Level Up Just By Eating Chapter 19

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If you become a believer, you can touch breasts.

After making Femil my comrade, I returned to the inn.

I greeted Asha and climbed the stairs.

“Well then, the let’s leave the details for tomorrow.”

“Eh! E〜to……”

“What is it?”

“The two of you, you sleep in the same room huh……”

“W-Well, we were together for so long after all……” (Laura)

“I mean, that’s far more cheaper too.”


“If Femil prefers to be with us too, you can come with us?”

“I-I-I-I-I-I don’t!!”

Femil became red with a puff and entered her own room.

It cannot be helped.

I entered the room with Laura.

It is a room with a single-size bed and space where two adults could sit with crossed legs.

“Even so, a lot of things happened today huh〜”

“T-That’s true. A lot of things, happened……”

Is Laura being conscious of me? Her cheeks are a little flushed.

She is shyly looking at the one bed and me alternately.

I felt like it’ll be weird if she reacts to me like that.

I said seriously.

“Hey, Laura.”


“I have two serious matters to talk about.”


“Yeah, two.”

Laura looked around behind herself as if to search for a place to escape to.

I cornered her to the wall and put a hand on it and said to her to not let her escape.

“Let me touch your breasts.”


“As you regularly say, I am quite, a pervert.

Your huge breasts, I want to touch them quite seriously.”

“Is that a serious matter to talk about?!!”

“Does a more serious matter than this exist in this world?”

“Of course it does! The world’s that, or the peace’s that!!”

“Is peace, something you need to think of, even forgetting about breasts……?”

“Of course it is, right?!!”

“Anyways, let me touch it.”

“If I say no, what would you do……?”

“Well, I’ll just simply give up.”

Laura closed her eyes and became silent.

However, from how I can see it, she does not feel revulsion or aversion.

She was like that, so I did not look away from her as well.

I stared at Laura intently.

“Just a little, okay……!”


I honestly got happy.

I sat on the bed first then let Laura sit.

It is in the position where I am embracing Laura who is sitting in front of me from behind.

Her black hair is soft and fluffy.

I could also smell a slightly sweet smell.

I reached out my hand as if to scoop it from below.

The Goddess’s body flinched.


It feels, the best.

It is very soft when I push it with my palm and has volume.

But even so, when I insert strength, it accepts my fingers, wrapping around it.

Thank goodness I’m Laura’s believer!

Exactly Goddess. The feeling of a Goddess.

Laura said while she slightly moaned with a red face.

“I-I-I-I’ll just say, say this. I’m letting Kehma touch, because he’s my believer okay!!

If you stop being my believer, I won’t let you touch!!”

“That’s why I shouldn’t stop being a believer and stay by your side forever?”

“That is……”

“That is?”

Laura closed her eyes again.

Her body fidgetted to the sides and said with a tiny voice.

“A little……true……………”

“I see.”

I stopped kneading her breasts and embraced Laura in a normal way.

I put my head on her shoulder.

She is a loli huge-breasted goddess that I would like to bully or play tricks, but at the same time, I would want to protect her.

“I won’t stop playing tricks on you or bully you, but I won’t stop being your believer okay?”

“Why are you, the one who’s choosing……”

Laura pouted her lips, but she did not dislike it.

I kneaded her breasts once again.

Laura is not wearing a bra. That is why, it is mostly raw.

I mean, it was the same when I touched Femil, I did not feel a bra.

It looks like it is better to think that brassiere itself does not exist in this world.


I touched her so much.

“Can you. Stop……already…………?”

“I want to touch a little more.”

“Kehma, you pervertttt…………!!!”

I said then while touching her breasts.

“By the way, seriously.”

“Wha……what……! Ahn……!!”

“Can you show me the catalog window?”

“I got it…………nh!!”

I grabbed her breast and calmly took a look.

I pointed it with my finger and scrolled, taking a look at the skills I could take.

However, the skill that I was looking for was not there.

“Are all the skills that can be taken shown here?”

“There is a hidden, skill too…………haaan!”

“Hidden skill?”

“If you strongly invoked when the condition is met, it will……appear…………”

“I see.”

I invoked while touching breasts.

The window had noises, and a new window appears.

Skill Transfer  LV1   0/50

◆ Transfer one own’s skill.

The transferred skill will disappear.

Consumes 2000 Believer Points

◆ Learning Condition

Have more than ten skills

“It’s super useful isn’t it!”

“It is, a hidden skill……after all…………nh!”

“In the first place, the Believer Points can be gained by giving lots of things to you right?”

(Boobies, boobies, []MomiMomiMomi1)

“Tha……that’s right……”

“Does anything other than food also works, like coins or jewels?” (*rubs navel*)


“I see……”

I let go of Laura once.

“Really…… You touched, too much……idiot!…………”

I put down the bag full of gold coins and took out one.

“Things like this, how should I top up?”

“It’s like this.”

Laura received the gold coin and pressed it to the ring on her wrist.

The gold coin was sucked.

I looked at my believer points.

Believer Number 001   Kosakai Kehma

Believer Points   140(↑100)

Total Points   2250

Believer Level 3 (Common Believer)

“It means that 100 points for one gold coin, huh……”

One gold coin is 1000 Barse.

It means that I need 20000 Barse to take a skill with 2000 Believer Points.”

“But, if it’s like this, I can just let Femil pay for it huh.”

“You’ll make that girl pay for it?!!”

“When I successfully collected skills, and she was able to stand by herself already, I’ll make her pay for it a little when she becomes successful.”

“If it’s like that, then okay……”

“Other than that, there should be skills that would be difficult to learn by herself although I can gain it easily.

Just by selling those, I can easily get my money back.”


“What is it?”

“Kehma’s, really smart huh……”

I see……”

It is the idiot girl Laura who would think I’m smart with just that.

However, I really don’t feel bad hearing it, you know.

And although I would say things, I like this idiot loli big breasted damn useless goddess.


Level Up Just By Eating Chapter 19

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