Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 149

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Chapter 149.
Conversation with D.

149 Hello, this is the Evil God

I didn't saw anything.
I see nothing.

『Hello. This is D』

I don't hear anything.

『Ah, what do we have here. Somehow, there's a spider self-destruction button on my hand.』

I'm sorry, forgive me!
Or rather, what's with that button!?
When did you made it!?

『It's a joke. There's no such thing. Even without it, I can at least turn the spider into a dirty fireworks』

I can't feel relieved at all.

『Don't worry. I won't do anything that will kill an amusing person like you』

Ah, is that so?
I'm honored.
Then, bye.


I'm sorry!

『It's a joke. Joke』

I don't seem to hear it as a joke at all when it's said in a monotonous voice.

『I'm often said that』

So, what do you really want?

『Just a mere celebration that you attained immortality』

Hey, why did you make such a skill?

『What do you think that a person will aim after the person is satisfied?』


『Wealth, fame, military power, authority, and immortality. No matter which world it is, the people will only aim for those. And, when they know that it's really obtainable, what do you think they will do?』

They will probably try to obtain it by all means.
Ah, I see.

『That's how it is. Even if they understand that they can't reach it, people wants to depend on it. At all cost. And, they will work hard and even harder, and die without obtaining it in the end. As for the fruits of their hard work, the Administrators take it. Don't you think that it's very efficient?』

As usual, you have a bad personality.

『I'm the Evil God after all』

Then, I have also obtained that, so what does this means?

『The Zana Horowa is originally set as an immortal monster after all. I didn't expect that there's an individual that will really evolve into it』

It was a monster that must not be evolved.

『It's not wrong to evolve it. However, the first which is the Zoa Ere is a species that generates very rare, so even if it's generated, it was designed to die before it evolves』

What's that?

『The Zoa Ere has the Corrosion Attack, right? But, there was no Corrosion Resistance』

Is that so?

『Yes. Therefore, the normal Zoa Ere will die at the moment it used the Corrosion Attack. You are lucky to have the resistance』

How close!?
So, I was close to death before I knew it.

『Thanks to the resistance you have, the sickle ended to the extent that it can't be used. If it's the usual, it will be an instant death』

What a defective product.

『Kill the opponent and oneself will also die. Because of such state, it's said that it's the monster that symbolized sinister』

Now that you say that, it sure is sinister.
It's an extreme nuisance.

『The true nature of Ede Saine doesn't change too, and it obtained the more powerful Evil Eye of Extinction. It dies before it evolves』

Is there an individual that evolve into the Zana Horowa up until now?

『There's none. Congratulations. You became the world's only unique monster. Clap clap』

Although I'm happy, when it's said by you, somehow, I can't feel happy.

『Even though I'm here to bless you specially』

No, after all, when I see the this or that up until now, well.

『I'm the Evil God after all』

"Taboo" and "Immortality", your personality is really bad.

『I will be glad if you could say it a little with elegance. For example, pure malice』

At the point you say it yourself, it's already an out.
You are too nasty.

『Don't you think that Taboo is a well-done system?』

I don't think so.
Although it ended with only unpleasant feelings because I'm a half outsider, won't the residents in this world will go mad when "Taboo" reached max level?

『The people who maxed Taboo in the past don't receive a decent death』

That's obvious.

『It's Taboo, that's why that sort of thing is included』

Seriously, it's nasty.
Well, I guess those are the consequences when you do bad things.

『So, you've learned contents of Taboo, and now here we are』

I think that something is wrong even if I say so myself.
If it was the old me, I would just say something like "This is none of my business," then sleep all day.

『It's probably because of the way you've been using Parallel Will』

I'm sure it is.

『I'm saying this because you don't seem to realize it, but that's an attack outside of the system, you know?』

Ah, seriously?

『At the very least, I don't remember designing the skill to do something like that』

In other words, I'm approaching the domain of God?


This seems that I'm close to the day when I become the God.

『I expect it』

No, I wanted you to retort me rather than ignoring me splendidly.

『It's my true feelings. I'm expecting you to reach our area』

Are you serious?


What's your purpose?

『I should have said it. It's entertainment』

Ah, yeah.
It was like that.

『Because I feel good today, I will give you a little service by lecturing you』


『Yes. If it's within the range that I can tell, I will teach you about various things about this world』

Oh, seriously.
Then, what should I ask?

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 149

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