Level Up Just By Eating Chapter 18

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Femil-chan is dog and bunny-eared

After receiving the rewards for this time, I placed the bag on top of a bench in a park-like place.

I put them on my hand one by one.

“Ahahahaha. We earned a lot〜.” (Kehma)

“But, it feels like it’s too much, so it’s not great and famous at all.” (Laura)

“About that, don’t worry, I held back properly.”

“With that?!”

“60000 might sound much, but it’s not an amount that he’d be bankrupt.”

“You’re very, wicked huh…………”

“Well, it’s the other party’s fault right?”

“That is, true though……”

I said then to Femil who followed us just because.

“Take out your hand!”


BuruBuru, Femil trembled thinking that something might be done to her.

And towards her, I placed lots of gold coins on both of Femil’s hands.


“What. Why are you making a face like a spider’s on it?”

“N-N-No, um! Uhm! Why……?!!”

“Because it’s profits that I couldn’t get without Femil?”


Femil held the gold coins tightly and timidly looked at me and the gold coins alternately.

“I mean, if you don’t receive that, I think that you should stop being an adventurer?

The quest from earlier too, you should’ve just incinerated equivalent to 7 goblins first and say『I incinerated what’s written in the quest. Give me the reward equal to that』, and negotiate right?”


“Not only that you don’t have a clever tongue, but you also don’t have the strength to destroy unreasonableness as well.

You cannot cunningly use other people as well.

And so with that, how are you going to be living as an adventurer?”

“It might be cruel but…… The human world, it’s great and famous after all……”

I thought of this frequently, but the『Great and Famous』that Laura uses is very extensive.

I feel like splitting her head once and took a peek at what’s inside.

And while we were talking like that, I started to get hungry.

I looked around the park.

“It’s fried round bread〜1”

“It’s delicious〜2”

“It’s delicious〜3”

There were small guys in a stall.

They’re guys who have lovely dog-ears and tails and about 120cm in height.

I looked at the store name, and it says Fried Round Bread.

It is an interesting store name.

“If we’re going to have a negative conversation, let’s at least eat positive things.”

“That’s a good idea!!”

“I am also, hungry4……pyon.”

It is unanimous.

I went to the stall.

The iron plate where the bread is being fried looks exactly like that of a takoyaki plate.

“What is that fried round bread?”

“The round bread will be batter fried and have sauce5.”

When the small guy that seems to be the stall’s owner said that, new ones appeared from his side.

“It’s delicious〜”

“It’s delicious〜”

The two small『Nojya〜』showed the fried round bread in a box.

“If it is only one, you can eat for free〜”

“It is the ‘eat it you thief’ campaign〜”

“Well then, I’ll take one.”

I took one using a toothpick.

“The just fried ones, they are very tasty but very hotty〜”

“If you do not be careful, you will get burns, be careful〜”

“Yossha, Laura, open your mouth.”

“Why are you letting me eat that after hearing that explanation?!”

“Because even if you experience pain or anything, I won’t feel anything.”

“Kehma you idioooot!!!!”

I aimed when Laura opened her huge mouth and pushed in the fried round bread.

“Eat it, don’t throw it up?”

“○×△$■!! ○×△$■ーーーーーー!!!”

Laura stomped around and struggled, but I placed my hand on her mouth.

She can’t do anything until she swallows.

After seeing her swallow, I took off my hand.

“I-I-I-I-It was so hot!!! My mouth, it was really, REALLY hooot!!!”

“Sorry about that. Heal.”

“Kehma, you idiooot……”

Laura moaned with teary eyes.


“But it was delicious, give me another one……”

She cutely grabbed my shirt and “A〜n”, she opened her mouth.

“How was it delicious?”

“Its exterior is like a crunchy toast, but the thick, delicious sauce will come out when you bite into it!

It’s spicy and hot that I want to run, but it’s deliciousness that might make you a crippled from being addicted!!!”

“You shouldn’t say crippled you know?!!”

“There will be bad rumors〜!”

“Us Nojya’s kindness is〜, being fuaacked〜!!”

“A-A-A-Anyways, I just wanted to say Great and Famous6!!”

“What kind of anyway is that?!”

“Whatever, just give me! I want it! I want it〜〜!!”

Laura stuck to me closely and opened her mouth like “Ahn, ahn”.

PyonPyonPyon, she jumped.

Laura’s huge breasts pushed on me like ZuryuZuryu!!

“B-B-B-Before you ask for it, check what’s happening to your huge breasts first!!!”


Laura looked down silently.

She looked at the huge breasts that push to my chest like “Munyuu……♥” and make a splendid cleavage.

“K-K-K-Kehma you pervert! You’re really a pervert! Idiooot!!!”

Laura hides her chest and desperately shouted.

Her face was already red to her ears.

“But……, give me……”

But even so, “A〜n”, Laura opened her mouth while she hides her chest.

So cute.

“How much is it?”

“It’s 300 Barse for a 6-piece box〜. It’s 500 Barse for two boxes〜”

“I’ll take two boxes.”

I flicked the silver coin with my thumb and gave it to the Nojya.

“I’ll take one box. Give the second box to this bunny girl here.”

“I got it〜”

I took the box and picked up the fried round bread using a toothpick.

“Cool it down okay?! Cool it down this time okay?!!”

“I know, I know.”

I carefully cooled it and put it in Laura’s mouth.

Pakun, Laura accepted it with her mouth and took a bite.



Her eyes widened.

It felt like she’s going to throw up.

But I won’t let her do such a wasteful thing.

I covered Laura’s mouth.

“nfhu! nfhuu!! nfhuu〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜!!

Laura struggled, but I did not feel painful at all.

That’s why, there is no problem.

“Swallow it okay.”


Laura somehow swallowed it.

I removed my hand.

“Fueee, ee, fueeeee〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜”

KehoKeho, Laura coughed.

“It became spicyyyyyyy, it was super, spicyyyyyyyyy〜〜.”

“That is the, green WasaWasa Sauce〜”

“If you accidentally eat it, your nose will be like tsuun〜”

The two Nojyas bragged with a good smile.

“Why did you put something like that inside?!!”

“When making it, it was very fun〜〜……”

“It’s not fun at all eating itttt!!!”

” ” ” Nojyaa〜…… ” ” ”

Leaving the lamenting Laura aside.

I ate the fried round bread.

A crunchy feeling came to my teeth, and the thick sauce followed.

However, this, rather than sauce………….


The thick taste that only can be described as curry spread in my mouth.

On top of that, there is potato inside.

The instant I bite it with my back tooth, it slowly lost shape and slide on my tongue.

I was sweating when I swallowed.

It’s delicious.


I leveled up too.

Level: 1335→1338

HP: 11415/11415(↑25)

MP: 10520/10520(↑23)

Strength: 10224(↑24)

Vitality: 10253(↑20

Agility: 10172(↑22)

Magic Powers: 9680(↑23)

Learned Skills


Raised Skills


The level increase is only decent, and there is no skill too.

For good or for bad, it is just normal food.

However, just leveling up by eating, it’s really a cheat.

When I looked at Femil using Laura’s power, it was like this.

Name: Femil Crocket

Job: Red Magician

Level: 17

HP: 68/68

MP: 170/228

Strength: 28

Vitality: 25

Agility: 68

Magic Powers: 244


Flame Magic  LV1   11/50          Staff Techniques  LV1   2/50

◆ Red Magician

Magicians who are good at flame-type magic.

Femil’s level is 17.

On the other hand, I ate one bread, and it increased by 3.

Just by eating a six pieces set, it is equal to Femil’s whole life.

What a cheat! Really!!

However, leaving me aside, I feel like Femil is decently strong.

It’s out of the question when it comes to close combat, but her magic-type status is high.

(I wonder if I can’t see something like the average at the same level.)

When I thought of that, a detailed explanation came out.

Name: Average Level 17 Red Magician.

Job: Red Magician.

Level: 17

HP: 70/70

MP: 119/119

Strength: 32

Vitality: 31

Agility: 70

Magic Powers: 120

Looking at that, Femil’s status is quite high.

I think that she is very talented when it comes to magic.

I asked her.

“Hey, why are you an adventurer?”

“Although it is limited to the beginner level, I was able to use magic……”


“As far as I know……people who can use magic is only about one in two hundred, so being able just to use it is rare.”

She is such an idiotic and useless goddess, but her title is『Goddess of Wisdom』.

She can access the Spring of Wisdom and gain information.

That is why, she is completely clueless about those things that are not written on it, but knows very well about those that are listed.

It can be said that it is Laura’s only strong point other than having huge breasts.


“It was said, the ratio was like that a long time ago……”


There are times when her information is old.

For good or for bad, it is a dictionary.

“Ah!……but, but, there’s only one for fifty people, so it is still rare and precious!!”

This is the Useless Goddess of Shame, Laura Gine Amara, having a Level 17 Rookie be thoughtful of her.

I picked up the fried round bread using a toothpick to cheer her up.

“Here, open your mouth.”


I let Laura eat the fried round bread as she opens her mouth.

“However, if there’s one within fifty, wouldn’t you have a preferential treatment?”

“I can enter the National Magic Academy without conditions.

Students there would be able to graduate as long as they’re not a horrible dropout, and can also get jobs through the Magician Guild……”

And even so, the reason why she’s an adventurer that she’s not good at is……

“You are that horrible dropout huh……”

“I am good at Fire Balls, but……”


“In a whole year, all that I could learn was Fire Ball……”

“That’s so……”

“If that was all, it was still alright, but……”


“In the examination where I can using Flame Needle, my magic exploded, and……”


“The Principal’s, the Principal’s wig…………!!”

That is something that must not be done.

Even if it is Gandhi, he will punch you after sprinting, and the Jizo-sama would create limbs and send you off with a roundhouse kick.

It cannot be helped that she would be expelled.

“But, but! I was thinking of becoming an adventurer after I graduated!”

“Was that so?”

“My deceased father, he was an adventurer who traveled in many ancient ruins in the world, so……”

Femil took out a brooch from her chest.

The red ruby was shined on by the sun and was dazzling.

“But, you’re not fit for it right?”


Femil became crestfallen and looked down. The bunny ears on her head were also drooping.

I picked up a fried round bread inside the box using a toothpick to make her cheer up.



I made her “A〜n”, and let her eat.

MoguMoguMogu, Kokun

Femil slightly swallowed.

The tail on her butt that slightly swayed looked very cute.

The bunny-eared Femil is a dog-girl with a dog tail.

“Well, for the meantime, I’ll take care of you for a while.”


“It would have a bad taste if I found out you died or something after we part here.”

“But……, uhm……”

“If you feel like you’ll get harassed or something, you can just ignore this.”

“That is not true! You did a weird thing to me, but I know that you are not a bad person!!”

“I see.”

“But, but……, uhm……”

After Femil had acted timidly for a while, she said while she looked up to me.

“Is it really okay……? Having me with you……”

“Didn’t I just say that?”


Femil took a glance at Laura.

“Is it about this girl, saying the human world is cruel?”

“If it is about that, there is no problem!”

Ehhen, Laura said while she sticks out her chest.

“I am a Goddess!

If you say that the world is cruel, I am the existence that destroys the way of things!!”

“If you say that, you’d be an Evil God of Destruction right!!!”

I hit her head.


The useless goddess pressed her head with both hands and moaned with teary eyes.

I felt a little bad, but there would be a misunderstanding if I don’t point that out.


“Is there anything else?”

“Are Kehma-san and Laura-san, not in an intimate, relationship……?”

“T-T-T-T-There’s no way!!!”

Laura shouted with a flushed face.

“After all, it’s Kehma you know?! No way right?!

He can be relied on and strong, he is smart too, but……”

She probably noticed that she is praising me.

Laura’s face became as red as an apple.

“But even so, he’s completely S7 you know?! You saw it too right?!

His appearance enjoying as he looked at me feeling hot!!!”


“I’m so sorry, Laura. It’s all because I’m sadistic……”

“Are you apologizing?! Are you apologizing with that?!!!”

“No, really, I’m so sorry for being sadistic.”

I pinched both of Laura’s cheeks and pulled it like usual.


It’s so fun!!

And while thinking of that, I made a refreshing smile towards Femil.

“I’m like this, but I’ll be a gentleman other than this girl so don’t worry.”

“It is true that Kehma, he does what he says……”

Laura whispered as she places her hands on both of her cheeks.

Pekori, Femil bowed her head.

“Please, take care of me……pyon.”

nojya〜nojya〜nojya〜desunojya〜国士無双 – it means distinguished person, but since I used Great and Famous, I’ll still use that. Someone, please tell me how to translate gibberish.sadist

Level Up Just By Eating Chapter 18

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