Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 84

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Chapter 84.
Sorry for the late release. I went outside for quite long.
Anyway, enjoy the 2 chapters today. Not much time to translate and there's a possibility that I will change my release schedule.

84 Spider vs Fire Drake ⑤

Enough about the fact that I escaped to the ceiling, this situation is not very good.
My movement is slower when I cling to the ceiling than the time I'm on ground.
I had to do my best even on the ground, so I can never be able to keep avoiding the eel's attack.
If I don't return to the ground quick, I will get sniped.

However, it's hard to say that the eel has composure.
The eel's MP decreased considerably.
If I convert the remaining MP, it will be 3 "Flame Breath", and 16 if it's fireball.
If I compare it with the beginning, it has considerably decreased.
But, it has enough strength to shoot me down who's at the ceiling.

Either I return to the ground first or the eel shoots me down first.

I begin to move.
Head for the nearest wall.
But, it looks like the eel anticipated it.
A fireball is shot accurately to obstruct my movement.
It's difficult to avoid it if I'm clinging to the ceiling.
I can't be concerned about my yellow gauge now.
I evade the approaching fireball with all my speed.

I have no choice but to push through by relying on "SP Consumption Down" and "SP Recovery Speed".
I must get close to the wall at all costs before my yellow gauge is exhausted.

I somehow manage to avoid the approaching fireball.
But, because of that, I can't reach the wall.
Meanwhile, my yellow gauge decreases.
This is bad.
If my yellow gauge is exhausted, even clinging to the ceiling will be hard.
I must evade that alone at all costs.

Although I think about that, because of the perfect fireball sniping, it won't advance as I thought.
And, finally, my yellow gauge was exhausted.
Tiredness attacks my body at once.
The fireball approaches there without mercy.


I judge that I can't avoid it, and naturally, I jump into the empty air.
The fireball burst nearby, and the blast strokes my body.
I somehow manage to control my spinning body, and I fire a thread.
The string that sticks on the wall is immediately drawn.
A fireball passes through the empty air where I was a little while ago.

My body swings like the pendulum, and I succeed in landing on the ground without falling into the magma.
A fireball flies towards there without mercy.
With the momentum of the landing, I roll to avoid the fireball.

It's painful.
As the compensation that I kept moving even if my yellow gauge is exhausted, I taste a severe suffocation, the physical weariness that assaults my whole body and pain.
I ignore it by force with the power of "Pain Nullity" and "Pain Alleviation".

Because the eel is preparing a "Flame Breath".

I whipped my trembling body, and run at full speed.
The edge of my view is dyed red by the flame.
Heat approaches from the rear.
I run to shake it off.
And, I avoided the "Flame Breath".

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Evasion LV6』 has become 『Evasion LV7』》

After avoiding the "Flame Breath", I breathe out my accumulated breath.
My yellow gauge begins to recover.

No fireballs flown anymore.
Finally, the eel's MP is exhausted.
The eel that lost its long distance attack, slips to the land and makes its appearance.

Only the face looks like an eel.
The one over there has a close resemblance to the Orient Dragon, it's a drake that had a long body.
Even if its MP is exhausted, my appearance is caught in its eyes as usual.
It seems that I have been recognized completely as an enemy.
At first, it might want to crush me because I'm an eyesore, but it started to get serious on shooting its fireballs midway.
It's completely serious when it breathe out its "Flame Breath".
Apparently, it seems that it's not pleased that I kept avoiding.

Even if I escape like this, I don't think it will overlook me.
Although its MP is exhausted, its SP is still in good health.
To compare with that, my SP is considerably scraped.
As the compensation to keep moving even if my yellow gauge is exhausted, the amount of my red stamina gauge has decreased to the extent that it can't be ignored.
Because there's still the "Overeating" skill's stock, I won't be unable to move instantly, but when it comes to a physical strength match with the eel, I will surely lose.

It's impossible to get away.
Then, there's only one choice.
I have no choice but to fight and win.

When seeing the numerical value of the status, I don't have a chance to win.
But, it's not all about numerical value.
Although it can be understood if I fight even if it's unpleasant, skill is the most important element in this world.

In the first place, with this much difference in the numerical value, it's a miracle that I'm still alive.
The skill is certainly the one that's causing this miracle.
The power of the skill is demonstrated to its maximum, and because it fills the difference in the status, thus, I succeeded in making the eel to crawl up to the same arena.
Although the difference in the status is certainly a big difference, it's not an absolute difference.
It's a difference that's enough to be overturned by the skill.

And, all of the eel's skills were seen through.
Now that its MP is exhausted, the skills that I need to be cautious are "Accuracy" and "Evasion", and the "Probability Correction" combo.
And, its defensive ability by "Dragon Scale".
The level 3 technique of "Fire Drake".
And, the simple physical ability from the large build.

It's a fairly formidable enemy even if I see this much.
But, I still have my trump card.
My strongest weapon, Deadly Poison attack.
Defensive ability is useless against this attack.
It can even corrode the defense of the scales, and the Deadly Poison will ruin your body.
To the end, I can only rely on my skills.
I'm only surpass it in skills.
But, there's also a possibility to surpass it.

Both of us lack of defensive ability.
If the attack is decided, the win is decided. A match of a one-hit kill.
Then, the one that becomes the winning move of the match is....

And, the second round on the ground began without a signal.

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 84

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