Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 41

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Chapter 41.

Here are some skill names (Suggest if you have a better one):

投擲 = Throw
命中 = Hit (Accuracy might be better)

Changes made in this chapter:

Solid → Sturdy
Overeating → Gluttony

Changed Gluttony → Overeating.

41 I achieved the desired level up!

When I hunted the lost one many times, I heard the voice.

《Experience points has reached a certain degree. Individual, Small Taratect LV2 has become LV3》
《Every basic ability rose》
《Level Up Bonus:Skill Proficiency was acquired》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Powerful LV1』 has become 『Powerful LV2』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Sturdy LV1』 has become 『Sturdy LV2』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Overeating LV1』 has become 『Overeating LV2』》
《Skill points gained》

The moment of the long-awaited level up came.
The skin peels off completely from my body.
I understood that the hole on my back has closed in the sense that I can't express it at all.

《Skill proficiency reached. Acquired skill 『Automatic HP Recovery LV1』》

This is unexpected.
I mean, will the complete recovery by level up become automatic recovery?
I'm very happy, but I wanted it a little earlier.
If I have it, I won't have such a hard time.

No, that's really luxurious.
I should be happy that I have leveled up and the anxiety of the future has disappeared now.

Actually, it was considerably dangerous.
Finally, my HP has begun to decrease.
When my HP decreased from 6 to 5, I don't felt alive.
After that, it decreased slowly and it decreased to 3 just before the level up.
It was really dangerous.
I suppressed my flustered heart, and it was worth to devote myself in hunting lost one.

The lost one hunting went well.
Unlike the first expectation, the long-distance attack of the Kumorning Star hits every time.
That's surprising.
Is this also a technique that the spider's body can do?
Moreover, I don't know it's thanks to that or not, but I manage to acquire the 『Throw』 and 『Hit』 skills at level 1 respectively.
I think that both are skills that has raising effect.

In addition, 3 skills rose in this level up.
Only those that has unknown effects, but now that it has level up, that means that it accumulates skill proficiency somewhere. There's a possibility that I enjoyed its benefit unconsciously.
There's no disadvantage of it, so it should be a good thing.
However, I'm slightly uneasy about "Overeating".

I made the nest and hunt the lost one. With that many chance to use the "Spider Thread" and "Thread Manipulation", both skills also leveled up.
"Spider Thread" is level 8 and "Thread Manipulation" is level 5.
The "Thread Manipulation" is more useful than I thought.
It became level 5,and the speed and the precision that I could manipulate rose considerably.
I was right to take this skill.

The "Pain Alleviation" also rose to level 5.
Thanks to that, it was considerably comfortable halfway.
The strong point of this skill is of course not feeling pain and even if I don't feel pain, I can know that the condition is dangerous.
The pain is the signal conveying the danger, so there's a meaning on it.
When it disappears, the feeling of danger will disappear. However, in the case of this skill, the pain can't be feel, but I can understand accurately the depth of the wound and how dangerous the wound is.
It's difficult to put it in words because it's intuitive, a feeling of irritation from the wound or, how should I put it. Anyway, I understand it well that it's a different feeling from the pain.
Thanks to that, there's no demerit of not feeling pain.
Well, the pain is not completely gone yet because it is still level 5.

Now that I have leveled up, let's see how much my status has changed.

『Small Taratect LV3 No name 
 Average Offensive Ability:21
 Average Defensive Ability:21
 Average Magic Ability:19
 Average Resistance Ability:19
 Average Speed Ability:369』

HP, MP, SP, Offensive ability and Defensive ability increase by 2 each while Magic and Resistance ability increase by 1 each.
And then, Speed, what are you?
It should be 348 previously, so it went up by 21?
Isn't is strange?
Isn't it that there's too much difference with the other status that rose modestly?
Why is it that the increase of the offensive ability and defensive ability are the same?
The magic and resistance can overtake it in 1 level....
 魔法と抵抗に至っては1レベルで抜かれるんですけど…。TL note : not too sure about this 2 sentences)

Well, let's overlook the awful status offset.

I was able to recover completely by level up, so it's possible for me to challenge with full strength aiming towards escaping.
After all, the work became slow because there's a wound, and I also had to be cautious.
From now on, I will hunt lost one steadily and extend the nest while securing stamina.

Now, the nest extends to around a quarter of the goal.
It's still long ahead.
The bees still haven't attack me yet, but I don't know how long that will last.
When thinking so, it's necessary to make the nest while keeping its strength to endure the attack of the bees.
Though it's necessary, this is quite difficult.
After all, it's different from making it on the ground, extending the nest upwards becomes harder the more I climb up.
It's necessary to extend the thick thread from the rock that is the foundation to become a prop and I must also bind it with the thread to fix the prop.
Because this is only a quarter, the difficulty of the work rises more and more if I climb up.

Still, I must do it.
I don't know when will the Earth Dragon appears suddenly again.
Before that happens, I must escape from here by any means.
The worst case, I might have to abandon my nest and charge taking the advantage of my speed.
It's considerably disadvantageous, but I will surely die as it is. At times like this, I have no choice but to do it.
Let's do my best in making the nest to avoid that situation.
I touched the status notation. How about this?

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 41

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