Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 208

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Chapter 208.

208 The standard of the fantasy world and the first encounter

The time returns a little.

The transferred destination is inside the town.
Because this is the first time for me to transfer without skill, it's slightly off from the target coordinate.
Although we somehow appeared in the back alley where there's no one, if I made a mistake, it would become a frightening result like in the stone or transfer human body union.

「Huh? Where is here? Who am I?」

I pull the Demon King who's half asleep next to me.
Because the main street is crowded with people who try to evacuate, I move on the roof while jumping.

「Um, I want you to explain the circumstances by now though?」

Because the Demon King says it like have been amazed, I will explain it reluctantly.

「There's a reincarnated person in this town, but because I seen her in a pinch accidentally, I will rescue her」
「Shiro-chan spoke!? Moreover, a long sentence!?」

How rude.
I will speak when speaking.
Ah, but the Demon King is half similar to me, so there might be speaking without eagerness.

「I see. However, a reincarnated person, huh? How surprising. I thought that Shiro-chan doesn't get involved in such troublesome thing」
「I don't think that I will get involve in it willingly. Only this time, I found her timely」

We arrive at the site.
At the same time, the woman was stabbed and died.

「Oh. It looks like they are fighting」

What's this situation?
Somehow, it looks like two powers clashes concerning the Vampire child.
Ah, the person who's holding that Vampire child is the guard who I treated before.

「Elves? Why are they here...」

The Demon King muttered something.
The Elves are that standard different kind of race in the fantasy world?
The one that has long ears, good at magic and has long life?
So, there is, huh?

Because they wear the hood, the ears can't be seen.
The Demon King probably seen through it with the Appraisal, but it's inconvenient that I can't use the Appraisal casually at such a time.

The Demon King tries to rush out.
I stop her.

「Wait for a bit longer」
「Appearing in the pinch of the limit has better impression, right?」

The Demon King who has an amazed face somehow when I say so.

「Shiro-chan is comparatively vulgar」

While saying this and that, the guard falls.
When I thought that it's almost time, the Vampire child began to suck the guard's blood.

The atmosphere changes.
The atmosphere of both the Vampire child and the guard who's blood was sucked changes.

The guard who gets up slowly struck the one of the men who seemed to be the Elves.
Uwa, groggy.
The guard crushed the head.
Moreover, he begins to suck that guy's blood.

「Ah, his reasoning is blown off immediately after evolution」
「Is becoming a Vampire an evolution?」
「That's right. It's a special evolution」

I see.
Ah, the guard was defeated.
He's blown off by the magic of the newly appeared woman disappointingly.

「Huh? That, don't tell me that it's Potimas?」

A dangerous atmosphere mixes with the Demon King's voice.
I feel like I heard it somewhere before.
Ah, it's the guy who's the foolish mastermind who attacked D that was said just now.

「Potimas is an Elf?」
「That's right. It's the name of the lowest trash guy. But, the one over there is not the main body. That is just taking over and using a nameless woman's body. He's observing from a save place by using another person's body. The lowest trash who only thinks that everyone other than himself is nothing but tools. That's the guy called Potimas」

Taking over another person's body, huh?

I have taken over another person's body(Queen) before.
I observed from the safe place (Elro Great Labyrinth).
Not interested in things other than myself.

「Ha!? When thinking so, Shiro-chan is also the lowest tra-, buhera!?」

Divine Punishment.

「Even though it's just a right straight without any power, it can't be avoided and it penetrates Physical Nullity. Is this God power?」

The Demon King explains neatly while bleeding at the nose.

「Well, it's that. The Elves in this world are not the same as what you imagined. Frankly speaking, when seeing from the world, they are nothing but harm」

The image of the Elves collapses.

「Even though it's a temporary body, for Potimas to appear like this. What turn of events is this? Oh, well」

The Demon King rushes out without the time to stop her.

「Yo yo. Maou Shoujo Ariel-chan visits the beauty little girl and the attendant's pinch magnificently!」

What is that fool saying?
Is she stupid?

Well, never mind.
For the time being, let's leave the Elves to the Demon King.
There's some kind of circumstances.
I will move to secure the Vampire child.

I move to the Vampire child's back.
I lift her as it is.

Baby seems to be delicious because it's squishy.
Though the parts that can be eaten seems to be little because it's small.
The cheek seems to have elasticity.

I wonder if I should eat her only a little.
As expected, the cheek is that, maybe the arm.
I can just treat her right after I pluck it out.
Just a little.

This person wet her pants.

Well, in such a situation that she might die, it can't be helped even if she wet her pants, huh?
She's a baby after all.

But, her inside is a high school student, so how is it?
If it's me, I can die easily by shame though.
Or rather, I have the confidence that I will massacre every eye-witness without hesitation though.

Let's pretend not to see it.
That's the thing called kindness.
I even made my intention to eat disappeared.
I return the Vampire child gently to her former position.

The guard notices me and protects the Vampire child while limping.
Although the Demon King said that his reasoning was blown off immediately after evolution, from what I see, he has consciousness properly.
But, it's not strange even if he loses consciousness in another meaning.
What a terrible wound.
He's alive well.

Now that I have come this far, I will treat you because it can't be helped.
I can do the magic of treatment without a problem.

「You are not an enemy?」

Because I was asked so by the guard, I nod for the time being.
I'm also not an ally though.

As for the Demon King, she's acting violently.
The people other than the woman called Potimas were instant killed.
Although she threaten that Potimas, ah, she committed suicide.
Is it not painful even if she dies because it's a borrowed body?
Then, is it similar to the nature of my egg revival?

Egg, egg!?
I forgot it completely.
What happened to that?
They have already hatched, right?
I must go to confirm it later.

The Demon King uses the magic called 「Wind of Doze」 that has sleep effect among the magic of the wind to put the Vampire child and the guard to sleep.

「Then, let's withdraw quickly」
「Why did you put them to sleep?」
「We can't talk slowly here, and because we are not trusted yet, I made them possible to be abducted quickly」

Ah, yeah.
Then, let's transfer to a suitable place.
This time, I make sure that there's no mistake in the coordinates.

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 208

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