Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 54

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Chapter 54.
It won't end yet.

54 Quiet sleep great strategy!

Ah, sleepy.
My sleepiness is getting quite dangerous soon.
I never thought that camping without a simple home sounds to have so much effect.
Although I thought I can endure a little more, it will be dangerous if I don't think of a way to sleep soundly soon.

However, if it's possible to sleep soundly that easy, I won't forced myself to explore till I'm lacking of sleep.
As expected, the Earth Dragon won't chase after me if I come here, but I'm in a situation where there are strong enemies everywhere.
If it's a simple home, then it might be broke through.

Even so, making a home with all my might is out of question.
I don't want to set up a root here.
I want to escape from here as soon as possible.
For that reason, I must not make a home that needs a long time to make.

When it becomes so, then I will have to make a simple home as before, but I don't know whether it has an effect on the inhabiting monsters or not.
This turns out that I'm going around in circles.

I strain my sleepy head and think about what to do.
Even if it's a simple home, won't it go well depending on the way of doing it?
For example, I don't make it at a random area, but I will hide myself at a place that's hard to be found and make it there.
Even though I say it, the rocks around here are quite ragged. Even so, there's no such place that I can hide in peace.

No, wait?
Won't it go well even if I never hide?
In short, isn't it enough if the monsters can't interfere?
If so, then there's a good place.

I go there at once.
The ceiling, the point after climbing the wall all the time.

Uhyoo. ( うひょー。)
It's high.
Can I have a quiet sleep like this?
But, at present, I have not seen any monsters that can climb the wall or fly in the air.
Ah, the snail insect is a different case.
I have not seen any bees after reaching this wide space, so I thought that I will make a simple home between the wall and the ceiling and I will be safe if I sleep in there.

Thus, let's start making the nest.
Uwa, it's seriously high.
If it's around 100 meters above ground, then how many floors is it in a skyscraper?
I will surely die if I fall.
Well, I don't think I will fall because I have a lifeline, but still, it's a scary thing to work exposed.
Do your work, "Fear Resistance".

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Fear Resistance LV5』 has become 『Fear Resistance LV6』》

I'm sorry.
I said it irresponsibly.
Therefore, don't insert a retort in such a perfect timing.
Ah, it surprised me.

F-for the time being, the border is completed.
The border is made between the wall and the ceiling in a net with adhesion threads.
In this border, I think I should make a bed like the hammock.

But, this is completely exposed to the outside, right?
Won't it be an easy victim against long distance attack like the breath of Earth Dragon?
As expected, I should cover it more.
Can I somehow make use of the rocks scattered around here?

I get down to the ground for the moment.
I look at the rock.
It's huge if it's as it is.
Can't I process(加工) it somehow?
Can I cut a little with "Severing Thread"?
I tie a thread to the rock and activate "Severing Thread".
Hmm, although it cuts a little, it's no good.
Will it work if I move it like a saw?
Oh, even though it's a little, it's working.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Severing Thread LV3』 has become 『Severing Thread LV4』》

Thanks to the skill level rose midway, work efficiency rose.
Yosh, the thinly cut rock is completed.
I stick this on the surface of the nest and use it for camouflage.

I stick a thread to the rock firmly.
On top of that, I will climb to the nest 100 meters above ground while holding the thread.
Yosh, now I just need to pull this thread.
Fun! ( ふん!)
Ku, I put my weight on. ( く、体重をかけるんだ。TL note: not too sure)
Soore! ( そーれ!)

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Powerful LV2』 has become 『Powerful LV3』》

The skill level of "Powerful" rose midway.
Although it rose, it's still heavy.
This consumes a lot of instantaneous force and stamina!
This is hard!

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Agility LV1』 was acquired》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Endurance LV1』 was acquired》

I acquired some skills.
But, I don't have the time to confirm it now!
Soore, pull!

Zee, zee. ( ぜー、ぜー。)
At last, I was able to lift the rock.
Uwa, the stamina has decreased exceeding the stocks from the "Overeating".
Ah, that's why, it's hard.

This is strange. Although I should be thinking about the way to have a quiet sleep quickly, why am I doing such heavy labor diligently?
It's a defeat if I think deeply.

The rock is concealing the nest properly, so there's a result of my hard work.
Now, I just need to make the bed and.

It's absolute heaven.
Ah, after all, I can calm down in the thread.
This is it.
As expected, I can't sleep in peace without this.

Ah, I must confirm the effect of the newly acquired skills before sleeping.

『Agility:Increases SP(Agility) equivalent to the skill level』
『Endurance:Increases SP(Endurance) equivalent to the skill level』
[Small note: Agility = Yellow Gauge(Instantenous force), Endurance = Red Gauge(Total stamina)]

Ah, it's the SP version of "Powerful" and "Sturdy".
My SP which was 40 increases to 41 each.
Stamina is important, so this is delicious.

Yosh, now that I have confirmed the skills and I'm tired after the work, let's sleep!
It seems that I'm able to sleep soundly after a long time, so let's sleep to my heart's content.
Therefore, good night.

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 54

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