Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 262

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262 – If you want to pass beyond this point then go ahead after defeating me!

Well, it’s no surprise that oni-kun is shocked huh. While it is the case that oni-kun has committed massacres while having lost control due to Wrath, that was only because he was being dominated by Wrath. It’s not something he did of his own volition. However, in my case though, I did it of my own free will. I snapped and then did it. However, I have neither regrets nor remorse! Besides, considering what I am going to do in future, what I’ve done until now is like a picnic in comparison.

Perhaps not knowing what to say, oni-kun’s mouth repeatedly opens and closes. Vampire girl seems to be uncomfortable due to her own words having caused a difficult atmosphere. Humph. I guess now’s the time that I should declare my own thoughts a bit. Whatever path either of them will take in future, that is for them to decide. It’s not my business. However, that’s only so long as they don’t interfere with my own path.

「I will commit massacres in the future as well.」

I’ll establish this first. While it might not be something that I will do with my own hands, I am still one of masterminds behind the large scale war that will occur between the demons and the humans. It’s certain that the number of people killed in action will be on a completely different level compared to when I went wild during the war between the country of Sariera and the Divine Word Religion. In addition, at that time I will probably kill the current Hero myself. Since I’ll have to be intervening with the System, killing him myself is the most reliable way. In the case that the Hero attacks together with a large army, then I might have to kill them all together. Depending on the situation, it wouldn’t even be strange if I had to deal with the entire army that the Hero is with all by myself. Whole-scale massacre, in other words. Well, either way, whether it’s directly or indirectly, it doesn’t change the fact that I will be causing massacres.

「It is up to you to decide what to think about that. But, if you get in my way then I will show no mercy. So long as you don’t get in my way, then I don’t mind how you live your lives.」

With my eyes half-open, I declare that to vampire girl and oni-kun. Just by looking at someone with my eyes I cause terror. I think it’s likely that the only ones in the world who can withstand this are the Demon King and Kuro. To know this terror and still challenge me, I think that’s true determination. In such a case, I would seriously crush them out of genuine respect. I will show no mercy to my opponents. Even if they don’t have the power to thwart me, I will still not hold back in the slightest.

I am aware that it is possible for a weak existence to continue to survive despite facing much stronger opponents, and to eventually climb up to the peak of overwhelming strength. Since that is none other than my own situation. Therefore, I won’t be careless even if they’re weak. In their own way, the weak can still defeat the strong.

This is exactly why, so that an upset will never occur, I will dispassionately advance my preparations. Regardless of whether they’re strong or weak, there can be no other way. For the sake of satisfying the conditions of my victory. Because I am a spider after all. So that the battle will be decided the moment that my prey is wrapped in my threads, I prepare traps in advance. I’m currently at the point of building my web for that. Far and wide, my threads are spreading throughout the world. In order to arrange a stage that is convenient for me.

「I will not ask you to give me your answers immediately, but please consider your plans for the future.」

I wonder what choices vampire girl and oni-kun will make. Depending on that it might be necessary to adjust my scenario. In order to keep the stage in perfect condition. Even if just a little, so that no obstacles to my plan will arise, I shall remove any worrying elements at an early stage.

For vampire girl, I doubt she’ll become hostile with her current attitude. However, I don’t know about oni-kun. Based on Wakaba Hiiro’s memories from the previous world, I don’t fully understand oni-kun’s temperament. Many things have happened to him in this world as well, so who knows how he’s changed.

I’ve given them my warning. I guess I’ll have to wait-and-see for a bit, before deciding what to do next.

Sigh. I’m worn out from talking. Or maybe I should say, haven’t I been talking a bit too much lately? If I continue to talk so much then my throat will become worn out. My throat isn’t meant for speaking more than ten words in a single day! Maybe I should go to Japan for a bit to buy throat lozenges?

For the time being I need something to drink to wet my throat. Ah, I do just happen to have that large coffee can from D’s house. Come to think of it I’ve never drunk coffee before. I wonder about using coffee just to wet my throat, but ah whatever.

I take the coffee can out from the storage dimension. I open the pull tab, and take a sip. Mmm. This is black coffee indeed. D was a black coffee drinker, yeah.

「Eh? Hey, that’s!? Canned coffee!?」

Ah. Whoops. I shouldn’t have drunk this in front of vampire girl and oni-kun. There’s no mistaking it, I’ve spoken so much that my normal judgement is impaired. Now then, how am I going to gloss over thish? Hm?


「Eh!? Huh!? What’s the matter!?」

Uwhya thah? Wwahht, summat wyyrd hahh haahhenned?

「Hey!? Goshujin-sama!? Are you okay!?」

Ay hahb ahbsohbed sahmsing tsurayngue, bwa ay kaahnn speyykk.


State of emergency declared. Drastic reduction in thinking ability experienced in the main body. Abnormality in physical ability observed. In accordance with the unusual conditions the clones are to take decisive action to eject the abnormality from the main body. Validated that the specified substance is affecting the main body. Commencing removal operation.

Discontinue removal operation. Negative influence additionally detected in the clone responsible for removal. Judged that there is no significant dysfunction. Restoration likely with time. Temporarily quarantine the main body in another dimension. Adjust objective to await for recovery.


「Eh? She vanished.」
「Space Magic or something I guess?」
「What happened, just now?」
「She seemed to become strange after drinking coffee though.」
「Coffee. I seem to remember hearing some trivia saying that spiders get drunk when they drink coffee, but surely that’s not it?」
「Certainly not. I doubt that would be enough to make her so unsteady.」
「I was shocked when she suddenly collapsed, but since she used Space Magic on her own I guess she’s okay?」

D「To think she’d self-destruct before I could go and knock her down. Every time she cuts across my expectations at some weird angle.」

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 262

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