to change the mood—”

“Don’t want to.”

Itsuki cut off Nayuta’s words without a second thought.

“Then let’s do something to change the mood.”

Haruto said.

“Fuu—” Itsuki sighed, and slowly got up, putting his PSP on the kotatsu. He was indicating that he accepted Haruto’s proposal.

“…So you accept the man slut Prince’s proposal.”

Nayuta noted unhappily.

“Let me think…” Haruto pondered for a while, and said, “Let’s play Turtle to get our heads moving.”

Itsuki and Nayuta looked completely tense.

“Are you…really serious…”

“To be expected of you, man slut Prince. You like turtles that much?”

“Hm? If you aren’t confident, let’s change games, alright?”

Imouto sae Ireba Ii. Vol 1 Chapter 6

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