Legend of the Supreme Soldier Chapter 231

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Chapter 231: Super Training Partner

Ye Chong was startled. Just then, a silver light appeared before him, shining almost painfully bright. A strong sense of danger enveloped him. Almost reflexively, Ye Chong’s hands began to dance quickly on the controls. At the same time, Han Jia stepped back and raised the dagger in its hands against that silver light.

Ye Chong groaned. For every mech pilot, it was dangerous to lose control of his or her mech, no matter how fast they could recover. Ye Chong’s hands were flying across the controls. For the first time ever, Ye Chong felt that his hands were not fast enough.

A silver crescent shone in midair, so very close to Han Jia. Ye Chong could see it clearly in all its beauty and fatality.

Ye Chong was also at his limit in executing that move earlier. However, the other party was not going to let him go. The silver crescent rushed to him like an incandescent wave. Ye Chong could feel the overwhelming attack coming like a sea of mercury, indefensible.

Ye Chong’s survival instinct could not accept that. Time suddenly stopped out of the blue. Ye Chong watched as the silver wave slowly approached him, like a movie put on slow motion. His brain turned so quickly like never before, and his hands moved crazily fast, with his calm eyes now burning with excitement.

Thomas’s spin, T-shaped turn … Han Jia moved like a performer of a grand show, trying out all sorts of battle techniques. Nonetheless, the other party’s mech piloting skills were just as impressive, and it never once fell for Han Jia’s maneuvers. Han Jia’s movements were already at its limit, but the other party seemed to be capable of keeping with it.

Inside the pilot cabin, Ye Chong grew pale. Han Jia’s action was putting a heavy physical burden on him.

Han Jia wielded the dagger in its right hand and swiped towards the other party in the midst of the silver wave’s hesitation.

Ye Chong’s desperate attack was powerful, so much so that it surprised Luo Wei. He almost lost control of his Darklight. This startled him, and sparked his interest for the pilot in this full-skeleton mech for the first time.

Seeing his opponent moving away, Ye Chong controlled Han Jia to throw out two auto lock-on shurikens and

immediately left for Coxcomb. Han Jia was accelerated to its maximum speed, as Ye Chong demonstrated a perfect example of cut-and-run.

Luo Wei watched as the full-skeleton mech took the opportunity to widen the distance between them. He smiled faintly and flew contentedly back to his powership.

Luo Wei smiled warmly but did not reply. While the pilot in the full-skeleton mech was not particularly skillful, his deftness and adaptability were unexpected.

Ye Chong had escaped from death in the truest sense. He still could not calm himself down. Even though he had struggled to survive many times in the past, he had never come close to what had happened today, nearly defenseless against the situation.

However, Shang continued evenly, "Ye, you really did well this time. I didn’t know he was actually a Darklight mech pilot, or I would have stopped you from going. From your battle against Thorn yesterday, I believed that you are on the same level as Thorn now. There is a huge gap between Thorn and Darklight mech pilots. Darklight mech pilots could almost certainly kill their enemies, and you had managed to escape from one, and that really surprised me, especially those last few moves. Hehe, however, I’ve also come up with a wonderful idea!" Shang’s final words brought another chill to Ye Chong.

"Darklight mech pilots, in actual fact, Ye, are not very strong in Black Cove. There are many more stronger combatants above them. The MPA and the Sanctuary do not lack capable mech pilots, but I’m not so sure about the Freedom Alliance." Shang suddenly paused for a moment before continuing, "Besides, Ye, these mech pilots are not good enough to be in the top rankings. That is another level, fit for the best of mech pilots." Shang spoke almost melancholically.

"Ye, you still have a long way to go, if you want to truly be the master of your destiny." Shang spoke those words with the demeanor of the wise, a strange sensation for Ye Chong. "Ye, you chose close range combat, and this is quite the opposite from me and Mu. Mu and I are good at shooting, that’s why we didn’t extend much guidance for you while you train. Fortunately, you learn quickly, and can reach your current level by learning and thinking on your own, and gaining experience in actual combat. I must say, Ye, you’re a genius in this! Now, since you have chosen to specialize in close range combat, then you must only rely on yourself to improve further." Shang spoke seriously.

"Hehe, Ye, I’ve come up with a wonderful idea." Shang sounded almost wicked, and Ye Chong felt a sense of foreboding.

Ye Chong nodded. Shang was right. Most of what he learned was from actual combat, and real battles were actually very helpful to improve one’s strength.

Ye Chong nodded. Shang was right in this too. Fighting against a strong opponent would not only allow him to realize where he was lacking, but also provide a model for him to learn from. Most of Ye Chong’s techniques were "borrowed" in this way.

Ye Chong started.

Ye Chong was hooked by Shang’s idea. If he really had such a training partner, then he would be able to learn so much more. In any case, he would definitely be able to improve himself. After that close call earlier, Ye Chong wanted more than ever to make himself stronger. The vulnerable feeling of losing control of his destiny when facing Luo Wei was horrible.

Shang laughed and said, "Ye, don’t worry, whenever you go to fight him, I’ll be at the hatch. If you’re in danger I’ll shoot the guy, force him back, then he’ll not be able to harm you. Hehe, I’ll threaten him but keep him unharmed. After all, he’s your training partner!"

"Sounds like a good plan." Ye Chong pondered longer, and thought of something else. "What if he refuses to come out?"

Ye Chong stared at Shang for a long moment before gasping, "Shang, you’re ruthless!" Shang’s idea was really cunning. Ye Chong turned it over and over in his mind, and could not think of a reason to reject it.

Poor Luo Wei. He had now unwillingly become a superior training partner.

What struck Ye Chong the most was Luo Wei’s first attack. The silver glimmer that he saw did not look particularly threatening, but the power that came with it was surprising. It was then that Han Jia suddenly lost control, leading to his narrow escape from death. For Ye Chong, holographic recordings of combat between powerful opponents were very valuable for study. He was at least vaguely familiar with Black Cove’s close range battle style from his short time at Black Cove, so battle recordings of Black Cove mech pilots were particularly valuable to him.

Nonetheless, they must have their own merits, or the Three Forces would not even deign to notice them. It seemed that until now, the Three Forces were careful against this new arrival, the Freedom Alliance. It was thus apparent that they were a force to be reckoned with.

He did not know what Black Cove called this move, so Ye Chong called it the Z-shaped draw-strike. This move traced the outline of a reverse Z, and could triple the attack power compared to a normal strike. No wonder he lost control. When Ye Chong could finally execute the move himself, he was already deeply impressed of its creator. He would never have imagined such a clever way of drawing energy into the muscles before striking.

Even so, there were still many things in the short holographic recording that he could not understand. However, he can take it slowly. After all, didn’t he have a superior training partner now? The thought of Shang’s weird expression could not help but make him smile.

Ye Chong was now regulating his breathing. He must forget that Shang was protecting him, so that he could enter the right combat mode quickly.

Han Jia’s flew swiftly towards the powership that stuck like a barnacle to Coxcomb at the back.

Ye Chong charged without fear. He chose to be proactive this time. Luo Wei was surprised, but his eyes were calm as he countered steadily.

Luo Wei was even more surprised now, but he did not receive the blow head on. Instead, he twisted oddly like a black snake and shook off Ye Chong’s Z-shaped draw-strike attack. Then, he drew his two crescent blades and aimed for Ye Chong.

Luo Wei’s eyes gleamed. He must not let go of this guy this time. He could almost be certain now that this full-skeleton mech was the one that fought against Thorn.

This was the best he could manage, and perhaps his best was not enough.

Legend of the Supreme Soldier Chapter 231

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