Kyuuketsu Hime wa Barairo no Yume o Miru Vol 4 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

The western part of Amitia Republic, Ala is where Joey the adventurer should have been. More than that, the surprising part is that the girl Joey travelled with was a girl who is around his age.

What happened to Mia?! Was she replaced by a younger girl!?

While giving a look as if she’s about to ask a question, Joey and the girl exchanged looks, and then for some reason, Joey waved both hands in a panic.

“That’s wrong! Don’t misunderstand, there’s no such thing between us!…Let’s talk about it, ok?”

“Hm. If you have some sort of explanation, then let’s hear it.” This is also for Mia-san’s sake. And, if I might be mistaken about something, still, I don’t know if there was a misunderstanding.

“Teacher, it’s so cruel to say that there’s nothing between us~”

Perhaps she’s the type that’s shy with people she doesn’t know, objecting weakly while hiding behind Joey with a timid attitude.

But, what the hell is with this girl. Even though our heights are the same, she has a bodacious body. If I had to say it, it’s the breasts. What cup size is that?!

Perhaps a magician, she was dressed in a robe, the chest part of the short dress she wore beneath seemed as if it’s about to burst open. Even though she’s short, her chest is big. It is an outrageous figure if I have to say.

Ah right, it’s not that his response towards Mia-san was lacking, so it’s because of the boobs, isn’t it? The boobs are the reason! This vulgar person!

Instinctively jealous, I was provoked. Yep, as a friend I should frankly congratulate him but, because his partner has a large chest, it was difficult to accept it. Even I wondered and touch mine sometimes, I’m not satisfied with it. If this was going to happen like this, then maybe it would have been better to grow it more. Recently it increased by 2 centimeters – and, I control my train of thought which went to tomorrow and turned to look at Joey’s face.

Speaking of which, Chloe-san, Tengai and the rest moved the chairs slightly away carefully, since I sat on the sofa in the Guild, it became a composition where those on Joey’s side were standing.

“Could you sit down for now. It must be tiring to keep standing there.”

At my urging, Joey sat in the opposite seat facing me in haste, as if letting her near him the girl sit beside him – sending me a provocative look with her upturned eyes, what’s with that. I thought it’s because it was the first time meeting me, but could I have done something that hurt her feeling? …could it be, I looked at her breasts for too long she felt disgusted?  – Why was it that she doesn’t even distance herself from Joey’s body for even a minute, and in between the sword and scabbard was placed.

“Err, this girl’s, Fiore, has only been grouped together with me several times because we’re E rank adventurers. We’re only co-workers.”

Could it be really important for Joey, he repeated ‘only’ twice.

“…Nice… to meet you, I am Joey-teacher’s apprentice, Fiore.”

Somehow Fiore bowed in a formal way. Speaking of which, if she were to loosen her hair she would have light chestnut Semi-long twintails, Fiore was a type of girl that has a considerably cute look.

“Nice to meet you, I am Joey’s friend Hiyuki. – Teacher?”

Joey seems to be rather disappointed at my greetings, “Just friends haa…” – isn’t it fine to say kindred spirit?Just like a bratty general from somewhere – eh, knitting his brows as if it’s mistakenly convincing.

“This person had taken her own liberty to say that. Since when did I teach such a self-important person?”

“Is that so? Recently [Work isn’t a game], or [Treasure your life], didn’t you give many splendid advices?”

“…did I say such things?”


“-Ahh… err, errm I recently heard it from the Garten Guild Leader who said it to the beginners.”

Saying that he’s been deceiving her, Joey had a wide grimace.

“ah, it’s that time. Sensei’s mouth spilled such things too lightly.”

My apologies, Garten Guild Leader, I had simply lowered Joey’s share value.

I gave my apologies from my heart, to you from under the distant skies.

…or perhaps I should say, why is it I haven’t noticed it yet.

“Absolutely not! Shishou is my saviour. Because I’m following shishou as example, I’ve set my target to become a wonderful adventurer!”

You’ve made that a goal huh. However I think it’s better to stop.

And also, even though it’s fine to do whatever you want, don’t take a violent pose and sway exaggeratedly.

“Saviour… as a fellow adventurer in the same team, it’s natural to help each other. By chance at that time I was nearby, if it’s anyone else, they would have done the same.”

As if it’s a matter of course, Joey said it plainly, but in reality, in emergencies, people who are able to avoid troubles would quickly be gone.

But well, somehow or other I understood. It could be the suspended bridge effect, to admire Joey who saved her when she’s in a pinch, this booby – er, rather, Fiore pushed him into becoming his student.

“I kind of know the circumstances, but why come here? Travelling?”

“No, as hired escort for the magical ship from Amitia, we came here. In this case, the requirement for the job was [People who can swim]. There weren’t many people who could swim in Ala, but, since I was born in the village near the beach, swimming became my forte. – And, this girl is a magician, so by just by being there, she is valuable.”

Hee, he unexpectedly has a special skill and a backbone.

“Hm? Then how are you going back? Will you be returning by escorting the magical ship?”

“No, it was only a one-way trip.” Joey replied easily as he shook his head.

“Then are you paying for your own way back? While I’m not sure what sort of ships there are, they are comparatively expensive aren’t they?”

“ In the worst case we’ll pay for our trip back, but I have an idea how I could go back.” Joey said with a confidently and laughed.

“What kind of idea?”

“The dungeons, of course. Recently, there were rumours of  a dungeon with teleportation magic on the tenth floor. I’ve registered my magical signature, so moving to Ala’s magical teleportation portal and then back will be done skillfully, is what I thought.”

“Ah, I see.”

For me, by normally deciding to have a save point at the sky garden, using [Return] skill I could travel back easily, and I also have countless personal [teleportation rock] that has the Save & Return skill, so i was able to enjoy the use of teleportation magic, but in this world, □□parts have been removed, and occasionally there would be discovery of the remains of a magical teleportation portal.

Speaking of which, teleportation magic circles can’t be used once it’s coordinates are moved, so the foundation has been a pattern to create a city around the teleportation formation.

As a matter of course, any country would practice strict control of the use of the portal, for example, for movement between point A and point B, you would have to be there in person to register your magical signature and receive permission at point B.

And so, by paying a large sum of money at location A, you can move to location B, however, people who did not register, of course, could not go towards the place. Leaving behind the interval of space-time according to the place, in order to return to the present world, it isn’t quite a high risk, high return method but, as Joey has finished registration at Ala earlier, by using the magical teleportation circle which isn’t regulated by anyone in the dungeon, then it will be a way to return for free besides being able to return in an instant.

With a look it does look like a great plan without exception but…

“Hey, Joey, do you have experience exploring dungeons?” as I was interested in that, I had to try and confirm it.

“I do, at Ala’s ancient ruins. I reached the 18th floor at that dungeon. However, I entered with a temporary team.”

I had destroyed the dungeon there with Four Evil Heavenly Kings, so the result from the large-scale magical remodelling, so even if you were a beginner, you wouldn’t die until the 20th layer, and those who are able to enter the next 10 layers are for professionals, veterans and top-class, and the difficulty increases. Speaking of which, to solo, Maroubito who was a S-grade adventurer too would be able to clear up to 58th floor (the deepest layer is 70th).

There none other than the 18 floors, moreover, to not be able to go without forming a party, he really seems to be an admirable beginner.

Even without knowing the difficulty of the dungeon, these two probably can’t clear it.

“Maa, as expected, we’re not so dumb as to suddenly challenge a dungeon with only the two of us, so we thought to come here and find a party to enter the dungeon together but,”

Aah, as I thought they are not idiots.

“Because didn’t meet the requirements, as of now we were talking about going there with just the two of us.”

Un, as I thought, they’re actually idiots.

“Well, I didn’t expect to meet Hiyuki here. Hiyuki too, why are you here?”

“I’m only here for a work-related meetup.”

“Ah, you even had to work here. It’s tough to be you.”

“Well, it’s about my country, so.”

Fiore who heard this had a dubious expression. With an aloof way, she pulled Joey’s sleeve and asked him in a soft voice. Well, as a vampire princess I could still overhear them.

“…Er, teacher, Hiyuki-san, is she the girlfriend Teacher’s been talking about all along? Even when there are no parts that look like a beast’s, to have her own country… ?”

I don’t mind if she directly asked me the questions, could it be her shyness is very strong? And, this girl, does she regularly use the third person pronoun?

“Th- that’s wrong! Don’t jump to conclusions. And, about [My country] Hiyuki said, that’s because Hiyuki is much more respectable than Collard, rather than Emperor she is an Empress, it could be said for her, “This country is mine”.

“Huh? Is that so???” Even though she completely didn’t understand that explanation, I decided to let it rest since I don’t have the wicked hobby of doing historically accurate reenactments, I’ll set it aside.

Even so, it’s alright that Joey has the intention to enter the dungeon with vigour, but I won’t be able to sleep well knowing that the big breasted- err, girl in front of me would be sacrificed.

Since the first 10 floors will probably be easy to conquer, it’s not bad to help out a little.

Kyuuketsu Hime wa Barairo no Yume o Miru Vol 4 Chapter 3

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