Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 118

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Chapter 118.

118 The meaning of killing a Dragon

Now, skill skill.
The proper confirmation of skill is important.
Really important.
Why, you say?
It's because I didn't noticed the resistance endowment of the "Universal Thread" so far!

It's that.
I'm an idiot.
Why did I overlook such an important thing?

One of the effects of "Universal Thread", the resistance endowment is as its name, the effect of my resistance-type skills can be endowed to the thread.
In other words, "Fire Resistance" can be endowed.
It's no use even if I endow abnormal condition-type resistance like the "Poison Resistance", etc, but if I endow something like "Acid Resistance", it will become very strong like the frog.

I found the resistance endowment accidentally when I checked the skills again some time ago.
Yes, I was surprised.
I was surprised that it has such an effect and the careless me who overlook it.

Ah, the thread will have more turns if I found this effect a little earlier.
Even if I say that, it doesn't change the fact that it's easy to burn even with the "Fire Resistance", so its highlights won't increase dramatically.
If you ask me whether it's a help or not, it's probably a help.

I should confirm the newly acquired title and skill now.

As expected from the Dragon.
I never thought that I will get a title just by defeating one.
Now, how's the effect?

『Dragon Killer:Acquisition skill 「Destiny LV1」「Dragon Power LV1」:Acquisition condition:Defeat a Dragon species:Effect:An increase in damage when the opponent is a Drake or Dragon species:Explanation:The title presented to those who defeated the Dragon species』

It looks like the higher rank of "Drake Killer".
The skills are also similar.

『Destiny:A bonus of skill level×100 is added to the HP. And, a growth correction of skill level×10 is added when level up』
『Dragon Power:Dragon's power is temporarily gained』

I did it!
The skill that made up for my low HP was obtained!
Although I'm not so weak thanks to "Patience", having HP is better after all.
I might use my MP like this time too.
Ah, but because the level up this time was earlier. it's slightly a waste to level up for 4 levels.
If the title acquisition came earlier than the level up, I would be more happy with the growth corrections.
Umumu, well, it can't be helped.

I wonder is the "Dragon Power" the evolved skill of "Drake Power".
If it's so, then, I must verify how much is the difference from "Drake Power" later.
This is important.
Very important.
Although "Abyss Magic" was used without trial because I didn't have the time to test it, it's important to confirm the skill's effect after all.

"Abyss Magic", huh?
Although I want to test the magic above level 2, the power of this magic is not a joke.
Even the level 1 magic can change the terrain, you know?
Really, what will happen if the level rises?
The MP consumption is also enormous, so it's not a magic that can be used casually.
Even if this place is huge, as long as here is the labyrinth's underground, if I use "Abyss Magic" poorly and the labyrinth collapse, I will suffer from it.

At present, even the level 1 has an outrageous power, so it's a little scary to try the one above it.
I think that I will seal the magic of "Abyss Magic" that are higher than level 2 until I escape from the Elro Great Labyrinth unless a formidable enemy that can't be defeated with Hell Gate appeared.

Next, some skills evolved and derived.
"Probability Correction" is derived from "Evasion" and "Accuracy".
"3D-Maneuver" evolves into "Space Maneuver".

"Probability Correction" is the one that the eel had.
Well, this is as expected because I saw the eel's skill composition.
Because "Evasion" and "Accuracy" have reached max level, I just need to raise "Probability Correction" now.
If I do that, my evasion and accuracy will be raised.
This skill also seems to improve luck.
I will pray for a moment.
I want to live a little more peaceful life.

I think that I'm interested in the "Space Maneuver" that's the evolution of "3D-Maneuver".
Let's see.

『Space Maneuver:Possible to move freely in every space』

It's somehow an amazing explanation, but I don't understand.
Every space?
Like the air?
Can I do a double jump?
This also will be confirmed later.

When the skill evolved, it becomes more usable.
A disappointing skill might evolve and improve unexpectedly, so "Space Maneuver" might be a good skill.
My strategy seems to expand more if I can double jump.

I think that's all.
My skills have powered up considerably.
But, if only my level rose one more.
A further leap would be possible.
It's so close.


「A Dragon perished? The place is Elro Great Labyrinth, huh? Is it that guy? No, it's different. That guy consents to anti-war. That guy will never move. Then, what? Administrator Authority activate. ... What's this? A Ruler? Furthermore, it's 3? What is this? I don't know such thing like Wisdom. Being able to do such a thing, is it D? But, why? What is this skill? ... It's necessary to confirm it」

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 118

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